The Mismatched Half

The Mismatched Half

By:  Razz  Ongoing
Language: English
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Anya is a twenty three year old woman who was pushed into an arranged marriage when she was fresh out of college. Being an Indian, all that her parents wanted for their daughter was her to be happily married and fall in love with a man that they had chosen for her. Anya thought her parents knew what was best her as they have all through these years and gets married. Little did she know that fate had other plans. Tumultous events leave her no choice but to flee to another country where she lives a happy life until she meets Ronan. Ronan looks exactly like her ex husband and she's faced with a difficult situation when she comes to know that he is infact her boss.The story then narrates what happens between them and whether Anya is able to forget her traumatic past. Will she fall in love again? Do two people who look the same are also the same in character? Will Anya be able to overcome her fears and open her heart to another man?Do read to find out.

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87 Chapters
The cafe that Anya frequented was unusually packed for the day. Perturbed by the unaccustomed view, she took a spot in the area outside the cafe which she usually avoided.She waited for her coffee as she looked at the busy road. A group of people were standing across the pedestrian crossing, waiting for the signal to turn green. She noticed a young boy tugging his mother's coat impatiently. It brought a smile to her face. This surprised her considering how her smile had become a sort of rarity.The sound of the ceramic cup placed on the wooden table shook her back to reality. She thanked the waiter and eagerly lifted the cup off the table and took a deep sniff. The aroma filled her nose with pleasure. Excitement crept through her body as she reached for the brink of the cup.“Hey.” She heard a voice.She looked up and she felt her heart slowly sink to the deepest part of her stomach. A feeling that came in so suddenly and a feeling that she hadn't felt in a long time. She gulped the c
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Run away
August 2011, IndiaShe slowly got up from the bed and looked at the time in her watch. The radium numbers glowed showing that it was 2.00 am. Two more hours for her flight. She had already packed the basic necessities in a duffel bag. She neatly combed her hair with her fingers and put on her coat.She walked towards her parents room as her heart thumped inside her chest. It was beating so loud that she feared the sound might wake her parents up. She reached for the door. It was partly closed. She pushed the
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March 2014, in a far away land." You're making breakfast?" Anya looked surprised." Well, it's your first day at work, so I thought I'll ease up the tension a bit." Viola smiled.Viola was Anya's best friend and room mate. Even though they knew each other only for three years, their bond was much more stronger.
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"No way." Viola squealed. She looked at Anya who had buried her head in a pillow. " No way." She repeated again in disbelief." Yes." Anya looked up. She had just narrated to Viola, the details of that morning's catastrophe." Oh, no. I'm so sorry, Ann. Are you going to take up the test?" She asked looking concerned. Anya didn't answer."You're going to quit the job, aren't you?" She asked stroking her hair.
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"What are you thinking?" Anya snapped."I was thinking of making Ann one of the contenders for the post." Viola said slyly."That's a brilliant idea!" Jess applauded."Oh, I know where you're getting at, Vye." Emily jeered.
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He looked at her intently for a second and then exclaimed, " You passed!" Anya exhaled rather loudly than intended and smiled. Of course I'd passed, phew. She wanted to smack his head for making her question her own sanity." Don't smile yet. I'm a man of perfection and I need to verify this." He said picking up the receiver from the desk phone. Of course you would, why didn't I see this coming? He didn't sound rude at all whereas this time he seemed amused.
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Anya gave Chloe an explanation that lasted about five minutes about Shalwar kameez and looked at her expectantly." Okay, I get all that but are you supposed to wear it only after a shower?" Chloe questioned intently. This reminded Anya of an old Indian saying, "It was like asking if Ram was Sita's uncle after listening to a whole night of Ramayana," because Ram was actually Sita's husband in the epic, Ramayana.
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"What am I doing, Ronan?" She asked sweetly, pouting her lips. His frown suddenly broke into a grin." You know Anya, now that I think of it, it actually makes sense." He looked up and smiled. Anya's amusement vanished in a second. She wondered what he was referring to."What, what do you mean?" She hesitated." You hurt this little guy here," He parted his lips and pointed to his molars," and his friend here." He pointed to his canine, " took it all out on you. A friend in n
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"What makes you think I'll come with you?" Anya asked sweetly. She knew there was an ulterior motive behind all the sweetness and she needed to be careful. She knew what 'having a coffee with someone' meant outside India and she was not ready for it, especially not with Ronan. She wondered why he was being so nice to her, probably because he felt bad for making her bleed. She had to be careful because Ronan was her boss." What makes you think I'll save you from another panic attack?" Ronan snorted. That's it dude, I'm going to punch you now.
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He was wearing a black waistcoat over a white shirt. He walked towards her cabin smiling, like he had just won a game of pool. Eyes followed him till he halted near Anya's cabin. She looked at him, utterly confused." Sir, to what do I owe this pleasure?" She tried to sound as sweet as possible. Ronan never came upstairs, not once in the whole week that Anya had worked or even before that.
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