Loyal to Wrath 7

“The only reason I gave him his presents early is because I didn’t want anyone to see the painting of him and Cyro, since I painted nothing for Alpha Chris. I also thought that it would cheer him up since he seemed a bit off and it worked until he came back from breakfast with the head family,” he added.

All of his words seemed to add up, but they needed to dig deeper. Zander looked at Kaeden and asked, “What is the deal between you and my granddaughter?”

Kaeden answered bleakly, “She thinks I like her boyfriend.”

“Do you?” Zander asked.

Kaeden scoffed, “He’s not my cup of tea.”

“Then why were you looking at him?” Charlese asked, not liking his attitude. Kaeden looked over at her and sneered, “Cause he was crying to his mama the night before about how Corbin beat his ass up, like the mama’s boy he is.”

“You!” she started and raised her hand to slap him, “Go ahead and slap me again,

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Abaton Claire
be strong baby kaeden...they just envy you .........

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