The One Night Stand

The One Night Stand

By:  Iamella  Ongoing
Language: English
8 ratings
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Do you think you can have any girl you want? I don't even know you, and you asking me to marry you just because we had a one night stand. meet Elsa, a non- famous actress that can do anything apart from sex to secure her job. and meet Raymond Yates, a heir and a business man, who thinks his money can get him anything. will Raymond be able to get Elsa to marry him? and would she be able to fall in love with him? join me as we ride into this love story.

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Not even into the first paragraph and the grammar has put me off. Please fix! No excuse for poor punctuation and capitalisation. Sorry - so off putting
2023-10-20 04:24:25
user avatar
Don't know if not to start with a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence was intentional or not, but I'm gonna drop this book. Revise this first author. You'll have my 5 stars next time
2023-10-29 10:01:58
user avatar
Maria Mae
Though the story was good, not use the proper punctuation, or capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, made me drop the book.
2023-10-29 20:07:52
default avatar
The synopsis got me, but I read the first chapter, and every comment in this book is true. A lot of small letters that have to be capitalized. No wonder the writer only got 4.7 out of 10. One mistake is enough. Twice is understandable. Thrice or more are already intentional.
2023-11-07 14:07:46
default avatar
Keira Uzman 2
The small letters at the beginning of the sentences are eye-disturbing. Couldn't get passed the first page of this book.
2023-11-06 04:03:13
user avatar
Only ❤️
Everyone, don't waste your time reading this book until the writer corrects all her intentional mistakes.
2023-11-04 23:02:19
user avatar
Only ❤️
Please, listen to your readers, author! You'd get more of the 1 star from your readers.
2023-11-04 23:00:49
user avatar
Bluer Than Blue
The writer of this book has the hardest head I ever known.
2023-11-04 22:55:40
61 Chapters
chapter 1
Elsa opened her eyes slightly and could feel a throbbing pain in her head. her body was achy and sore, like every muscle in her body had been over worked or pulled. The first thing that caught her attention was the luxury carpet from the morning light and the yellow gold wallsWhere was she? is she dreaming? while rubbing her head, she tried to sit up but felt an arm clasping her waist. she was shocked to feel a warm body pressing tightly against her.The memory of last night came flooding back. she vividly remembers that the people were dressed in fancy clothes, and everyone were toasting. she could remember the sound of the champagne begin poured and the clinking of the glasses.she drank too much. she remembers someone telling her to go lay down and rest. she tried to refuse, but he was too strong, and she was unable to stop him. the man put her in a hotel room, and then he made an excuse and left.she grabbed for the bed in the darkness, and to her surprise, there was someone in
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chapter 2
when Elsa arrived at the elevator, it was clear. everyone had already gone. she could see her image in the mirror. looking at her shoulders and neck, she noticed that they were covered with hickeys. she was agitated because if she were to be seen like this, it would definitely be written on the front page of the headlines.that would definitely give her bad reputation. how outstanding is the reputation of a female actress? the market had abandoned many actresses because of the chaos of their private lives.the elevator had only reached the third floor. she made up mind to tear the long skirt off her knees and put it around her shoulders and neck as if it were a shawl. ding, the elevator was on the first she did not want to be recognized, she lowered her head to cover her face with her hair. she hurried out and did not notice the reporters gathered at the door of the hotel. when she came out, someone whispered to the person next to her, "is this Elsa? she wouldn't wear such a
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chapter 3
Raymond, that was the name of the man who Elsa spent the night with, hugged Elsa's waist as tight as he could. they could no longer see anyone outside. she breathed a sign of relief and fell weakly to his feet. Raymond quickly picked her up into his arm.Elsa could not forget, what had happened to her last night. "let me down! leave me alone! don't touch me! "these were her last words before she passed one has ever told him to get out. Raymond gave a low smile and picked the woman in his arms. "that's impossible" he whispered in her ear.when Elsa woke up, she found herself in the room again, although it was the same decorations, it was a new room.thinking of Last night, she examined her body warily and found that the ripped dress had been changed, and she was wearing a elegant meter white dress. "don't worry, and the maid changed it for you."Elsa suddenly looked up from hearing a familiar voice. he was sitting on the sofa. the man sat lazily, his hands crossed behind his he
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chapter 4
Elsa wanted to say something but had no confidence. such a handsome and wealthy man. he may be a prince charming to a lot of women, but he just wasn't her's. if she hadn't had Donald in her heart, she might have been moved by Raymond's offer.Elsa shook her head "no, this deal is ridiculous, as soon as she had finished speaking, there was a knock on the door, and someone outside, "master, breakfast is ready." "come in. "Raymond stood up. "don't be so anxious to say no, just think about it."then, without Elsa's answer,he left the room. the maid pushed the dinner in, and when she got close, she found the dining cart was full of three different kinds of breakfast. there were Chinese, western and also japanese. "I didn't know what your personal preference was, so Mr Bates told us to prepare a little bit of everything," said the maid respectfully. "what would you like to eat first?" asked the maid.Elsa said uncomfortably, "western style." "okay"the maid answered and she took out a table
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chapter 5
as they walked out of the hotel, a black Mercedes Maybach seden was waiting downstairs. Raymond opening the door for Elsa. she looked quite and calm, but infact, she was wondering how wealthy they were. Elsa thought how fortunate it was for him to have lots of money. after seeing the car and the servants waiting on her hand and foot, she thought he would have no issues in getting her necklace back. she felt less guilty.according to Elsa's instructions, the car pulled up to her apartment. I'll be out shortly, and I just need to get a few things," Elsa said and got out of the car. she dashed to the fifth floor.this was the apartment she shared with her friend Melissa latonia. although the building was old, it was in excellent condition. it was in the center of the city, so it was convenient for her to get back and forth from work.the door opened, and the room was quite. Melissa was not there, so she couldn't share the news about her getting married. she went back to her room and grabb
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chapter 6
Elsa knew he was right, not realizing that her thoughts diverted her actually, the clerk, otherwise known as the justice of the peace, would not doubt the authenticity of the couple's willingness, they would presume the hesitation as nervousness."well, "Elsa gave in, feeling she was wrong in the first place and was not willing to argue with him her lovely angry face amused Raymond. "you can't do that next time. you know, you were taking advantage of me," Elsa warned him solemnly.looking at her delicate red lips when she spoke, he grinning eyes turned into profound affection. he didn't know why this girl could light the fire burning deep inside his body. his list for her was burning like a volcano ready to explodedhe held her hand and kept a certain distance between them, Incase he couldn't control himself and did something wrong again, that frightened her. after getting into the car, Elsa was absentminded, not noticing where they were going. until she saw that the view outside the c
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chapter 7
carol opened the door, and coming inside was a professional middle-aged woman. she bowed to Elsa, who was sitting on the sofa. " good afternoon, Mrs Yates, I'm Vanessa, the service manager of galaxy and the gallery.she barely left Elsa time to think it over, signal the people outside to come in. then a row of hangers full of wind breakers popular this season was brought in. then a cart followed. this one was full of sweaters. one after another, shirts, coats, jackets until the entire living room was filled with clothes. Vanessa came to her with respect. "Mrs Yates, would you mind if I take your measurements?"what were they doing? is she shooting a film? as if in a dream, Elsa stood up and let the staff take her measurements. "um, are you measuring for me?" Elsa inquired, sounding confused. "yes, Mrs Yates." Vanessa let out a professional smile. Elsa was overwhelmed by mixed feelings: uncertainly, nervousness, shock and maybe a little bit of excitement.after taking the measurements,
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chapter 8
Raymond asked the service manager to go get his suit jacket and then went out with the coat in his arm. he stopped at the door turned around to the men in suits. "it's was my wife. I will introduce you to her next time." Jason and Todd were startled. "when did he got married? I had no idea."Raymond returned to the villa to pick up Elsa. she found that he had changed his Maybach to a red Ferrari, which was perfect match for his suit. "what do you want for dinner?" asked Raymond "it doesn't matter and I am not hungry yet." infact, Elsa really was in no mood for food now. she felt that ever since that night, everything was moving in the wrong direction. it wasn't at all what she expected. she was having a hard time believing that she had a husband.Raymond didn't ask her where she wanted to go and eat. he took her directly to the best seafood restaurant. he ordered king crab, seafood, sashimi, and some soup without asking her what she wanted. Elsa was hungrier than she thought, because
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chapter 9
Elsa was checking her make up in the lady's room. behind her came a familiar female voice full of hatred and sarcasm. "Elsa, well isn't it a small world." Elsa looked up and saw a pretty familiar face in the mirror. Elsa's face became cold and intense. she didn't expect to come across Joanna here can she not escape her?"Elsa, you really are a butterfly. I didn't expect that you would move on from Donald so quickly. you have been together for five years, but now you are playing with a new target, Raymond Yates. so, it was all an act when you begged me to leave Donald?"it was an insult for her to hear Joanna saying the name Donald. recalling what she had done to her, she couldn't restrain herself anymore. "shame on you, Joanna. we had indeed been together for five years, but God only knows what you have done to him. do you think that your relationship is real? you know, all the lies will be exposed one day. I have passed him onto you, you have picked up what I dumped. you are pathetic
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chapter 10
it was from Raymond. only his voice was as cold as an ice berd. Elsa didn't know why such a cold voice could relieve her heart at such a awkward moment. they just met a few days ago. she didn't even know him very well.Donald looked up and saw a handsome face with Cold, withering eyes. it seemed like his words were orders, Donald loosened Elsa's wrist immediately. as soon as she got free, Elsa took a step back towards Raymond. seeing she was leaning in, Raymond asked sincerely with a touch of warmness in his eyes. "are you in trouble?" Elsa shook her head. she didn't want him to get involved in the chaos. after all, it had nothing to do with him. "no, it was just a misunderstanding. let's go."Donald recognized it was Raymond Yates. after all, his father was the boss of hawk real estate. actually, his father had tried hard to do business with the Yates on many occasions but had never succeeded. he was wondering how Elsa knew Raymond Yates? even so, he couldn't let go of Elsa without d
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