The Pianist

The Pianist

By:  JulieSummer  Ongoing
Language: English
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Join Diana in a sexy and truly frightening journey to Nicholas' bleeding heart, shattered by the loss of his first love and the dark curse cast upon him and his entire household, set by an ancient demon...

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14 Chapters
The pitter-patter of heavily pouring rain clashed with the comforting silence of her childhood home as Diana sat in her usual spot at the dining table, absently chewing on some cornflakes with milk while her mind constantly flew off to other places, bound by the worries no young woman of her age should ever have.Her large green eyes glazed over, absently staring at the small rivulets of water trailing down the window as the prospect of another day of non-stop working hung so heavy on her slender shoulders, chased away over and over again by that sole thought; the wellbeing of her mother.
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She painfully bit her lip in a stupid attempt to hold back a sob, the lukewarm water spraying from above her head mixing with the tears falling down her cheeks as she stood in her bathroom shower, her mind replaying over and over again those last words that cruel woman had said to her, effectively getting herself rid of her like of a rotten tooth.And that over the goddamn phone.
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"Ready babe?" The young male grinned at his friend as he turned the steering wheel and took the first turn to the right and off of the main road, entering a gravel path between tall and rich trees.They were now driving to King's Estate just like that old lady had instructed over the phone yesterday, the girl still sulking in her seat as she had openly expressed her disapprovement of the whole ordeal.
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Going through everything she had packed in her traveling suitcase for the millionth time in a single hour, she sighed and worryingly bit her lip since she was still not sure she had taken everything she needed.Truth to be told, she didn't even know what she needed. Did she really need that many clothes? Will she wear a uniform or something? She knew rich people usually made their staff wear a uniform so maybe she didn't need to take so many clothes with her after all...Or maybe she did? Because miss Nancy, the nice old maid didn't exactly tell her how often she will be allowed to go home...
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Holding her chin in her palm as she leaned against the counter, Diana's mind kept wandering off as for the thousandth time that morning, she reminisced every single moment of last night's truly scary event and how she, had ran away from that man like a scared mouse, without so much as a single word.She lightly shivered as the memory of that brooding gaze and how it held her powerless kept popping at the front of her mind, the thought of actually seeing him again making her feel so reluctant to go back to that house.
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For days on end, it had became her routine to do both her jobs, go to bed then wake up throughout the night to go downstairs and listen to him play, his slow and sometimes sad songs deeply reaching to the strings of her heart as she would sometimes even find herself shedding a few tears whilst sitting there, in her usual spot behind the wall.Tonight was no different as she sat there yet again, her back resting against the wall as she hugged her knees close to her chest, so lost within her own mind as she closely listened to the wonderful lullaby tune.
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Gently blowing into the steaming mug, she took another sip of the delicious coffee as she gazed through the large window, the sun already beaming at her, even if it was still early in the morning.And what a beautiful day it will be,She widely smiled as the thought of finally going to visit her mo
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Turning the knob, she quietly entered the small hallway of her own home, gently putting the roses over the small table sitting by the hanger as she started to take off her jacket and boots, unintentionally also knocking a decorative plastic bowl over."Baby, is that you?" She heard that familiar feminine voice call from upstairs, right before two sets of footsteps thudded over the carpeted stairs.
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Fastly scribbling down the order, her gaze then quickly returned to the customer."Would that be all, miss?" She smiled at the nice young lady, receiving only a nod before she turned to go and take another one's order."What can I get you..." The words died down within her throat, immediately freezing when her eyes meet those dark brown ones, so intensely gazing right back into her own.
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Gazing at the full bouquet of blood red roses she held close to her chest, she suddenly startled as a rather broken and haunting wedding song started playing in the background.Eyes wide and with a small gasp she gazed around her, looking at the sea of broken, old and empty chairs placed on either side of the aisle she was slowly walking upon.
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