The Predator

The Predator

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A young princess who has lived all her life protected from the outside world is suddenly tossed into a world of vampires and other supernatural creatures.The harsh reality of her life is astonishing and quite unnerving.Deep and hidden truths of her life will be uncovered, a brewing romance between her and her captor.Will she come out unscathed?

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The story of The Predator is a dark fantasy romance. Isabella, a princess who was loved and well looked after had her life into demise. Until Alessandro, a vampire prince captured the princess in her family's territory and killed her parents through the guidance of his father, Kieran. Under the captive of Alessandro, Isabella lived a thoroughly sarcastic behavior and hatred towards the prince. The princess even shows him good behavior only for becoming. Alessandro's queen and gaining power in the kingdom. While the prince is still hunting down Isabella's brother, Louis, will Bella and Alessandro grow a love for real? 

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Isabella frantically rubbed her palms over her cold legs that were drawn up to her chest in an attempt to rid herself of the cold The hard concrete floor was not helping matters neither was the fact that she was scantily clad in a silk dress which was not fit for a prison, especially when you had no idea how long your stay would be. She clenched her fists in a bid to stop the tears from flowing but like always her tear ducts seemed to have a mind of their own and soon after she was sobbing uncontrollably. In a blink of an eye, her world had turned upside down and she had done nothing other than stand on the sidelines and watch as an onlooker as her world crumbled before her. It was just like yesterday when the palace was alive buzzing with a flurry of activities in preparation for the grand ball that was planned for her. She wasn’t elated about the ball, no one would be thrilled by the idea of getting engaged to someone you didn’t know but if she had to choose again she would
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“Princess Isabella?”The accent was nothing like she had heard before and she was sure he was not from the parts, it was rich and sultry but she wasn’t going to give in easily...She rolled her eyes and without sparing him a glance, “Yes I am her, No I don’t want a dance, no I have no plans of getting married to you".The man behind chuckled and she could have sworn her heart stopped at that moment, how could his voice sound so good, she spun abruptly and looked at him and she knew immediately that she shouldn’t have. He was built like a god and he towered above her, what was he 6.6?, she quickly released the breath she didn’t know she was holding, his tunic sleeves were rolled up and the muscles in his arms were rippling and...He cleared his throat loudly, she slowly brought her face up to his, with his other hand that wasn’t holding a glass, he pointed towards his face, “Just in case you do
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Alessandro sat in the throne room with his father the king, the issue at hand was pressing, “Father we have absolutely no idea where he could be hiding", he ran his fingers through his hair in exasperation, “I’ve sent the best trackers they could not catch even a whiff of his scent".“He could be masking his scent" King Malcolm replied.“That’s a very likely possibility, however if that is true he must be having some help elsewhere”.The king stared at a spot for a long while before speaking again, “ We have to use everything in our power to stop them, we cannot have them starting a revolution”.Alessandro nodded in agreement, “What do you think should be done?”King Malcolm held his head in his hands, the hair on his head was grey almost turning white as he thought for a while, “For some reason his sister is still alive, perhaps we should send him a souvenir".Alessandro met his father’s eyes
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Prince Louis pulled the veil over his face as he tried to skim through the crowd. He had narrowly escaped at the time of the attack. However as he ran head on into the forest he bumped into a man who had identified himself simply as x. He had made known his intentions to help him, he gave him a concoction that had kept him concealed from those blood thirsty predators, together they had travelled through kingdoms unnoticed...They stopped at a man who looked like a peasant, they approached him, the man looked downcast.X spoke first, “I seek he that lays ambush for his enemies and strikes when they least expect...”The man slowly brought his gaze to meet theirs, he smiled, Louis thought he didn’t look homeless at all.“He has awaited your return”.They followed the man through endless turns, twists and corners.Louis let out an exasperated sigh, “ I feel like we are moving in circles
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Alessandro studied the papers that Kieran had brought him over again, there was no positive news. He laid his head backwards and stretched, it was unlike him to be tired but the weight of the problem on his shoulders weighed him down. All the people watching the borders had not seen anyone leave that fit the description of the prince. His theory was that he had made his getaway immediately he fled the ball.Alessandro looked around his study, papers were strewn everywhere. He was going to have to finish the paper work before nightfall.The door to his study was pushed open, Alessandro did not need to turn to know who it was, he could tell the minute the door opened and the lavender scent wafted across the room, he inhaled deeply, “Gwendoline”.He heard the clinking of her heels as she walked towards him. Her hands found his shoulders as she began to massage it. Alessandro groaned and threw his head backwards,
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“What exactly do you want with her?”, the kings voice shot back. “I want the girl to do with as I please”. King Malcolm looked him over, “You can’t...”. “As a pet, she would be my property”, Alessandro interrupted him, “Just like you like to keep your spoils from war, i will like to keep her too", he shot a brief glance in her direction, “She is my trophy from one of my greatest conquests. It will be her fate to be bound to me as a pet slave forever” “Aless...”. “You can not refuse me father”, Alessandro replied in a quiet voice. The king thought for a while. Whatever shame Isabella had felt when her dress was ripped off her doubled when Alessandro said she was a spoil from his conquest. “You can do as you wish", Malcolm finally replied.
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It had been two weeks since their last confrontation. She had barely seen Alessandro in those two weeks, he seemed to come late at nights and leave before it was dawn. She hadn’t thought she would have come out unscathed, he seemed really furious at her. She wasn’t blind, she had seen the bewildered expressions on Aunt Marie’s face and the servants. However to her surprise he had just walked out on her. It was all for the best, nothing about him was normal, his touch was cold and not to leave out the fact that his overpowering presence caused her to squirm. He gave her the creeps.She tied her long black hair in a ponytail and gave the large room a once over, the large bed in the room was big enough for 5 grown people, the curtains were a deep maroon, they hung from the four poster bed, the curtains on the windows were the same colour, the curtains were drawn shut and as usual, the only source of light was the oil lamps. 
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Alessandro’s back was to the door when she barged in, she hesitated for a moment when she saw the unclothed upper half of his body, “What are you?, why I’m I here?”, she barked.“What do you think I am?”.“Well apart from being a jerk, an ego maniac and a cold blooded murderer, I think you’re a monster who drinks blood to survive!”, She screamed her reply, tears gushing out of her eyes, “Is that why I’m here?, Did you suddenly have a craving to drink royal blood?, Is that why my parents were killed?”.“Hey slow down”, he turned to face her, “There’s more that goes on in this world than you". He watched as she slowly dabbed at her eyes, her eyes strayed from his face and rested on his chests.He smirked, “You want to go back to the conversation we are having or you have found something of interest to keep you busy".“It’s hardly something of interest”, she shrugged.
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The next couple of days had been spent in the library studying books dated back in time, about vampires and they also spoke of the existence of other supernatural creatures. In the short time she had spent with the books she had discovered a lot of things about the existence of these creatures, they had inhuman strength which explained how Alessandro had detached a man’s head from his neck. Inhuman speed explained all the many times he had appeared suddenly. They survived on bodily fluids of animals and humans, that is blood. Enhanced vision, accelerated healing powers, strong hearing, ability to read minds were among the few powers they had.However this was not what was important, she flipped through the pages. The library was always empty, dumb people they never read anything, she snorted. Apart from the pale blood sucking librarian who sat at the entrance. She didn’t bother much with a conversation anytime she came t
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The guard gave Isabella a quick glance before he reluctantly left the room. Marie turned to her, “You have so much hate for him".Isabella chuckled clearly unamused, “I don’t know...maybe it’s because he came to engagement ball or whatever it was and killed my parents, took me captive and made me his pet. What does that even mean?”. She shouted, “And now...for all I know he is hunting down my only brother. What is the fate of my people without a ruler?”.“He not only destroyed my life, the life and fate of my people are destroyed. My whole life is at standstill with no purpose whatsoever", she ranted on, “I don’t even know why I’m here, why I’m I here?”.Marie took her hand led her to a chair at the far end away from the servants who were scurrying around trying to prepare lunch for the occupants of the castle.“Isabella you ever wonder why we are here?. I mean humans work
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