The Professor Who Loves Me

The Professor Who Loves Me

By:  Margarette Grey  Completed
Language: English
11 ratings
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When songwriting major Anya Scott goes to a prestigious college, she believes her unfortunate fate will forever change its course. Her supportive boyfriend lavishes her with attention, and she receives financial assistance from a mysterious benefactor. Despite her traumatic past, she’s doing better than she ever imagined and is on the cusp of achieving her goals. Until she’s not. She encounters a man who is brilliant, rich, and obviously unobtainable. Julian Sebastian—a renowned Hollywood composer and her new professor. Anya soon realizes she has stronger feelings for him and tries to suppress them for all the right reasons. Julian, too, is captivated by Anya's wit, beauty, and resolve. A forbidden, passionate affair awaits them. It’s a wrong and dangerous ride, but it feels so right that she wants to explore her own desires. Just one . Only one touch. They are all it will take to cross the line.

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Rhonda Cap
I love a good series and how each build and pull a little from the other. I cannot wait to read all the Sebastian brothers' stories!
2024-02-27 04:40:48
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Brenda De La Mater
Such a fabulous love story. I hated to see it end.
2023-08-26 00:56:55
user avatar
2023-08-18 03:49:03
user avatar
Sapna Sawlani
Nicely written book... very interesting
2023-06-19 10:42:44
user avatar
Karen Edelen
I really enjoyed this book and the ceos proposition. I was wondering if you will be writing about the other brothers?
2023-06-16 12:24:10
user avatar
Mint Mocha
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this after reading The CEO's Proposition. Julian is definitely a captivating and mysterious character and Anya's forcefully beautiful soul and spirit shines. The supporting characters are also very fun and multifaceted. Very intriguing read that I'll visit again.
2023-06-11 05:26:09
user avatar
i hope there will be an epilogue like they have a baby together but the story was great
2023-05-30 22:42:45
user avatar
Parker Abreu
Good read. Pretty decent sęx scenes.
2023-05-29 12:47:02
user avatar
Another great book! I am so glad you wrote their story. I just love Julian's character. Such a sweet love story.
2023-03-31 21:44:23
user avatar
gamer boy
wow the dance scene is brilliant. i have just started reading this and i already feel flushed, such great build up
2023-03-21 15:15:41
user avatar
Sonya Jones
Great story so far! I can't wait for more.
2023-03-12 15:06:15
71 Chapters
1 - Who’s The New Professor?
“This is nonsense, and nonsense doesn’t belong on my desk, Ms. Scott.” Professor Jennifer Clarke almost spat her coffee on my lyric sheet before shoving it off her table. My songwriting professor has rejected my song for the third time. I need her to accept my lyrics and give me a passing grade before the holidays because my benefactor, Mr. John Pitch, wants an email report. “Did you think you were Taylor Swift, little girl? Did you think writing too much like her would make me happy? She is already in the business. We don’t need another one.” I lower my head, clenching my fist because I want to shout back so badly. Professor Clarke is a sophisticated woman in her mid-thirties, but she has mood swings like a woman going through menopause. I don’t argue with my professors, but she’s the only one who upsets me to the core. “I understand, professor.” I’m also not the only student going back and forth at her office in the past few weeks, but I’m the last one she hasn’t passed. “You’
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2 - Email To My Benefactor
“She gave me a B plus, but I thought this was the lowest possible grade.” Lora’s bewildered blue-green eyes stare at me. “Yes, and you know I need straight As to keep my scholarship,” I say, sipping my Frappuccino. “I’m sure that your benefactor would understand. It’s not a bad grade,” says Kristoff. “What did she give you?” I ask him. He pauses a moment before answering. “A-plus. Sorry, babe.” “See?” I groan and clench my teeth. “She doesn’t like me.” “Maybe she’s frustrated that Saint Maria still ranks below you in other academics.” Lora munches her muffin. “Saint Maria. That’s hilarious.” I snort a laugh. “But still, number one is the best.” I bump my boyfriend’s shoulder with my fist. “What does it feel like to be always on top?” He grins. “It’s been the same since the first year.” “Cocky.” I slowly exhale the tension building up in my chest, remembering my benefactor. “Okay, but I can’t keep sending Mr. Pitch excuses. It’s likely one of the reasons why he never answers a
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3 - The Party
“This is amazing, Kristoff!” Lora squeals, her eyes wide-eyed at her surroundings. “This is better than I expected.” The Sebastian family house features contemporary architecture. It is well-lit from the exterior to the interior—with enormous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a large event hall just below the twin grand staircases, towering windows, and carpeted pristine marble floors. And the guests are dressed to impress in designer gowns and suits. Lora’s family is well-off too, but seeing how she appreciates fancy social events like this makes me believe the Sebastians are even more impressive. They’ve gathered New York’s wealthiest and most respected people in one place. That’s already something else. Whenever Kristoff and Lora returned to their homes for the holidays, I always spent them alone in the apartment. I had nowhere to go and no one to celebrate with. So I look forward to this year. My friends look stunning in their own designer outfits tonight. Lora is dressed
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4 - I Kissed A Stranger
Kristoff ushers me onto the mansion’s front porch. All around us are snow, a bright moon, and a stunning oceanfront with the sounds of beach waves. It is indeed beautiful.I pivot to speak to him, but he brings his face close and presses his mouth into mine. I let out a groan in surprise. This gives him the opening to slide his tongue into my mouth.Our tongues glide in a slow, sensuous rhythm while he skates his fingers at the nape of my head. My heart beats at a rapid rate. Our breaths speed up, and it’s tempting me to go further. I wrap my arms around his neck.God. I need him right now... Here...But suddenly, he pauses, leaving me hanging.“You look so beautiful tonight,” he mumbles.I grunt in protest. “You’re a bad man, Kristoff.”He gives me a peck on the head and chuckles. “I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. I might not be able to stop.”“I suppose,” I murmur hoarsely. “But I love it here. This place is beautiful. Thank you.”He peers deeply into my eyes. “You don’t know how hap
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5 - The Golden Mask
America rushes over to Kristoff and yanks him back. She shoots me an incredulous look before confronting him. “I’m talking to you, Kris. Don’t ignore me.”“I just did!”Perhaps there isn’t enough time to explain what happened. I don’t keep anything from Kristoff, and what just happened just now was an accident.“Just for now, please. Listen to Mom,” she implores. “Ignoring her right now isn’t such a good idea. She tolerated enough that you brought this girl here.”I grunt. I suppose she’ll keep treating me like I’m trash.Kristoff jerks away from his sister’s grasp. “I won’t come home tonight. Not when everybody is trying to control me. Let’s avoid making a scene, please. We shouldn’t be discussing this here.”“Mr. Cleve and his family will visit us at brunch. It’s embarrassing if you don’t show up,” she asserts.Okay, what is happening? I don’t think I’m following.“I’m not spending Christmas with you. I will spend it with whoever I want to. You are free to leave the party anytime yo
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6 - A Dance With My Eccentric Professor
Bewildered, I look up into Professor Sebastian’s face. He’s the man I snatched and kissed in the dark. My gaze lands on his mouth—his soft, plump mouth that touched mine as his fingers fondled the back of my head and lower back. It’s not just in my head. It’s real.But how did he end up right next to me at that precise moment?Stop it, Anya! How could you have known it was him?He’s changed the suit and no longer wears the gold mask.“Really?” Kristoff’s scowl transforms into a beam. “Why didn’t you say so?”God, he shouldn’t be smiling right now.“The professor’s right. I didn’t recognize him,” I clarify, my voice sounding like a sigh.“Actually, I’d like to ask Ms. Scott to a dance,” the professor says.No! “What?”“Ms. Scott. May I?” He extends his hand to me.“Go on,” Kristoff urges, leaning in to whisper in my ear. “Maybe you could ask him.”“About what?” He won’t say this if he realizes he is the man I kissed.“What else? About school, of course.”“How about you?”“I’ll be here.
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7 - Good Morning, Professor
Before the night is over, Kristoff leads me back to the dance floor. I always feel at ease in his arms. The comforting familiarity resonates with me. The tension I felt while dancing with Professor Sebastian had faded. This is much better.“So, what did you talk about? Isn’t he great?”“He is an honorable man.”He smiles with pride. “I told you he is fantastic. Did you get a chance to introduce yourself?”“Yes, but nothing that relates to school. Kris, I don’t feel like discussing my academic credentials at a party. I’ll take that out during class.” I wrap my arms around Kristoff’s neck. He presses me against him as his arms encircle my waist.“What did he say to you? He’s grinning all the time,” he observes with intrigue.“We simply had a brief chat about his family and his eccentricities. I share bits of words of wisdom with him.”“That sounds like Julian to me. I’m glad that he hasn’t changed.”“But is he really so open and transparent? With anyone he just met, specifically.”“Mm.
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8 - Absolute Pitch
Over the few days after Christmas through the start of the new semester, my encounter with Professor Sebastian has played repeatedly in my mind. His handsome features, infectious laugh, and charming nature all lingered with me long after our little time together ended. Surely, every Whitlock female student would do anything for a chance to dance with him.Coincidentally, Lora and I were able to have a long conversation with him. My best friend also had a brief dance with him at the party. As I suspected, she mentioned wanting to one day lead an orchestra. Lora thinks he’s fascinating.Right now, Professor Sebastian is looking quite dazzling in his semi-formal attire, albeit he still isn’t a fan of ties, yet he’s even more handsome now that he’s wearing eyeglasses.“This term, I will be your professor for music composition and songwriting. I come from a long line of musicians and artists, which may be new to some of you. As the former Executive Producer and COO, I was in charge of the
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9 - Aftermath
By the time the classes are over in the afternoon, the sky is decorated with silvery, bluish-gray snow clouds. The coldness of the breeze permeates my hands. But what the heck, it’s already 6:30! I’ve just arrived at Professor Sebastian’s office.“Just send me a text when you’re done. I’ll just meet up with the guys for quick practice.” Kristoff’s thumb lightly touches my cheek. The ‘guys’ mean the members of his quartet group, and ‘brief’ can often mean an hour.“What do you think the professor will say? I’m late.”“Don’t worry. He already thinks you’re outstanding.” He offers an assured grin.“If you say so.” I return his smile. I feel somewhat relieved. “Are you still coming over?”“I really want to, but Lora...”I laugh. “She’s just messing with you. Let’s watch a movie. I like romcoms.”“Alright, then.” He kisses my forehead. “Even though I like sci-fi.”“Go. I’ll text you.”He winks at me, waves his hand, and walks away.I knock on Professor Sebastian’s door. “Professor? It’s me
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10 - Tell Me About Yourself
When Fred turned onto Lexington Avenue instead of my apartment, which was in the opposite direction, I knew my guess was right. I just had a smooth ten-minute drive in a cool car that smelled like berries and brambles. The plush leather upholstery makes me feel like I’m sitting in the most sumptuous seat in the world. Stopping in front of the Le Papillon, I notice Professor Sebastian’s car pulling over the driveway, and a valet opens his door. Fred opens mine. “Ms. Anya.” “Thank you,” I mutter, and then I step down. Ahead of us, I catch my professor’s watchful gaze, observing me. I make my way toward him. “You ready?” he asks. “Yes, but we’re eating dinner here?” I know I asked the obvious, but having dinner with him here is not a good idea. Somebody from the school might see us. “Yes. It’s late, and I’m hungry,” he says plainly. Oh. The restaurant’s head waiter, Harold, welcomes us at the door. “Good to see you again, Professor Sebastian—” he glances at me with slight confu
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