The Shadow Effect

The Shadow Effect

By:  Cerulean Nacht  Ongoing
Language: English
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He haunted her dreams by night and tormented her mind throughout the day. Filled with desires and lust for a man she had never met. She was his soulmate and he would have her by his side forever! It would only take one kiss to turn her. Matthias is will ruthlessly rip her away from her world and throw her life into chaos as she learns about soul stealing vampires, the Fae and dragons. Will Emma survive her new life and learn to love Matthias and take her place among the ruling Elders in the Foundation? Or will betrayal within the castle walls bring about their downfall? Excerpt: She was tethered to him and couldn’t resist her desires for him. It was as if they were truly one. To hate him was to hate herself. A tear formed in the corner of her eye as she brushed it away, it caused Matthias to stir, ever so slightly. Not wanting to wake him, she froze into a statue, not moving an inch. She needed this alone time to process and think how to move forward. She couldn’t leave him and go back to her old life for the changes in her body were too drastic. Emma was fractured in her decisions. Could she leave him? Start over again, somewhere else? Would her soul be truly fractured? How could she love this man that turned her into a monster? She was a freak! It was his fault! Then she made the mistake of looking at him and he was staring at her with eyes wide open. The look on his face said it all. He knew. He knew every thought and he just stayed silent, letting her try to explain the chaos forming inside of her brain.

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Mira Schwartz
Been following this story for a bit and I just love Matthias and Emma. Keep the story going and I’ll keep following
2021-12-26 08:20:55
52 Chapters
1. Soulmate
His soul is as dark as the abyss and he is ancient of days.  Evil resides within him as much as the darkness consumes his soul.   He has his reasons, very good reasons from his past to the present. His enemies have haunted him throughout the centuries and taken from him his one true love. His soulmate! These things have shaped him into the evil that he has become.   Most fear him and those that don't are just fools.   There are a few that he kept close to him but mostly out of self preservation.  Somewhere deep down inside of his black soul and vengeful heart, he might actually love them, or at least he tolerates them to some degree wi
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2. Dream Casting
He waited over a thousand years and she would be his! But how? How to win this beauty over? His mate! He knew from her demeanor that she would be hard to convince.  He could tell that she was strong and extremely stubborn. Matthias had to stop himself from manipulating her, right then and there in the park and in front of so many people. The desire to control her was crippling. He was so tempted to make her walk over to him and start her turning right then and there. That would not be good on this one.   She would be a challenge!
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3. Restlessness
  Who was that man? He seemed so real? His scent lingered in her room. What? Wait! That was crazy talk. Emma shook her head and just tried to shake him from her system.  She had a busy day and she didn't need Mr. Perfect to ruin her big presentation at work. Nope! Not her! She rolled out of bed and started to wash up but she still couldn't forget.  Why wouldn't he say his name?  Something about having power over him. Cool!  She wouldn't mind having power over his luscious body. MINE! He said she was his.
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4. No Ordinary Day
  Emma heard the words slip out of her mouth, "You are mine!" Utter fear filled her to the very core and she covered her mouth with her hands to keep from speaking anything else to him.  The tingling sensation wouldn't leave her hand and she rubbed it before crying out, "What kind of monster are you? Just leave me alone!" Emma backed away from Matthias' shadow and bumped into the bed. She was scared of him now. Who could haunt your dreams and your waking hours? He was a freak. This was not natural! Was she going crazy? She screamed, "I am not yours! You freak." Matthias cringed at her torment as he could hear e
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5. Reveal Yourself
“You bastard! Show yourself!” She was seething and wanted to ripe his eyes out, when she could get her hands on him.Oh, he would pay in her dreams tonight, if he dared to show up.He laughed and cast to her, ‘I am looking forward to your feisty dreams tonight.”“Stop this. You are going to drive me crazy. Please just let me be. Please.”She started to cry when the door opened and Randy took one look at her, asking “What the hell is going on?”“I just can’t do this Randy. Not today. I just need to go home. I am sorry.” Tears were flowing down her face and she was a bundle of nerves.She sensed Matthais was still there and suddenly she felt calm and turned to Randy, “I cannot take that job.”“Why not? You deserve it. Emma, you have worked so hard for this and you are telling me that you are walking away from your dream job. This opportunity will never c
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6. The Estate
After visiting Emma every night for the last two weeks, Matthais needed to get back to the family estate and sign some papers for the business.  He was absoletly miserable upon returning and he was grumpy with his brothers and brooded in his bed chambers most of the time.   He was unsettled being back at the estate, as he was too far from Emma.  He feared for her safety because of the Toten (the dead) clan.   He didn't want to think about the future without Emma by his side to give him strength and courage.   The Toten were their deadly enemies and Emma was in danger, should anyone discover that Matthias found his soulmate.  He needed to get back to the city quickly. Their bond was growing stronger and he now could feel her mood changes, even from a distance.  He frustrated her by not revealing himself to her and she would beg for him to show himself.   She cried out begging him to reveal himself to
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7. Betrayal
Everything about her showed the chaos that was coursing through her veins, from her unruly red hair to her crumpled pajamas and her unwashed face with very swollen eyes. She was a wreck and Matthais was to blame. She could barely think and after sitting at her desk staring at his perfect handwriting for over an hour, she decided to call out sick from work.  No one would suspect a thing.  She had never called out in the last 4 years.  What was she going to do?She could not bear this burden alone and he wasn't coming back anytime soon.Sleep was allusive.Dreams were furtive.Her mind was burdened and she hated him.She needed him.Emma realized that her soul would be fractured without him but damn him! She wasn't going to make this easy for this bastard.  He was going to pay, every step of the way.If he wanted to take her from everything she ever worked for, her family and he
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8. The Vault
Emma cried out, "You bastard! You're turning me!" She was holding onto him for dear life as she couldn't handle the pain but her anger still bubbled to the surface.   Matthaus tried to calm her down as he placed her writhing body on the couch.  He quickly gathered some of her possessions and packed them, before calling his driver to pick them up.   He needed her to he calm as they walked to the limo so he placed her into a deep sleep, which would slow down the turning but she would only remain in it for a few minutes. He carried her out and closed the door with a charm, only to realize a neighbor was watching.  Sighing heavily in annoyance, he manipulated the neighbors memories to think that there was someone in the apartment that closed the door, before heading out to the limo.   Matthais ordered his driver to fetch her luggage and to lock her apartment before they left. Once the took off and were outside of t
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9. 1114 AD
Matthias' POVThe workers were adding the final touches to the castle.  They were installing new windows into the grand ballroom and new tapestries that were made especially for my wedding day.  Alice and I spent the day wandering through each room dreaming about our future together.  We shared our dreams of having children and traveling to new places together.  Alice had never traveled more than 100 km passed her village and I wanted to change that.  We lingered in our soon to be bedroom; teasing each other about our wedding night.  I whispered sweet nothings in her ear and told her how much I loved her. She was my soulmate and our souls were already starting the bonding process.She was so irresistible and I wanted nothing more than to devour her innocence, right then and there.  Alas, we needed to wait until our wedding day, for a thousand reasons.  We eventually made it down to the terrace to e
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10. Unforgivable
The marble slab in the middle of the vault was ice cold, but Emma didn't notice.  The cold didn't penetrate through her sheer gown. She was just starting to stir; her brain was still in a haze as the pain of the turning was becoming a distant memory.The vault was pitch black and no human eyes could penetrate the darkness, yet she realized as she sat up she could see the boundaries of the cavernous room.  As her eyes focused on the wooden door, she could make out each slat and see the details of the steel frame, the pounded black metal and iron nails.  The arched door was not only locked on the inside but also on the outside; a fact that hadn't registered with her yet.Beyond the locks, were the magic that bound her within this room.  She didn't know that fact yet either. Emma jumped down off of the slab and her bare feet landed on the granite floor.  Her body felt different; stronger! Her eyesight was beyond normal hu
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