Only His

Only His

By:  whollysinner  Completed
Language: English
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If I were a poet I would write sonnets Dedicating to your beauty with utmost honest! If I were a priest! I would preach your love with utmost sweet!But Alas!I'm none of the aboveIn your world,I'm just a wild beast!

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62 Chapters
Chapter # 01
Arya's P. O.V."Beep-beep-beep-----""Ugh it's vacation time. Why is this alarm disturbing my sleep?" I said to no one in particular and didn't bother to turn the alarm off. All of a sudden it dawned upon me that it's the first day of my first job and this alarm was trying to wake me up for that.I left the warmth of my bed immediately and sprang towards the bathroom. There I saw a note from Zara it said:"I'm going early. You can come at 10:00 am because the boss is not coming today and breakfast is in the fridge.Love you.""Oh you don't know how much I love you Zara," I sighed in relief. I took a quick bath and wore the outfit we had chosen e
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Chapter # 02
Arya's P. O. V"Wake up, Arya.""Wake up, wake up, wake up!""You know how much I hate you, Zara," I replied whilst groaning.I put the pillow on my head and went to sleep again."It's already 6:30 and it's not late depending on how much time you take to dress up. Don't forget that you literally woke me up at 4 o'clock in the morning." She was posing to sound mad."Who gave you this brilliant idea to put alarms after every 10 minutes when you surely knew you were not going to wake up."In my subconscious mind, I heard Zara and my blanket was pulled off."Zara, what the real fuck?" I said sitting up in the bed, my hair sticking up all over my face."How many times I have to tell you not to curse?" she asked putting both of her hands on her waist."How many times I have to tell you not to wake me up s
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Chapter # 03
"I love your hair," he used to compliment her before her chemotherapy."I love your scars," he says now.What healed her the most was a therapy called his LOVE.♡♡♡Arya's P.O.V. The rest of the office hours passed uneventfully. At 5:00 pm, we left for our apartment. After changing to tank top and shorts, I called Mom. Zara also talked to her, then we ate dinner and I went to sleep. The next day, I woke up with a little effort on Zara's part, did my morning routine and wore a floral summ
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Chapter # 04
Electric,was a word I hadn't understood,till I feltYour touch.●♡♡♡●Arya's P.O.V.In the blink of an eye, we were outside of the hall and in the parking lot; probably heading towards his car. "Where are you taking me?"No reply.Just great. I tried to get my hand free, but Mr. Wali only tightened his hold. He opened the passenger door and almost threw me inside and went towa
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Chapter # 05
I loved the way you made it so easy for meto open up to you._Dipendra Tamang♡♡♡Somehow editedArya's P.O.VThe song ended and I reluctantly moved away from him.But his grip on my hand didn't budge and I wanted it to be this way forever. "We should go. It's late, "I stated. "Okay."
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Chapter # 06
  There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen._Rumi•••• ARYA'S P.O.V.'I should come clean.' I thought to myself.I mustered all the courage I could and said, "I don't think I deserve this job. That was very nice of you not to call cops on me but I should resign." Regret was lacing my voice."And why is that?" he questioned, raising his brow and wrinkling his forehead."I don't know anything about this. I just did this for fun. Don't know how many times that poor girl had cursed me. She deserved it not me."We had stopped walking by now. We stood such that sun rays were striking and glowing ourselves.Swirls of gold were again visible in his black eyes.He was looking me in the eyes and I couldn't hold his gaze long
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Chapter # 07
O rose thou art sick! The invisible worm, That flies in the night, In the howling storm, Has found out thy bed Of crimson joy; And his dark secret love Does the life destroy._William Blake••••• Alim's P.O.VArya was sitting beside me and the feeling of having her near me was the only thing I felt in years. I didn't know what I felt but every time I saw her something tugged at my heart.I held her hand in mine and unlike other times she didn't try to pry it away. It was the only contact I could have and I was never going to let it go. I was lost in her when her phone made a noise. It was her mom's call. I listened to it.
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Chapter # 08
You believe in love just as a child believes in Santa Claus or fairytale.What is love then if not a fairytale meant for adults?••••••Arya' P.O.V. "HOW DARE YOU?"I shouted seeing Mr. Wali lying his head on my chest.He abruptly got up saying,"what happened?"I quickly moved out of the bed and stood,tears were threatening to flow out of my eyes remembering what injustice I had to endure last night.Mr. Wali came to me and kissed the tears off. That was it. I slapped his chest over and over. He stroked my hair and made me put my head on his chest which I helplessly put."Calm down," He spoke in a soothing tone."How could you do this?"He didn't say anything but kissed my hair."Don't touch me."I moved away from him, rubbing my eyes and cheeks roughly. I
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Chapter # 09
I wonder what it would be like To melt into Your sweet arms And get stuck there for eternity._Christy Ann Martine••• Arya's P.O.V.I always appreciated Tom's concern for me but not more than in that moment. On the other hand I was feeling betrayed because of Zara. She was siding with Mr. Wali,very well knowing that what he did was unacceptable.I had the plan to go to Pakistan and then taking legal steps against Mr. Wali.We reached the airport in an hour almost and I was constantly getting calls and voicemails from Mr. Wali. He threatened me of a lot of things but I really didn't care.The last night I was afraid for Zara's life but now I was not worried for any
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Chapter# 10
Arya's P.O.V."Are you coming to the office?" He asked me when he was about to leave. I shook my head in negative."I'll see you at lunch," he murmured softly, pressing his lips on my forehead for several times. He had his eyes closed. A serene look was plastered on his face but his brows were still creased like always. I ran my thumbs on his thick eyebrows in an attempt to smooth them out. His eyes opened as soon as I touched him. Our gazes locked.BLACK TO HONEY!He squeezed my waist."Alım," I called him when I had buried my head in his shirt covered chest."Yes," he responded running his fingers in my hair."I want you to divorce me.''No sooner than the words had left my mouth, my elbow was twisted and my back was pressed to him."Ahhhh...," I screamed when he tugged my hair back harshly making me flinch."You do have the audacity to ask for divorce while standing in my embrace," he hi
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