The Unholy Knot: Between Us Billionaires

The Unholy Knot: Between Us Billionaires

By:  JisatsuNoYuyake  Ongoing
Language: English
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To save their families' reputations, Shayne and Waren needed to marry each other. The only problem was that Waren has a lover and Shayne always believed that marrying someone is walking to your grave. Both of them have different reasons to oppose the marriage arranged by their parents but would they set them aside for their families' reputation? Would they come to an agreement despite coming to know they absolutely despise each other?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 01
"And I pronounce you husband and wife!" Shayne hears the priest say and she glanced everywhere, her forehead wrinkled. What is she doing on a white veil occasion?"Are you alright, my love?" She looks up and saw someone in a suit makes his way to touch her but she steps back. Why can't she see the man's face? "Is something the matter, my love?"My love? Shayne looks down and her eyes widened. Why am I wearing a wedding dress? And she's even holding a bouquet of quickly fading flowers. The faster it withers, the more she felt terrified of what's happening around her.Her breathing heaved and she needed to disappear from this situation. She looks up at her husband once more, frowning when she could not see his face."I'm sorry," she whispered and dropped her bouquet, turning away while she lifts her wedding gown and ran away from that altar.She was almost out of the doors when someone grabbed her by the arm, making her swivel and her eyes widened."Let go of me!" she demanded when she
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Chapter 02
"Where are you headed?" Amanda asked when Waren was making his way to the door. It made him stop and turned to his mother, a smile on his face. "You know we're expecting the Taylors today. You'll be meeting your bride."Just hearing the word 'bride' left his features a dark touch. A week ago his parents talked to him about him not having a girl brought home and he, in all honesty, told them that he does a girlfriend. In what he thought would be fine, they immediately told him to dismiss the young lady because they arranged for him a bride.Belonging to a powerful family was expected but not to this extent because who would think so when they are living in the new generation?"Don't tell me you still haven't cut off your connection with that girl!" Amanda's tone raised, giving him those big eyes, full of disappointment. "You just have to meet the lovely young woman today. You might like her!"There was no other woman he has in mind rather than Jezel. Once he is interested in one, he wo
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Chapter 03
It sent chills to Shayne when Waren whispered that to her. And even when she finally stepped back and she saw his grin, it made her frown. What on the actual hell? The first impression, the young man she's marrying is two-faced."Should we head back to the sitting room or do you two need some alone time together?" Angeline asked, giggling a bit."No!" "Yes!" They replied at the same time, making them glare at each other. Waren was quick to change his expression, looking at Angeline. "May I ask for our time alone? I'd like to get to know your daughter, Mrs. Taylor. I oath I'll return her at the end of the visit."Angeline was pleased to hear the young man and plastered her sweet smile. "That's adorable! Please take care of her and I'll let your parents know.""Of course!"The moment Angeline was gone, both of their smiles slipped from their faces and they glare again at each other."You're not just rude, you're also a two-faced," she bluntly told him."I'll be honest, you aren't what I
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Chapter 04
It took her a couple of minutes to blink and look away, laughing awkwardly. She feels bad for him but no."What in the I don't want to marry, do you not understand, Raven?""It's Waren," he corrected again, looking away as he sighs heavily. "I won't force you but I'm telling my parents that I do want to marry you.""You have a girlfriend!" she shouts. "I'm sure you and her could work it out and fix whatever problem she--""Your parents will force you for me," he interrupted her.Shayne has never felt so furious before. This guy can't be trusted and he has got motives. He is dumb for love."There's no way that I am going to marry you," she tells him. Shayne reached for the door but she stopped halfway as she hears the lock that made her abruptly look at him, eyes sharp as ever. "Let me out," she demanded."I will if you give me your number. We have to meet again in about," he glanced at his wristwatch, "an hour and forty-five minutes.""I can go home," she said. "You can tell my parent
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Chapter 05
"Where would I go?" Her eyes were glossy. "They would find me.""You can come to mine anytime you want." Rei looks away. "I'll hide you well."Rei was always a tease and he jokes around too much so she knows he is just doing so too. And she chuckles at his idea."If only I could," she whispered sighing heavily. "But you know what he said? He said if we marry, he would not care whatever I do. And it makes me think about it. He's not controlling and--""Running away is still an option." He interrupted. "I can get the car ready or you can just not go home and be at my unit.""Stop!" she giggles. He doesn't fail to make her laugh. "Your fan girls will kill me so I just want you to listen and I'll do what I need to."Rei inhales deeply, letting it all out the next second."You do you and just tell me when you need me. You know I'll be there."Their eyes locked at each other again and oh, how she wish these were the ones she could gaze at forever. He calms her down and they get along pretty
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