The Wolves of Banglador

The Wolves of Banglador

By:  Ryoshi  Completed
Language: English
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From the time she was a little girl, Lunus Reens knew what she wanted - to hunt werewolves. But when her first night as a Hunter brings her face to face with a wounded Alpha, she begins to see the human side of these murderous beasts. Confronted with the reality of a werewolf's humanity, Lunus is forced to make a choice. Will she continue in her quest to rid the world of these shape shifting menaces, or will she join Evan Marshal in his quest to find a cure and break the ancient curse which binds The Wolves of Banglador? *Mild language, Adult themes*

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Myths from Alpha and Luna

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55 Chapters
All Luck
Banglador was a flourishing town in the great forest of Malkouth. It was founded by settlers who carved out a place for themselves in the midst of the forest of trees. Since the time of the ancient settlers, the city grew, and since the time the city grew, the trouble came.The trouble was wolves, but the wolves of the forest were no ordinary creatures. They possessed ungodly power with supernatural strength and heightened senses. They hunted men for sport and dragged their victims deep into the forest. The wolves of Banglador were ferocious monsters with human spirits. In the day, they would take the form of a man, but their bodies would change with the rising of the moon. The men became cruel and savage beasts, hungry for blood, and the town was in fear because of them. Some called them demons and others shifting shadows, but they were known to the world as werewol
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Mr. Finnegan started with a shock, and he gasped as the cold water hit his face. He seemed startled, his eyes wide, and he blinked. "If you come in here one more time, I swear, I'll...!" he waved his fist pointlessly in the air as he threw himself forward. Then, he stopped, becoming aware of his alternative surroundings. Again, he blinked. Looking one way, then the other at the two young people crouching over him. "Why, Evan, Lunus, I..." he said, lowering his voice and beginning to calm."It's alright, Mr. Finnegan," Evan assured him kindly. "The lady and I were just trying to help.""Yes, but what of the rouges?" Finnegan asked him.Evan smiled. "I told you to let me handle it.""Yes, you did," Finnegan muttered."And did you?" Lunus asked.Evan gave her the same wounded look as before. "Yes.""Well, at any rate... Evan, thank you. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't been the
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The Hunters
Lunus wasn’t sure why she kept thinking of Evan Marshal, but she did, and it annoyed her, because the only “person” who she wanted to think of was Balthazar. Although, even thinking to use the word “person” for him sent a shiver down her spine and a discomfort in her stomach. She had to remind herself again that the wolves were bloodthirsty monsters, not people. Surely, that was Evan’s fault, also. 
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Shifting Shadows
It seemed appropriate to Lunus that her first night should be a hunt for Balthazar. After all, he had been her personal target all along, regardless of the hunting team's nightly objectives. But it was a competition now, and one which she was sure to win. So, as Lunus rode through the gates and held tight the reigns of her horse, she kept her eyes fixed forward and focused on the shifting shadows of the trees.The trouble with Balthazar was that he was careful, calculating, and black as the forest. He moved swiftly and silently thr
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The Alpha
The sound of the gun rang out and the smoke began to rise from the barrel as a silver bullet pierced the night. Lunus felt the kickback from the gun, and she flinched, her eyes closing for a fraction of a second, a time which would have been negligible under any other circumstances, but here it was long enough for her to lose sight of her target.  Lunus had been watching the shadow beast and tracking its position by the movement of the leaves or the trembling of a branch as the wolf-man passed it, but now everything was still. There was no movement at all - not from shadows, not from any
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Please Help
Lunus cocked her gun and fired. The sparks of the flint burned bright like flames against the night's eternal darkness, and the smoke of the barrel ascended into the air, mixing itself with Malkouth's mist. Light hit the ominous scene as the silver bullet gleamed, catching the white of the moon and the orange of the sparks.  The bullet soared determinedly towards the core of the Alpha's body and hit him, piercing his flesh and tearing into his monstrous form. He fell ingloriously to the ground, a crumpled heap, but something was wrong. He wasn't dead. He was merely wounded, and with a wo
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The Cabin
Lunus watched Evan lying on the forest floor and tried to do what she could to help him, but he had fallen unconscious and didn’t seem to be coming out of it. So, she lifted him up, slung his body over her arm, and did her best to carry him. His feet dragged along the ground, parting the dirt as she pulled him along. It took all of her strength to move him, but she knew that they had to make it to a better place if he was to heal and she was to survive.  Mal
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Werewolf Marshal
It was light when Evan opened his eyes, and he felt a deep, painful stinging in his chest. He tried to sit up on the bed, but the pain shot through his body, preventing him. He laid himself back down flat with his head against the pillow and wondered  how he had gotten there.  A lot had happened last night, but he couldn't remember any of it. He only knew that it was a lot from the pain in his chest and the bloody bandages wrapped around his torso. As he labored to breathe, he felt the weakness in his body, and he knew that his health had been compromised.
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Thank You
Lunus tried to hide her disappointment as Evan explained that he would be unable to prevent Balthazar’s returning and would be forced to return to Malkouth with the rising of the moon. The pack would be waiting for him, and it was likely they wondered what had happened to him already, since he never returned from yesterday’s hunt. The Hunters were assigned to seven day cycles of service, and Lunus had filled her week’s requirement, so she would be off duty for several days. Even so, she was concerned about Evan. Balthazar may have been a monster, but Eva
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The Wolf
He ran through the forest, his powerful paws sinking into the soft dirt of the dampened ground. The prints he left behind him were like that of a monster as he moved effortlessly through the night. It wasn't that he wanted this, but it was the life he was bound to live, and he would do his best to execute his charge with excellence. 
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