Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle

By:  Ebby Greene  Completed
Language: English
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It all started with a kiss during the game of spin the bottle.When Stephanie Valentine -- a wallflower who only focuses on getting good grades for college -- goes to her first high school party in senior year, she hopes nothing crazy happens. But then she somehow ends up in the same room with Christopher Hayes, the player and a game of 'spin the bottle' is played. When Christopher spins the bottle, it shockingly points at her. They kiss and that's all it takes for her senior year to take a wild turn.

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52 Chapters
Chapter One: Senior Year
Stephanie Valentine hops into the passenger seat of Brooke Dawson's car in the morning. "Hey," she says as she buckles her seatbelt. "Good morning," Brooke replies. "How was your night?" "Okay," she answers. "Yours?" "Normal. You ready?" Brooke asks as she grabs the steering wheel. "Yeah. Let's go," she replies and Brooke turns on the ignition and slowly backs out of the driveway. Brooke is Stephanie's best friend. They've been best friends since freshman year. Brooke drives her to school and back almost every day. They're seniors now and they're still best friends. "I know we just started senior year like two weeks ago but I can't wait for this year to be over. It has been boring so far," Brooke says giving Stephanie a quick glance. "Me too," Stephanie agrees. The ride to school goes silent for a while before Brooke decides to break it. "Did you hear about the party?" She asks. "What party?" Stephanie asks with confusion written all over her face. "The one Jason's throwin
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Chapter Two: It's Just A Party
Christopher Hayes hasn't always been like this. He wasn't a player before but things changed in his sophomore year. He liked a particular girl as a freshman, maybe even loved her. She has blonde hair and grey eyes. She's quite a beauty. She was nice and sweet but she isn't the same now. He thought he loved her but maybe he was too young to know what love was. So he approached her and they got to talking. Because of his good looks and how he has his way with girls, she agreed to go on a date with him. Christopher put his best into their first date and he did impress her. After, they went on a few more dates before he finally asked her to be his girlfriend. She agreed and they dated for the whole of freshman year. If there's one thing Christopher hates the most, it's cheating. He hates it his whole life. If you're in a relationship, be committed to it. DON'T FUCKING CHEAT. Why on earth would you go into a relationship if you ain't ready to commit? Is it to hurt your partner? Just li
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Chapter Three: The Party
It is Friday, the day of Jason's party. Right now, it's lunch break at school and Stephanie and Brooke are seated at their usual table. "It's Friday, Steph," Brooke says. "I know that B," she replies. "So have you thought about it?" Brooke asks. Stephanie looks at her with confusion written all over her face. "Thought about what?" Brooke groans and stares at her like she has sprouted another head. "You're kidding, right?" "Nope. Is there something I was supposed to think about?" Stephanie asks. Brooke isn't really surprised though. Stephanie doesn't think about things that aren't essential to her. "The party," Brooke deadpans. "You said you'll think about it. It has been two days now. Steph, don't be a killjoy." Stephanie glowers at her, "I'm not a killjoy." "YOU are going to Jason's party," Brooke commands. "What are you? My Mum?" Stephanie scoffs. "If you don't, I'll...I'll..." Brooke trails off as she looks around, thinking of something to threaten her with. Stephani
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Chapter Four: Spin the Bottle
"Hey there sexy," a raspy voice draws her back to earth. She turns to see a very drunken guy ogling her with his eyes. "I can make tonight the best night of your life. Let's go upstairs," he slurs. Stephanie cringes and jumps off her stool. She looks behind him expecting to at least see Brooke or something. Where are you B? She asks within. "What do you say sexy?" The guy asks closing the distance between them. Stephanie backs away from him. Oh God! Oh God! Why did she have to come to this party? Oh yeah, her best friend threatened her. She becomes frightened. The drunken guy moves even closer before he backs away. She sighs in relief and then notices that he was pulled by someone. "I'm sorry about him," the girl that pulled him apologizes. Stephanie nods slightly not quite at ease. The girl faces the drunk guy that she's trying to hold back. "Get your shit together," she yells at him before dragging him along as she walks away. I need to find Brooke, Stephanie decides.
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Chapter Five: Haircut
Chapter Five: Hair Cut Stephanie Valentine has been sitting outside for about an hour now. She decides to go in and find Brooke so they can leave. Enough has happened for tonight. She heads back into the house and checks the room where the game was played but can't find Brooke or Cole inside. She sights Chris talking to Jason but quickly leaves before he notices her. She then tries the living room and then the kitchen. And there they are, Cole and Brooke, both drunk. They're sitting at the kitchen island still having more drinks. Stephanie walks over and grabs both drinks from their hands. "Hey," Brooke yells. "Haven't you guys had enough already?" She asks them. "You look like Spongebob," Brooke tells her reaching out to touch her face. Stephanie swats her hand away. She looks at Cole and finds him staring at Brooke with a stupid smile on his face. "I like you," he tells her. "I like you too," Brooke replies with that same type of smile on her face. Stephanie face-palms. They
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Chapter Six: Hazel
Christopher remained eagle-eyed for the rest of the night at Jason's party. He didn't want the girl he kissed to slip by right under his watch. He wasn't even interested in partying anymore. He looked around for her friend Brooke later on but didn't see her either. He couldn't believe they've been attending the same school since 9th grade. She's probably the quiet unpopular type. She's actually pretty, to be honest. So is her friend. He eventually decided to crash and went into Jason's room. "What's wrong man?" Jason had asked him when he told him he wanted to sleep. "I'm just tired dude," he had answered faking a yawn. Jason shrugged. The thing is that Christopher couldn't sleep immediately. When he closed his eyes, he kept remembering how his lips moved in sync with hers. The kiss wasn't even deep but it seemed to have trapped him. What the hell is this? I've never felt that way when kissing anyone not even Ivy when they were together, he had thought. And the worst part is th
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Chapter Seven: Poison Ivy
ON THE Way to class, Stephanie's phone beeps and she brings it out of the pocket of her jeans to check it. Just then, she bumps into someone but luckily for her, her phone doesn't leave her grip. She looks up to see the person she bumped into, only to find a very furious-looking Ivy glaring at her. "You bitch! Are you blind or something?" Ivy yells. Poison Ivy. "I'm so...." "Shut that trap you call a mouth," Ivy yells again. Stephanie shuts up and couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Who are you anyway?" Ivy asks snootily. "I'm pretty sure she's a loser," Aspen, her best friend, more like her minion, snickers beside her. "Are you a transfer student or something? I've never seen your pathetic face before, not that I'll want to," Ivy bellows. 'Yeah, yeah. I'm glad you've never seen me before but it's so unfortunate I see you often. Who wants to be scrutinized by your bitchy eyes?' Stephanie says in a head. She continues to look down. She doesn't want Ivy to mark her face for opp
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Chapter Eight: Emily
By the end of the day, Christopher became frustrated. He hasn't found Hazel. He is yet to find Hazel. He is really frustrated but he doesn't know why. He didn't even see her nor her friend Brooke at the cafeteria during lunch. Everyone eats there, don't they? He couldn't even concentrate on the conversation going on at his table. He didn't see her in any of his classes either but that doesn't surprise him because he guessed that they don't share any classes.Little did he know.When the school closed, he looked around for a bit in the hallways, and then a brilliant idea struck him. He went to the parking lot in hope of finding Hazel. Unfortunately for him, the girls he is looking for already left the lot before he got there.As Brooke was driving her and Stephanie out of the school's parking lot, Chris was just approaching it. They drove past him but they didn't notice. Neither did he. He had his eyes trained on somewhere else. After staying a while in the lot, he entered his car and d
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Chapter Nine: What Party?
Chapter Nine It has been a week now since everything happened. The party, the game, and then the kiss. Just as Stephanie expected, things haven't changed or rather, didn't change. Everything has been normal. Stephanie sees Chris every day but as usual, he's oblivious to her existence. She didn't hope for anything to change and no, she hasn't suddenly fallen in love with Christopher just because of a kiss - that would be outrageous. He's still the very same to her. The player with all other qualities she has tied to him. But now, one thing has been added to her list about him - he is the one she had the best kiss of her life with. She isn't suddenly pining over him. No. She isn't. That kiss didn't change her thoughts about him. Not one bit. Now it's Friday and school is over. She and Brooke are heading towards their ride - Brooke's car. "What plans do you have for the weekend?" Brooke asks her. "Plans? None that I know of," she replies gently. Then she remembers. "Althou
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Chapter Ten: Distraction
"Hey Chris," a girlish voice says behind him. He turns on his heel to find Piper beaming at him. Just what he needs - a distraction. "Oh Piper," he gives the best smile he could muster, really happy to see her. "I thought you said someone was waiting for you?" She asks. "Yeah. Well, I went to meet him but he's sorta busy with his girlfriend," Chris replies. "Oh. Did you come with your girlfriend?" She asks him curiously. She knows his story. She knows he is a player but she just decided to ask that. "Nope," he answers, trying his best not to cringe. "So...you live around here?" He asks to change the subject. "Yeah. I do. You?" "Nah," He answers. Piper wants to ask where he lives but doesn't wanna spoil her chance with him or sound too nosy. They talk about their schools for a while, laughing. Then Chris asks, "Wanna hear some pickup lines?" Piper grins, "Sure." "Are you g****e cause you have everything I've been looking for," he starts. Piper smiles, "Good one." "Did i
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