When the last grey-clad riders had left the castle courtyard, the court turned around and entered the castle. Mary and the chatelaine remained while the castle courtyard slowly returned to the tumultuous chaos Mary had watched from the window.

“Come, I don’t have time to stand here.” It was the chatelaine who spoke to Mary. Her voice was stern and thin. Mary turned to the chatelaine and waited for her to lead her to Mary’s new room. “I’ve made sure your things have been moved to your new room,” said the chatelaine as they walked towards the castle.

“Thank you,” said Mary. They didn’t enter through the large doors where Mary had come out. Instead, they walked around the castle and entered through a much smaller door. Mary saw they entered the parts of the castle where the servants were staying. They rounded a corner and suddenly they were standing in the middle of the kitchen. It was the biggest kitchen Mary had ever seen. There were four huge fireplaces where the food was cooked. Ther
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