Succubus in your Dreams

Succubus in your Dreams

By:  Amanda Blight  Completed
Language: English
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They say that love heals all….but what happens when the other half of your soul is torn away from you???What happens when you have not even begun your life and then you are all alone?Would you sell your soul to the Devil for a chance to be re-united with your love again? Would you take on the bargain with the Devil so that you might get a chance to find your soul-mate once more?Seventeen year old Aithusa, does that. She becomes a demonic creature from a normal human being selling her soul for eternal slavery just for the sake of her love. She becomes a Succubus for more than a millennia becoming a sexual slave for Hell only to forget her ordeals every twenty years and start afresh. But what happens when her love is finally in front of her and she has no memory of him? What happens when it turns out that the Devil has done nothing but tricked her into forgetting the only one for whom she had sold her soul?Will she remember who she was? Who she is? Will her love make her soul whole again and bring it back from the clutches of hell?

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nice story! by the way, is there any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-21 13:16:57
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Germaine Mooney
His turgid member?
2021-02-05 04:36:56
123 Chapters
 A full year after his passing the mourning had not run it's course. The heaviness was in her limbs as much as her mind. Things she used to find funny now only caused a deepening of the pain. He should have been there to laugh with her, or at her, or just near her. It was more than crying, it was the kind of desolate sobbing that comes from a person drained of all hope. She sank to her knees at the tiny grave, not caring for the damp mud that dirtied her dress. Her tears mingled with the rain and her gasping wails echoed around the gravestones. The pain that flowed from her was as palpable was the frigid fall wind.He should be gossiping about the people he worked with worse than an old woman. But most of all he should be there to hug her goodnight and kiss her before she left for work. She missed all that. Now there was just a graveyard, a stone that bore his name and his cold bones beneath the soil. She had always been agnost
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Chapter 1
Aithusa's POV The wind howls as the students arrive through the gates, hustling and bustling down the corridors. Friends are greeting each other with a hug or a playful punch while newcomers stand looking scared. The seniors stand, tall and proud, confidence born of experience. Soon the bells ring and everybody runs except an occasional slowcoach or chatterbox. Everybody goes in except one and all is quiet; the girl smiles to herself. "Another school year begins," she thinks before smiling and running in to join the others.The halls were crowded with people, and the chaos was so perfect, like a movie. There was the couple that was always making out on the left side of the hall, and about ten feet farther down, the cliquey girls. Opposite them, the cliquey jocks, and between them, the parade of band geeks with their huge instrument cases.There were the aerospace tech kids who never did anything but make paper ai
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Chapter 2
 Brayden's finger slipped into the tarnished ring seemingly of its own volition as he dipped his hand into the box of old jewelry in the back of the cramped antique shop. He pulled his hand out and looked at the ring, idly pushing it back past his knuckle the rest of the way onto the ring finger of his right hand. It looked like it might have been a signet ring, the heaviness and size of the piece obviously meant for a man's hand, but the whole thing was so tarnished, it was impossible to tell what metal it was made of let alone what the incuse signet in the top was meant to represent. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't an appropriate gift for his mother, the ostensible reason he was poking through this antique shop. He tugged on the ring but it didn't budge.He tugged again, twisting the ring, but succeeded only in bunching the skin of his finger up around his knuckle. I'll ask the clerk if she has any hand l
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Chapter 3
Aithusa's POVEven though I did not want this at the moment, I meant, seriously…a few dreams did not warrant going to the counsellor’s office but I could not argue with a teacher. Still I thought I could give it a try.“Sir, would it be a problem if I would come back after class?” I asked. I did not want Rook eating lunch alone. We both were pretty much everything we had and did not need anything more.“I am sure that he is going to be fine, your friend is going to be fine, Ms. Ellen. It is you who is the most important person at the moment,” said my linguistics teach and I could not exactly understand what was happening.“Ummmm Sir, I am not sure what you are talking about? This is the first day of school and I don’t think that I have done anything at all which will warrant something like this!!” I protested but by then we had al
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Chapter 4
 It was in the shower the next morning that Brayden noticed the change in the ring. Where there was only tarnished metal yesterday, there was the distinctive whiteness of pure silver today. He stared at the ring in amazement. Who knew that cum was a great tarnish remover? he thought. The flat, oval bezel of the ring was engraved with a stylized image of a woman done with a few circles and curving lines. Above the woman was a circle that Brayden took to be the full moon. The figure seemed primitive but with a grace of form and energy that reminded him of some of the early Celtic or Scythian work. Perhaps he wouldn't have it cut off after all.He spent the rest of the day at his workstation, taking a short break for lunch, then diving back in. He finally su
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Chapter 5
Aithusa's POV“There you are my pretty little Succubus. The best of them all. But this part is always so hard, is it not?” asked the man with the tall slick dark hair and dark eyes and I remembered that his name was Rythian and he was an absolute bastard.“You!” I spat at his direction.“Yes of course, it is me, darling. Who else do you think it will be? When it comes to making the choices?” asked Rythian and I knew that if I could I would have his hide for what he did to me every single time but not again. Not anymore. I have had enough of this and I was never going to allow this bastard to touch me again.“I am not your darling….none at all…and from the next time you come to touch me and take away my memories I am going to make sure that you will lose your fingers for good and they won’t grow back. If you want to take awa
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Chapter 6
 What the hell is going on here? he asked himself. Shutup, you moron. You've got a naked, willing woman in your arms. Don't be a doofus. replied the voice in the back of his mind. For once he didn't argue, and took her in his arms, kissing her eagerly. She responded enthusiastically, her hands flat against his chest, rubbing against his nipples. Her lips parted beneath his and he began to explore her mouth with his tongue, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. His hands roamed over her, caressing her soft skin and firm backside. After a long moment she broke the kiss and began to kiss down his jawline. He started to protest, wanting to continue the kiss."Shhhh," she said, laying a delicate finger across his lips, "just lie back and relax, Brayden." Her lips were soft and warm on his skin but he shivered as she kissed his neck then traced kisses along his collarbone ending at the hollow of his throat. He squeezed the globe
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Chapter 7
Aithusa's POV “And why do you think that I am going to do that? I mean, it is not a big deal for me but then Rythian has been trying to come in this area for a long time and you are his best bet. And now you are also against him!!” said Hannabelle and I smiled at her.“Archdemoness, I mean, no offense and all but you are literally one of the top tier demons of hell and they don’t make the ones like you every single day. Yeah, imps of course. But you are unique. Just like I am. That is the reason that we are special and he isn’t,” I replied and the twinkle in Hannabelle’s eyes made it clear that she wanted me to go on. I had no idea that I could be such a kiss-ass when I wanted to but this thing was going to be a good tool if I could make this turn in my favour.“Rythian is not the imp that you want handling your affairs, Archdemoness. Take it from
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Chapter 8
 "Please..." she moaned and spread her thighs. He moved to kneel between her legs, taking his time. He moved his lips to her other nipple, suckling on it gently too while she squirmed. He finally began kissing down over her flat stomach, his hands going under her thighs and wrapping around to stroke her soft skin. His kissed over her abdomen, the fragrance of her arousal becoming stronger as he approached her wet sex. He smiled and kissed over her hairless mons. "Oh, please..." she gasped softly again.He smiled to himself as he moved further down and nipped the soft skin of her inner thigh with his teeth. She jumped and moaned, bringing her hands to his head, running her fingers through his short dark hair and trying to pull his head closer to where she desperately wanted his tongue. He kissed her inner thighs, teasing her as she had teased him, slowly approaching her sex. He finally could resist no longer and licke
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Chapter 9
 Night has fallen in the desert.Inside a luxurious tent hung with rich drapes and strewn with thick, intricately woven carpets a man relaxes nude on low silk cushions. He sips thick, sweet Turkish coffee from a tiny cup on a silver tray that gleams in lantern light. He is a powerful man – a leader of his people, accustomed to deciding the fates of hundreds with a sweep of his hand. But this night the tables will be turned and his fate will lie in the small hands of a dancing girl.Suddenly the walls of the tent flutter as if from a gust of wind. The lamp flames flicker and dim. When they brighten he is no longer alone. A woman stands silent before him. She is covered in rich fabrics the colors of exotic spices: a cinnamon silk skirt, slit to reveal harem pants of the sheerest saffron gauze. A heavy belt dripping with coins and gold beads rests low on her hips. A matching bra encases her full breasts and her wrists and neck
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