The ex-wife

The ex-wife

By:  Psycho.E  Completed
Language: English
12 ratings
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Bella is a secret who has been repressed in her married life by her excuse of her husband who cheats on her any chance he gets. What happens when Bella mistakenly fooled around with her husband's best friend and gets pregnant? Will her husband accept her back into his life or will her husband's best friend steal her heart despite his antisocial disorder?

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Why only have 69?
2022-03-30 04:38:35
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Great work Author 👏👏👏👏 the story is very interesting ❤️❤️❤️
2020-11-26 19:46:21
user avatar
Honestly I'm not a fan of big romance books but when I read your chapter one??. I'm stuck o?. I read to chapter three. I live the drama.
2020-10-27 19:30:39
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David Theodora
I think Bella deserves better. I would never accept such behavior. Keep it up.
2020-10-15 04:14:22
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Lily Gordon
Interesting story, waiting for the next episode. Keep up the good work Psycho ??
2020-10-15 03:42:09
user avatar
Diving in!❤️❤️❤️❤️
2020-10-11 06:29:00
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Damilola Abikoye
great book psycho u did well in confusing your reader's in your plot twist. keep it up?
2020-10-09 19:14:14
user avatar
Omg, this book is soo interesting! ? I definitely didn't see the epic plot twists coming! And especially the fantasy angle to it . . it's just amazing! ? Great job, author. Keep up the good work! ❣️✨
2020-09-27 00:55:19
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Adimoha Evans
This is a nice one Psycho!
2020-10-01 00:05:15
default avatar
Author I confused why the book say complete? And show only 69 but here show 144 chapter ?
2022-03-27 16:31:09
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Rita Wilson
I'm glad I didn't pay for it. Not what I expected.
2022-09-26 07:22:29
user avatar
vinodhini ashokkumar
wow it's a one hell different novel that I ever across can't stop reading wow
2023-04-07 19:47:11
144 Chapters
CHAPTER ONE ‘Nightmare’
It had been two weeks since i discovered that I was pregnant, like many women, i was excited when i found out about it at the hospital. My husband's mother, Danielle was there with me. She was very happy to finally become a grandmother after a few years of pestering me and Jarrod to give birth to a child.I didn't tell my husband, Jarrod about it yet because today was our anniversary and also my birthday. I wanted to announce it to everyone downstairs and surprise Jarrod.I took a deep breath and looked beside me but Jarrod wasn't in bed. It was quite unusual because Jarrod never got out of bed as early as 6am in the morning. It was always up to me to beat his arse to wake him up every single day. But today was an exception, it seemed like Jarrod have something special planned for us.A giddy smile escaped my lips as the bathroom door opened revealing a cute and manly looking husband.
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CHAPTER TWO ‘Nightmare 2’
“Jarry!” I snapped, about to blurt out all the anger in my heart but he interupted me before I even got started.“-Don't come any closer, bitch. I already know the truth about you!” He yelled, his eyes filled with tears that made me laugh like the psycho I was.He even called me a bitch! I chuckled internally hitting my boobs lightly that the small crowd that had gathered started looking at me as though I had gone mad. They weren't wrong though. I was mad! I was fu*king mad! I hadn't started acting up and he already called me a bi*chI was about to vent when my eyes spotted Kelly looking at me with a smirk evident on her face.That was an emotion she couldn't quickly change even when she met my eyes. I immediately felt the disagreement between me and Jarry had something to do with her.“Bitch what'd you say to my husband?” My legs started walking in Kelly's direction and she started retreating, her eyes filled with tears. That instantly cracked me up. When did Kelly suddenly become a
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I wasn't sure how but I found myself knocking in front of a small house with a black Ferrari car parked in front of the house giving passerbys the impression of a rich man paying a poor prostitute a visit.After asking a lot of people about how I could find Cameron, someone who seemed close to him wrote the address of this house and I couldn't believe it.The CEO of SanVanguard industries. How could he live in such a shabby place?Because of my situation though, I didn't keep doubting. Instead, I knocked hard on the door screaming Cameron's name like a crazy fellow.I just wanted him to help me out, slam some sense into my husband's head and tell him the two of us didn't have an affair. Even if Jarrod wouldn't believe me, he would believe the friend he'd known his entire life right?I kept knocking but I received no response, it seemed no one was in the house but I didn't give up. I had nowhere to go now. If Jarrod was really serious about divorcing me then I'd really be doomed. I had
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CHAPTER FOUR ‘New memories’
My eyes darted open after feeling a tingling sensation on my neck. I gasped and looked up to the unfamiliar ceiling above my head. It colours were a combination of brown and cream, it looked like a block of tiles but it was really cute.“Honey..” I jumped a little when I heard a voice beside me. I looked to the side only to see a handsome man staring at me with a huge smile on his face. I was confused. I racked my brain to know who the man was but what I got was a horrible headache instead. The man moved closer to the bed I was lying on and I moved away quickly in anxiousness and fear.I didn't know where I was or how I ended up here? Unable to stand the man intimidating figure, I got up from the bed and ran out of the room only to find myself directly in front of beautiful flowers. However, I kept running past the apple and coconut trees. Where I was running to, I didn't know but I was hoping wherever I was running to would give me an answer to my questions.Suddenly a green snake cr
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CHAPTER FIVE ‘Innocence’
It had been a week since I last saw the Cameron guy- the guy who said he knew me. After I asked him to leave, he did which made me feel more comfortable knowing he lied about me being pregnant. After all, if we were going to have a child together there was no way he would leave just like that..I was living pretty well alone in my beautiful home. Whenever I got hungry, all I had to do was go to the kitchen and I would see what I wanted to eat. The kitchen had everything I wanted and it never reduced no matter how much i kept kept eating them. Even the fruits inside never reduced and they always neat and fresh. And if I needed fresh air, I would go outside for a stroll and thankfully there weren't any wild animals. After going on a stroll I would go back home and write about the flowers that captivated me, their colours, their wonderful scents, their structure. I would also take a few bunch of flowers to my home and read the romantic novels I found in the
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CHAPTER SIX ‘Innocent’
“Omg! These are moving machines!” I squealed in excitement. After traveling for three days to look for Cameron I could now see moving machines, no longer trees and grasses and flowers. And inside the vehicles were people like me. Maybe they might've seen Cameron somewhere!I quickly ran in front of a moving machine closer to me and waved my hand in front of it excitedly. I could finally apologize for my wrong if the person in the machine could find Cameron!The machine didn't stop like I expected it to but when I moved closer to it, it halted drastically making me feel happy.The man inside the machine came out and closed the machine door before snapping at me, “Fuck! What the hell is wrong with you? I could've hit you with my car and run away if I weren't so nice. Now what-”“-I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to” I interupted before the man could say anymore but I was surprised he used the word Fuck to start a c
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After having a mouthful of porridge, Cameron choked and quickly chugged down some water. I looked at him expectantly, “What do you think?”He blinked once or twice before pointing at me with a weird look, “You made this?” I nodded quickly feeling pretty proud of making such fantastic dish. He tried the noddles next and continued eating it with a smile, “I don't like porridge so I'll have your noddles, it's really good”I cleared my throat and started digging into my porridge but before I could even get started, he took the plate from my hands and shoved the bowl of noddles in front of me. “I'm a doctor, and eating this porridge isn't good for you or the baby. Do you want to die?” I shook my head quickly. I didn't know Cameron was a doctor.. no wonder he wasn't scared when that bad man hurt him with a knife. Mere thinking about it, I felt angry at the bad man.“But why isn't porridge good for me? I've been eating porridge for days and I don't feel weird about it” I moved my spoon closer
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“I'm sorry for yelling at you even though you've been nothing but good to me. So.. can you please stay at my house.. To work as a cook!” Cameron froze for a moment but I could see the tiny smile already spreading throughout his face, “Are you serious?”I pretended to be annoyed and started shoving the heavenly pancakes into my mouth, “If you don't hurry and eat I might change my mind”He smiled back and we ate breakfast together. From that day onwards, Cameron and I became friends. We did everything together and had fun, such as exercising together, going on strolls but despite all of these. I felt the urge to explore more things in the outside world.I had gone to the outside world once and it was really dangerous, Cameron even got hurt but I felt there was something more for me out there.These days though, I kept retrieving memories about my past.In my memory, there was a friend I ha
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      “What are you looking for?” Cameron asked popping out from the least place I expected him to pop out from- the tree branch. It was as though he had been watching my entire move which made me annoyed but I pretended as though I didn't know anything. Even though we knew each other from the past, he was probably just a fling to the old beauty and I didn't trust him anymore especially with what Ziyah told me. It might sound a bit weird but I felt Ziyah words in my soul, I believed she wouldn't lie to me no matter what. And besides, in the past Ziyah and I talked mostly about useful things and fun but most memories I had with Cameron were always explicit. We never really talked about useful things which made me suddenly distrust him coupled with what Ziyah said to me. What if he was just taking advantage of me.Everything did not seem right. Ziyah had not seen me for four hundred and eighty years, how did I suddenly
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CHAPTER TEN ‘Creating memories’
I woke up as early as 5am, took a shower, brushed my teeth and dressed in the most colourful bright yellow flawless gown in my closet. I had planned something special today to impress Cameron. I tiptoed to the kitchen and started mixing flour and eggs, I wanted to make breakfast today to thank Cameron for cooking throughout these days with me, I knew it was hard and I wanted him to recognise my appreciation. I followed the best recipe in my favourite cooking book and made sure not to add a lot of sugar in the pancakes.When I was done, I arranged the dining room and knocked on Cameron's room. I didn't get a response immediately. I tried again and I heard a voice behind the door, “What do you need?”I cleared my throat nervously, “I-i made breakfast, for you. I mean f-for us” The door opened immediately and I was met with a shirtless hot man with droplets of water dripping off his shirt, “You made breakfast?!” he chuckled runni
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