The mysterious death of Max

The mysterious death of Max

By:  Jade F. C. J  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nisha is a normal nineteen-year-old college girl and lives ordinary. But things started to take a turn for the worse when her classmate, Max Stuart, suicide in a gloomy room Everything shows that he killed himself but she knew is impossible. Most surprising, Max showed up in Nisha’s room as a spirit and she’s the only one who can see him and hear from him. Nisha has no choice but to help him. However, in the process of searching for the truth, their feelings gradually warm up, but the closer to the truth is more close to parting, where will they go eventually?

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hola porque quitaste el encanto del lobo ya iba para la segunda etapa donde lo puedo leer me encanta esta historia
2022-05-27 21:43:10
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Yurleny Hernandez Chavez
No encuentro alejándome del lobo!!
2022-06-09 22:21:02
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Fernanda Zarazua
Tampoco encuentro alejandome del lobo u otros ...
2022-05-28 00:10:06
44 Chapters
Chapter 1: A memory
The dripping water makes me open my eyes with difficulty. My head ached and I felt like I was pulled onto something hard. When my vision clears and I manage to sit on the concrete, I realize what is really happening: I am in a sewer. How did I get here? I can't remember anything. I bring a hand to the back of my head as I feel some liquid pouring out of it. When I see my hand I see red: blood. I try to stand up but at first it is useless, my body hurts, my legs, as if I had run a marathon. My shoes were worn and dusty. My pants were torn at the knees and my jacket had some holes in the elbows. I blinked several times without understanding what had happened. How did I get here? What happened to me? Did I faint? Where am I? Thinking and thinking made my head hurt more. In the end I stand up
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Chapter 2: The night
 After seeing the letter "M" in the foggy mirror I got scared a bit since there was no one else in my house, well my mother but she was asleep, I went to the living room window because from there I had a lot of view towards the neighboring houses to see if I noticed anything suspicious but I couldn't make out anything else except children playing with a ball. In a way I felt a little relieved afterwards because I thought it was some Loren joke that there was an M on my mirror, but I don't think she is capable enough to play with that. So I took a deep breath and got ready to eat the leftover pizza that was getting cold. I went up to my room and looked in my closet for something to wear, in that regard I was not as selective as certain girls, because I would wear the first thing I found. So it was, I put on
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Chapter 3: Funeral
The next day I woke up, I could hear that horrible sound that my alarm clock had, I don't really know why I had never put a better sound, apparently I was a bit masochistic with my ears. I felt that my body was with new energy so I got out of bed and looked on the floor all that I had spilled yesterday at bedtime and I noticed that my cell phone was upside down, I took it, but it was downloaded so I immediately looked for the charger. I listened to the sound of oil in Mom's pans, because she was excellent at cooking anything, quite the opposite with me. That was one of the things I'd miss about Mom if I left home, so I looked at myself in my bedroom mirror, combed my hair a bit, and went downstairs. "Good morning mom! How are you getting up?" I asked. In that sense, since I was little, I had been taught very good manners so it was customary to say h
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Chapter 4: Mourning
The next morning I woke up feeling a pain in the back of my neck, I had slept badly. The night had been a little better, although at first I had a hard time falling asleep because I was thinking about Max. Today I would arrive at the university and see the lack that he would do. I got out of bed groggy and headed for the shower. When I took off my clothes and let the water wash away my sleep, I felt watched; it was a new and completely strange feeling. I showered for a few minutes and then went out. I wrapped the towel around my body and looked for some clothes. Long-sleeved black shirt and black jeans. The city of Portland was in mourning. I put on my shoes and combed my hair. Classes would start in half an hour. I took my bag, my cell phone and left my room. When I went downstairs I didn't hear anything or anyone, which made me understand that my moth
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Chapter 5: Double life
When you get to university you realize that it was not what you thought when you were little, I used to play with my friends and even with children that I didn't even know, as I was growing up I also longed to be older to go to a university. Maybe because it had the image of the typical university that movies sell you, with a very good atmosphere. But when you are in reality you realize that it was better to stay at the age of a child. As I grew older, there were also many things that would not happen again, maybe that's why I was a bit quiet, but after all, I liked the way it was. Portland was a prestigious university where there were many students from different social as well as intellectual positions. It was a university with a colonial structure, which when you first arrived you could see how colossal it was, so much so that it gave the appearance
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Chapter 6: Max
My eyes snapped open, I felt how my breathing was harsh and a little ragged. My head hurt so much so I put both hands to my forehead and squeezed it. What had happened? I looked up, realized I was lying on the pavement near Nisha's house. My pants were half ripped and my shirt was white, dirty. I struggled to my feet, looking around. What was I doing here? It was afternoon apparently, in the distance I could see the sun setting. I looked for someone nearby, a person, but there was no one. I turned to look at the house behind me: it was quite large, two stories, green. Outside there are steps to reach the front door and into the garden where sunflowers are planted. I knew the house, it was Nisha's; but when did I get here? I couldn't remember anything, I didn't remember walking here, I didn't remember. Maybe I had gotten drunk earlier in the day and that's why I didn't quite remember; It used to happen to me often. Alt
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Chapter 7: Fire
NISH  "Nish!"  I heard someone call me."  I was coming out of my last class.  I turned to see the aforementioned:  Dalton.  Dalton comes in and smirks at me.  "Dalton," I greeted him, finished putting my things in my bag and headed out into the hallways.  "How are you, Nish?"  He asks me behind me.  Dalton was a little short, his hair was curly black and he wore glasses.
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Chapter 8: Confusions
MAX While I was running around like crazy, there came a time when I stopped and advised myself: "Come on Max, calm down!"  I exclaimed in a calm voice. "You have always come out of all your problems and this will not be the exception." Although of course, being dead I don't think there is a solution.  Being the captain of the team had helped me in my personality, since he was always encouraging my friends but this time he was not applying it to me. I raised my face in the way the brave do and headed home again, things were already like that and I had to accept that I was no longer among all my acquaintances.
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Chapter 9: The Cabin
 11:00 at night.I kept trying to understand why all these guys were celebrating like this if his best friend had passed away. Maybe most of these guys are out of their minds, I thought. In addition, what I just witnessed was disturbing, the fact that Dalton made that gesture caught my attention, I immediately related that gesture with what had happened to Max, but ... Why would Dalton do it?  What does Dalton have to do with Max? I moved away from where he was, because the truth is that boy was scaring me more and more, first in the way he appears and now pointing his fingers at me in the form of a pistol.
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Chapter 10: Max
   I woke up with the hope that everything had been the product of a bad nightmare.  I was lying on the floor of Nisha's room;  which I found very strange that I was here.  I sat back, realizing that it had not been a nightmare but the sad reality.  Nisha wasn't in the room, so I went downstairs and into the kitchen, she was there alone, she was throwing the remains of her breakfast in the trash can.  She put the plate in the sink and came out, running through me.  I felt strange that she had done that.  But I followed her anyway, I wanted to see what she did to her.
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