Over the edge

Over the edge

By:  Mauryn  Completed
Language: English
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Clarissa's life has always been a little bit messed up. From her job as the county's assistant coroner to continuously trying to maintain balance - she's just about to wear out. Two dead bodies and a "gift" would be all she needs to completely lose control and break the balance she has struggled to maintain for the past right years. But when an obsessed serial killer threatens to send her six feet under - Clarissa needs to wear her scars like armors and fight back. She's not about to let some witty serial killer mess her up even more, or is she?

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I unintentionally uploaded chapter 15 thrice. Poor connectivity and all. So, y'all should bear with me. I'm sorry for whatever inconvenience that might've caused you. I've been trying to rectify it. New Update loading......!!! Could've done that some days ago though. Honest reviews are welcomed.
2022-07-07 00:30:26
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Grace Ukegbu
can't wait to read.
2022-06-30 20:44:55
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Please, leave a comment after reading. Tell me if the story is interesting or not. ............ I'd like to make friends here too. So, hit me up.
2022-05-08 14:38:03
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Chinaza Iwuchukwu
I'm loving this book ......
2022-05-20 02:40:10
26 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter one. The dimly lit room smelt like rotting wood and puke. On closer inspection, one might even spot dried blood stains on the woodboard floorings and on the walls. The room looked like a low key abattoir..... For humans. And, that it was. A blood curdling scream pierced through the silence of the night. The source of the scream lay, spread out and naked, on the cold iron table. A girl, not less than twenty two. And, before her stood a burly man, clothed in a white singlet that now had blood splattered on it, and briefs. A silver knife glinted in the dark, as the moon poured in through the sound proofed window, just before it cut through the girl's skin and she let out a bone rattling wail. The young girl began crying.... Begging. She swore to do whatever he wanted. But the pleas fell on deaf ears. The man seemed to enjoy the torture. Slowly, he dragged the blade through her lips and across her left cheek. He did the same to her right cheek. With the gore slipping thro
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Chapter 2
She heard something rattling.. At least, that was what she thought that had her jolting awake on her bed. Paranoia had hounded her ever since her parents had died in their sleep. Scurrying feets didn't seem random to her, neither did rattling windows or doors.     Slowly, Clarissa crept away from her bed. Grabbing her blue robe and a flashlight, she darted into her hallway, careful not to disturb the unnerving silence of the night. The stairs didn't creak as she made her way down to the living room. She'd had all the stairs fixed, just in case.      Just as she neared the landing, she heard the rattling again. This time, it was accompanied by a loud bang that made her jump. Clutching her robe tight around her body with one hand, she gripped the torch tightly with the other and then, she slowly made her way to the kitchen.     The sound had come from there. The kitchen was just as she had left it before going to b
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Chapter 3
The room was eerily silent and ink black. The air smelt like weed and crushed tobacco leaves. A girl lay, whimpering, on the ground. Suddenly, a door creaked open and the girl saw a shadow slip into the room. She knew who he was. And, what he was going to do. Noiselessly, she rolled herself up to her mattress. He hadn't seen her on the floor. While the shadow stalked towards her bed like a predator, the little girl shut her eyes tightly in a silent prayer. The shadow stopped right at the foot of her mattress and stooped down enough that he could see the outline of the child's face. She looked so relaxed and innocent. His hands shot forward and tugged at the girl's tank top. It slipped a bit revealing a bit of abdominal skin. Slowly, his thumb began to caress her skin, from one edge to the other. The teenage girl hitched an inaudible breathe in her throat. Unmoving, she willed herself not to cry. She was scared.. So scared that she felt she could pee in her pants. She heard him mak
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Chapter 4
‘Name: Chuck McGregor.State of origin: Illinois. Date of birth: 8th November,1976.Inmate number: 928.Charged with attempted murder, sexual abuse and exploitation, physical abuse, statutory rape and withholdal of vital information from government agencies.Convicted of attempted murder, sexual and physical abuse.Date of conviction: 6th may 2014.Expected date of release: 12th August, 2039.’ Flynn listened as Agent Sawyer listed off everything in the document he held in his hand as they drove down to the Chicago state rehabilitation center.Chuck didn’t exactly look like a sex offender but then even cubs look cute to idiots too. He didn’t know why the image of a bleeding fourteen-year old seemed to be etched on his mind. He shook his head as though it could clear his mind. Dressed impeccably in a three-piece black suit, he alighted from the black ford and made his way to the entrance of the gigantic prison, his face as expressionless as ever. The wardens had already been notified
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Chapter 5
The shrill sound of the alarm pierced through the steely silence of the room. That woke her from her dreamless sleep. Hitting the snooze button, Clarissa crawled away from her bed. Sunlight streamed into the room through the window. Apart from the occasional sound of vehicles driving by, the neighborhood was relatively quiet. She freshened up and dressed in silence. Only the sound of her ticking clock could be heard. The black gown she’d put on was loose in some places. She had lost some pounds. who wouldn’t after what she’d been through lately. At least, no attempt had been made on her life and she hadn’t received any auspicious gifts either. The FBI had nothing to say either. The radio silence was beginning to make her nervous. She had felt an ominous foreboding surrounding her. It never meant that anything good was about to happen. Shrugging on her coat, she rushed down the staircase. Skipping breakfast had become a norm for her since high school. She Locked her doors and as alw
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Chapter 6
The town was abuzz, with thanksgiving just some days away. Clarissa had decided to spend thanksgiving with Marley, so she spent sometime packing some things she would be needing for the weekend. They had formed the habit of spending every holiday together, just stuffing themselves with food and sharing stories on how their life had been all year round, they’d even visit Chance together. But this year, it felt like she was doing it to help her feel a bit of normalcy. Her doorbell dinged. She wondered if she had been expecting anyone that evening. But, no one came to her mind. Pushing the mound of clothes beside her aside, she pushed up from the ground. She gave herself a once over in front of the mirror before rushing out of her room and down the stairs. When she got to the landing, the bell stopped dinging. She walked to the door and took a peek out of the peephole but there was no one there. She did a double take to be sure, but no, not even a shadow.Weird.Maybe she had heard wro
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Chapter 7
‘visited Chance on the 19th of November.’ That was the last thing she wrote down before snapping the small diary shut and stuffing it into the pocket of her ash coat. She unfastened her seatbelt and climbed out of Marley’s ford. They had agreed to go see Chance before heading to Marley’s apartment. It was dreary and grey clouds hung very low in the sky. It wasn’t the perfect weather for a visit to the psychiatric home because it was common for patients to experience winter blues. The Osward home for the sick sign dangled from the top of the gate. Marley fell in step beside her. He had been silent since the ride over here. She understood the silence, so didn’t feel the need to make small talk. They walked into the compound together. They were met by a marbled trail. The click-clack of their shoes on marble was the only audible sound. Side by side on the trail, stood hulking green ash trees. Their branches sprung out in diverse directions, providing ample shade and giving an eery feel
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Chapter 8
The atmosphere changed as soon as they got Hydepark. Clarissa was in a better mood than when they had left the home for the sick. Maybe it was thought of binging on food or having a movie marathon that cheered her up. All the same, she was okay. A little bit happy, even. She opened the refrigerator and took out the apple pie she knew Marley kept in case of hunger emergencies. Her rumbling stomach proved she already had a hunger emergency. slicing a part of the apple pie, she cut it up into small pieces before forking some into her mouth. She smacked Marley’s hands and shot him a glare when he tried to steal some of the apple pie from her plate.‘Get yours.’ She snapped and sauntered to the sitting room.‘So much for being my sister. Tsk.’ Marley shot back at her and she shrugged.She slumped on the three-seater grey couch, careful not to spill the cake. Sighing, she concentrated on shoveling food into her mouth. Marley settled down beside her some moments later after p
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Chapter 9
‘We just found another body.’ The only sentence that kept echoing in her mind. The only thing she could think of. Gone was the little happiness she had felt moments ago. Trepidation now coursed through her body. She knew ‘56th Avenue. She lived in that same neighborhood. She knew the driver kept peering at her from the mirror.‘Take me to the 56th Avenue instead.’ She said to the driver. Her heart thundered beneath her sternum. Her boss hadn’t said anything to suggest that it was murder. Or that it had a connection to her case. But still, she couldn’t brush off that nagging that this was another murder just to get her riled up.She caught her reflection on the glass. Her skin had turned a pasty white, her tan, nowhere to be found. Not knowing what to do with her hands, she contemplated calling Marley but decided against it. This was her problem and she would handle it as such. She knew when they arrived the 56th. The steep rise of the road and quiet of the area told her so. But un
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Chapter 10
What happens when we cross the point between life and death?Do we make the choice to keep living or do we relinquish all control to a greater entity?The continuous beep-beep assaulted her senses. It made her unable to concentrate on her environment. Her mind was whirling with lots of unfocused thoughts. It all didn’t make sense. All of it. And that annoying beeping. She wished it would stop.Where was she? And, how did it get to be so dark? Why was her throat parched? And what the hell was that pricking sensation on her arm? Why couldn’t she move her arm? Why did it seem everything was suddenly moving a mile a minute?Something was wrong with her, but she couldn’t tell exactly what it was. It seemed her body had been separated from her subconscious.She struggled to make her brain wake up from the dizzy haze it was caught in. she forced her body to obey her mind. she frantically kicked and pulled and pushed but it didn’t seem to be getting her anywhere. Soon, she felt another prick.
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