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“Is this true?” I asked. I can’t believe of what I have read on the posts on the social media account of the two writers that I met, Sketch and Doodle. I read again the post of Sketch. I thought of something, not because there will be no update on his story but because of his post however I can’t remember where I read it before. Then, I read what Doodle had posted. I suddenly remember my story and I read the last scene that I wrote; same words, same scenarios and same comments like how I read their posts. I doubt quite a bit but really it amazed me which I don’t know why. That is why I read some of their last few posts and it was quite surreal which leads to a coincidental from the turn of events on what their real life is and on what I wrote. I won’t pay any attention to what is going on because I know it wouldn’t happen. It seems like my suspicion is true… the things that I’m writing is coming true when there are real people that’s involved on my story however I need to investigate this. Sketch wasn’t talking while driving, I can see on Doodle eyes how amazed he is while we travel, seeing a fine nature is really amazing while I seldom talk just to point where we have to move. I noticed Sketch glanced at me. I smiled. “I’m actually kidnapping both of you and you two are willing victim.” Sketch stepped on the breaks and it made a big screech of the car. “What?!” they both asked.

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82 Chapters
Chapter 01
“Is this real?” I ask myself. I can’t believe what I’ve seen. I saw the name, Abstract Wrightwood on the long lists of the names who pass the board exam. I went back to the parking lot as if nothing, I saw my friend Master who’s leaning on his car while smiling. “I told you, you’re going to pass!” he said. “Yes, the name of Abstract Wrightwood was there.” I commented as if I am not happy. “Hmm? Why are you sad?” I smiled. “Who’s sad? It’s not just Abstract Wrightwood who’s name was on the lists, not on the list of top ten of passers for Pediatric Neurology Licensure but top five, five!” I said proudly. He smiled sweetly at me. “By the way, who’s this Abstract Wrightwood, are you talking about?” “I don’t know but I’m super h
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Chapter 02
The party poppers that the patients popped the moment I went inside the hospital startled me. My patients were smiling at me.  "Congratulations for passing the board exam, Dra. Rackie. You really bring the bacon!" the nurses happily said. I chuckled when they used the Filipino accent because they don’t speak that way. “Don’t English me, I’m nosebleed.” I replied in broken English. “Thank you. Now, kids go back to your romms please… the Director may get mad when he saw all of you here.” I reminded them. They follow what I said. I paused for a while from receiving their artworks as my gift when I saw the director of the hospital. “Go back to your rooms, I’ll do my rounds later and collect your gifts.” I said then the nurses were assists the kids back to their rooms. I involuntarily inhale when I saw him coming towards me. Director Art the one who’s known for being strict and I was one of those whom he made a sample when it was my first come here for my i
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Chapter 03
-- "Dr. Wrightwood, sorry to interrupt your celebration, Storm is experiencing severe headache. There's no available doctor to check him." That was said from the other line, I am in the middle of the road and I don’t have the chance to make a U-turn, so I don’t have any other choice but to way. I drove faster I should be, I don’t care whether police will follow me from driving fast, all I am thinking is to get back to the hospital so I can take a look the condition of Storm. *Cataclysm Chapter 1.2                    I locked myself to my room. I forgot to eat my dinner with the family I treasure the most. All along, I had these feelings for my father who turned his back on us but what was that, I had a wrong invested feelings? Well, I have my father's name, Webb. He even named me Avalanche because what he said before he and mom didn't expect me to come. He even marries my mom and ha
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Special Chapter 01 Master Meander Part 1
It’s been years now since I and Abstract were friends but up until now I can’t still say what I feel for her. That I don’t look at her as my friend anymore, that I’m in love with her. The fact that the first time I saw her, I am attracted to her already but I thought it will only stay as attraction I didn’t know I will feel this towards her. “Where will I drop you?” I ask Abstract while she’s busy eating pizza. “Whoa! You are already thinking about going home, Terric! Eat first.” She replied while she have food inside her mouth. I can’t help but to laugh, I didn’t expect her to talk that clear while she have some food in her mouth.”I’m already asking because I don’t want to drop you off on your apartment wherein you’ll go home in your parent’s house.” She get the pepper sauce and pour it on her pizza. She bite it and look at me. “Drop me at the apartment, I’ll clean it tomorrow.” She said while her face blus
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Special Chapter 02 Master Meander Part 2
“No, it’s just difficult to open the door from outside.” She replied then put down her bag. “Come in, you might get rape from my neighbors if they saw you.” She said with seriousness. I immediately obeyed her because she’s not kidding when she said that. I sat on the sofa, she gave me a warm glass of water. I looked at her. “Don’t be confused, drink the warm water slowly.” She said while pulling out the things in her bag. “Stay there, I’ll just take a shower.” I can’t just go and leave because for sure she won’t talk to me for a long time so all I can do is to wait. When she went back, she threw a towel. “You can also take a shower. You stink with sweat. Stinky!” she said then put down some clothes on the sofa. “Here, t-shirt, underwear and shorts.” She told me then went inside her room. “You can take a bath there. No worries, that underwear, aren’t my undies, it’s your briefs from the last time when we were wet from the rain before and you went home wearing short
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Chapter 04
I stare blankly from the things that happened today. I am now sitting inside the office of Director Art while listening to the debates from the doctors who are my senior here. "Dr. Rackie, should know how to place herself!" Dr. Heart yelled. The truth is, the Neurological Department rushed to the office of Director Art and now shouting and yelling. "Dr. Rackie, did the right thing as a doctor." Dr. Red calmly said. “What’s the fuss, doctors?” he asked coolly. “Seriously, where are we when one of our VIP patients is suffering? Come on, let’s just admit it, she even risks her life just to get back here. She abandoned her family’s celebration party for her just to check the VIP patient.” He said with his blank expression. He looked at me and winked. “Dr. Rackie, how’s your leg?” he suddenly asks. “Why so shocked? You ran from the parking lot up to the third floor, isn’t it?” I nodded. “I-it’s nothing, Doc. I’m alright.” I stuttered re
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Chapter 05
As I wait for my clothes, I'm preparing for the meal I’ll eat for breakfast. The doorbell rang. I look at the wall clock, its only 7 o'clock in the morning. "Good Morning, Sandy!" Snowflakes' greets. "Oh, good morning Nowee." I greeted back. "What did you came for?" "Rude!" she said then step inside the house. "I'm here to help you with your household chores." "Well, if that's the case... it'll end up you doing all the household chores." I grinned. "Then, do your laundry; I'll help you with cooking and cleaning." What else can I do? I can't say no when I really need a helping hand. "Okay." After all the chores, I checked my Facebook. "Wow!" that's the only word I can say to describe how surprised I am. My story that I post on Facebook got not only hundred, thousand likes and comments in just one night. I saw Avalanche's post, he shared my story last night and this is the result. I
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Chapter 06
It’s been five days since I stay in the house, I’ve been sleeping, eating and writing Cataclysm, of course reading the stories of the young writers Sketch and Doodle that is promising. Somehow, what I’ve been doing makes me bored when you do it in daily basis because I miss what I’m doing in the hospital, doing rounds, checking up the kids and doing some errands from other departments for extra income. While we were all busy using our phones, I went inside my room because I’m more comfortable lying down on the bed, I jumped on my bed and sat carefully. I looked at my legs. “You’re healing process is fast.” I said happily while staring at my legs. I noticed one of the posts of Sketch that has thousands of comments and shares. ‘I feel thrilled by being watched, it is possible that the person is all following me in the comfort room?’, His post is familiar, but I don’t know where did I read it. Since I’m too bored during my five days stay in the house, I read all of the com
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Chapter 07
Dr. Abstract, Please, accept the small amount we can give you as our way of our gratitude and appreciation for taking care of our prince, Storm. P.S.Please, don't give it back. Use it for yourself and for your family. Thank you. Kindly regards,Mr. and Mrs. Casper Wow! Small amount… okay, they were the ones who said it… I’ll accept it then. I put it on my wallet and thinking of what can I do to treat my family for tomorrow, maybe a lunch and dinner outside, a good full body massage will be great too. I picked another gift from the box and I saw it was from Flood, his gift is quite big. “What is this?” I found a note that was attached on the box. Dr. Rackie, You have to use this. Flood Whoa! Even in his note is really demanding. I was surprised when I finally saw what his gift was. It was the laptop that I’ve been dreaming for which is now mine instantly. “In fa
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Chapter 08
I stood up and went to get some money on my wallet. “Keep the change, it’s yours. Buy something for yourself not for other things here, for yourself. If you want to buy something for the house, you can tell me.” I said then put my wallet back in my backpack then went back to the corner. “Ma, before you go please turn off the lights. Thank you!” I glance at her before she leaves and her gesture of locking the door before going out made me smile. She really knows the attitude of each of us her children. “Now, Cataclysm…. I need to go inside your world and let me finish this current chapter so we can move forward to the next chapter.” I whispered. I got a bit frustrated because I can’t think straight, it’s already eleven o’clock and I’m sleepy but I only wrote half of the story. I’m a bit distracted to my phone from receiving a lot of notification and also because Flood kept on calling me so I put my phone into driving mode so the gadget will stop from ringing. I’m on leav
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