Chapter 37 It’s All Your Fault!

“Aren’t you in prison? Why are you here?”

Janice, who had somehow come out of prison, had a hideous look on her face. “That’s not important. What’s more important now is that we should settle our accounts, Gwen!”

Gwen narrowed her eyes because she could not figure out if it was Zach or Janice who sent her the message. If Janice had sent it, how did she get Zach’s handphone?

Therefore, Gwen backed away silently to open the distance between them, and she quickly racked her brain to come up with a plan. Nonetheless, she responded, “Our accounts? Are there unsettled accounts between us? If anything, you’re the one who owed me!”

“I owed you? If you didn’t snatch my status as Mrs. Crawford, everything that followed after that wouldn’t have happened!” Janice was somewhat out of her mind. Gwen did not know what she had gone through in the prison during the four months.

Gwen replied to her expressionlessly, “Do you need me to remind you? Jared only had a favorable impression of you be
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