Chapter 41 Sentenced To Lifelong Loneliness By Love

Jared traveled day and night after receiving the news so as to meet Gwen. Zach did not stop him from meeting her. “She’s in the bedroom. Go in and tell her everything you want to say because the doctor said that she might not make it through the night.”

“Gwen, Gwen…” Jared cried as he staggered into the room.

“Gwen, Gwen.”

Gwen had already dozed off, but she opened her eyes after she heard the voice, which she had not heard for a long time. “Jared, why are you here?”

Jared leaned on her bed as he cried bitterly. “Gwen…”

Gwen tried hard to open her eyes as she was weary. When she looked at him, old memories flashed in front of her eyes.

When she was 12 years old, her dad passed away after saving Grandpa Crawford. Hence, Gwen met Jared, and she was taken into the Crawford family by Grandpa Crawford, where she began learning and growing with Jared.

Gwen’s first awakening of love was when she was 15 years old. She had a crush on Jared, who was three years older than her, and
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Erica VanDyke
good story
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MJ Tambasen
very touching... im glad that zach is a good guy.. love both of them
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Congrats author😍 on the completion of this amazing novel😊. keep it up dear 😉

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