Too Late To Say I Love You

Too Late To Say I Love You

By:  Mu An  Completed
Language: English
258 ratings
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“Strip off her clothes!” It never occurred to Gwen White that her husband would order a bunch of men to strip her! Throughout the ten years of crushing on him and two years of marriage, Gwen loved Jared Crawford madly, but he despised and hated her to her bones. That said, when Gwen decided to leave Jared for good, he personally brought her back from the depths of hell and begged her to start all over again...

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Syeda Rubina
Beautifully written , different than usual perfect ending.
2024-04-19 21:19:21
user avatar
Marilyn Nonato Mollenido
good book but 300...hello..its ridiculous ...
2024-04-18 01:21:18
user avatar
Mariana Cont
So different from others. The perfect ending.
2023-12-05 12:06:21
default avatar
Rhonica John
It’s 300 for the whole book
2023-05-05 12:56:22
default avatar
paulyn kvt
300 a chapter? Ridiculous.
2022-11-11 22:24:17
default avatar
Marianne Shibani Louis
Is this book a joke ? 300 per chapter. Ridiculous.
2022-10-06 12:04:25
user avatar
300 coins per chapter ….. FORGET IT!
2022-02-19 06:53:50
default avatar
300 coins per chapter, you must be kidding me
2022-02-19 03:55:53
user avatar
Busisiwe MADITSE
Good story.
2022-02-15 04:02:26
user avatar
This is a very hurt warming novel... I had really connected with it......️
2022-01-03 05:33:00
default avatar
wuaw, i would like to see more zach story.
2021-08-13 13:26:32
user avatar
G-ah H
Love the story.. The tragedy of married not even in one year between Jared and Gwen..the plot is good.. Hope the writer should continued the love story if Gwen and Zach.. it must be very beautiful since he can't live without her.
2021-08-05 12:13:27
user avatar
Saritha Sandeep
It's a very nice novel. I cried through out the novel n this novel shows what true love is
2021-07-22 02:25:25
user avatar
Great novel
2021-07-21 01:38:49
default avatar
Such a lovely read! Do you have any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-14 23:35:13
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41 Chapters
Chapter 1 Toy With Her As You Please!
“Strip off her clothes!” Inside a damp and dark prison, a man ordered coldly while standing by the only window in a cell. Three prison guards with evil smiles approached a beautiful woman, who was hiding in a corner. Gwen White kept backing away with a pale face until she hit the wall and could not retreat anymore. “Don’t, don’t come near me…” Two of the prison guards exchanged glances and pounced on her to press down one of her hands each. “Let go of me! Let go of me!” Gwen struggled with all her might, but before she could break free from the prison guards who were already pressing her down, the third guard ripped off her blouse’s buttons at once. She held her clothes tightly while she pushed the prison guards away, but how was she a match for three big men? When Gwen White was pushed to the ground, the men, who reeked of sweat, took the opportunity to touch her all over. Gwen shouted at the top of her lungs, “Jared Crawford! I’m your wife! Are you out of your mind?
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Chapter 2 I Plead Guilty!
It was as though a piece of juicy meat was thrown to a pack of evil wolves. “Jared, Jared, save me… “Get lost! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me, ah —” Gwen White really felt like dying at that instant. She tried her best to hold on to her remaining clothes and cried out to Jared Crawford for help. The prisoners from the other cells could not stand her hopeless cries. Jared kept a straight face even after looking at her. “Experience how terrified and fearful Janice was feeling at that moment. Oh, no, perhaps you’ll enjoy the process. After all, you’ve probably slept with many men.” He turned and left after saying that! A click was heard as he closed the cell’s door behind him, and he disappeared from her sight. He really left Gwen with the three men! The three prison guards became more barbarous after Jared left. “Your skin’s so tender that water might flow out if I pinch you.” Gwen crawled toward the door with all her might. Even if she were to die, she would never be
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Chapter 3 I’ll Make You Cry!
‘I despise you for being dirty.’ The words still lingered in Gwen’s mind after Jared left. She was already very pale, but her face became as white as a sheet. A woman’s gloating voice was suddenly heard outside the door at that moment. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, how pitiful you are to be called ‘dirty’ by your husband. If I were you, I would’ve jumped out of the window to solve the problem.” Gwen could not be more familiar with the voice. She clenched the bedsheet. “Why are you here?” It was Janice Sanders! “Of course I’m here to see you,” Janice answered with a smile, “I heard Jared tortured you in prison. I’m so sorry that you ended up like this, it was all because I slandered you in front of him.” ‘She’s even admitting that she slandered me!’ Gwen shivered at the thought of the three disgusting prison guards, who took advantage of her. “Janice, there’s no grudge between you and me, why do you have to cause me trouble?!” ‘No grudge? ‘She doesn’t know how many tricks I’ve t
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Chapter 4 Who Is He?
Janice knocked her head hard on the ground and said, “I swear I’ll never disturb your lives again, Miss White. Please don’t complain to Mr. Crawford, and please don’t ask him to retract Jared’s right of inheritance. It’s all my fault…” Gwen had no idea what she was talking about! Her head ached, and she got off her bed shakily while putting her hand on the wound. Before she had even touched Janice, Janice suddenly raised her hand to slap herself and fell to one side. “Ah —” “Bam!” The ward’s door was suddenly opened, and Jared, who had somehow returned after leaving, rushed in. He pushed Gwen away before she could even explain. “Gwen White, how dare you bully Janice again!” Gwen fell to the ground, and her forehead was bleeding so much that she almost passed out. Janice sobbed. “Jared, I love you, I love you so much that I’m willing to die, but Miss White said she’ll ask your dad to retract your right of inheritance if we’re still together. I can’t watch you lose everythi
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Chapter 5 I’m Pregnant!
Gwen White woke up feeling pain. She frowned as she opened her eyes and turned to look. It turned out that a nurse was inserting a needle for an IV infusion into her vein. “Mrs. Crawford, you’re finally awake. You’ve been unconscious the whole day.” The nurse sighed a breath of relief. Gwen had not fully regained her consciousness. She felt a splitting headache and as if her limbs were out of joint. That said, she moved her pale lips and asked, “What happened to me…” “I was about to ask you, why do you have such a big wound on your head? You needed five stitches.” Gwen recalled that she was hit by Janice Sanders. On top of that, not only did Jared ignore her when she bled so much, but he also believed she hurt Janice, and he wanted to strangle her to death… ‘What a joke.’ Gwen twitched her mouth and felt a chill in her heart. The nurse then added, “Luckily, you managed to ring for the nurse, so we were able to hurry over in time. If we were slightly later, you’ll be i
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Chapter 6 A Woman Who’s Full Of Lies!
Once Jared Crawford returned to the villa after work, he asked the butler while he headed upstairs, “Did that woman make things difficult for Janice?” The butler knew he meant Gwen, so he answered softly, “No, Mrs. Crawford didn’t do anything.” “At least she’s sensible,” Jared said and wondered, ‘If she still doesn’t know where she stands, I won’t spare her like I did the last time!’ “Mr. Crawford, actually… Mrs. Crawford isn’t as bad as you think she is, she’s very nice to the servants,” the butler expressed hesitantly. The old butler, who was over half a century old, could not understand why his boss was not fond of Gwen when she was such a gentle, kind, and good-natured person. ‘She has been married into the Crawford family for a year, but Mr. Crawford never treated her well. On the other hand, Jared sneered. “She’s hypocritical!” ‘She’s a woman who deliberately planned to get married to me but cheated on me during our wedding night. How good of a person can she be?
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Chapter 7 Gwen White, Stand Right There!
Mrs. White said, “You’ve been married to Jared for a year, but there’s still no news of your pregnancy. You must seize the opportunity.” There was a hint of bitterness in Gwen’s smile. ‘Having a child? ‘Jared doesn’t love me and firmly believes that I cheated on him. Besides, he despises me for being dirty and will never lay a finger on me. How can I have his child? ‘A child… He and Janice do have one.’ Moreover, Gwen was no longer passionate about Jared after the incidents at the prison and hospital. She was even considering letting him go and setting herself free too… “Gwen, what are you thinking?” Mrs. White called out softly to Gwen, whose mind had drifted far away. Gwen flashed a smile at her mom. “Mom, Jared and I already have a plan. We won’t be having a child these two years; we haven’t had enough of spending time together with just the two of us.” “Is that so? I just feel that it’s better to have a child since you’re married into the Crawford family — a rich
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Chapter 8 A Divorce?!
Gwen White was forced to stop. She asked plainly, “Do you have something to say?” Jared Crawford was in a terrible mood after thinking about her the whole day. “Didn’t you see me here? Who let you ignore me?” ‘Am I supposed to say ‘good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford’?’ Gwen held in the feeling of disgust and asked again, “Do you have something to say?” Jared ordered coldly, “Come and eat this bowl of bird’s nest.” ‘You look so awful like you’ll be easily blown away, don’t embarrass the Crawford family!’ He thought. Gwen was stunned because the bird’s nest was obviously for Janice. She pointed at herself in disbelief. “Are you asking me to eat Janice’s leftovers?” Jared could never say kind words to Gwen, so he pulled a long face and responded, “Janice doesn’t like to eat it. I’m rewarding you with it because I think highly of you, so you better not be ungrateful!” ‘He actually said he thinks highly of me when he’s asking me to finish the remains of Janice’s food?
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Chapter 9 Janice Sanders, Go To Hell!
Gwen still woke up early the next day, and she was ready to visit her mom at the hospital again. When she went downstairs, she was surprised to see Janice sitting on the couch. It was evident that Janice was waiting for her because Janice spoke as soon as she appeared, “Gwen White, do you want to know how Jared started liking me?” Gwen ignored her and continued heading toward the door. However, Janice chuckled behind her back. “It’s related to you. Do you remember when the club organized a barbeque event on an island five years ago? It was when we were third-year university students.” ‘That…’ Gwen could not help but stop. Janice slowly approached her while touching her stomach, which was still flat. “During the event, Jared ate some dirty seafood, so he vomited, had diarrhea, and was unconscious due to a fever. Nobody brought medicine, and we couldn’t leave because of the high tide, so everyone didn’t know what to do. “In the end, you risked your life by going ashore in
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Chapter 10 Compensate Her With A Child!
“Child, my child…” Blood began flowing down Janice’s thighs, so Jared quickly dashed toward her. A rare look of panic was seen on his face. “Janice!” “Jared, our child…” Janice looked at Gwen tearfully. “Gwen, just come at me if you’re unhappy, why did you have to hurt my child? He’s innocent…” Gwen did not need to explain because Jared saw her just now. Jared’s face darkened and he immediately slapped Gwen across her face. “I was just thinking I’ve probably misunderstood you before, but it turns out that you’re a wicked woman indeed!” Gwen twitched her mouth without saying a word, but her eyes were ashen. Since Janice was bleeding terribly, Jared quickly carried her to head to the hospital. He managed to utter before he left, “Lock up that woman!” In the hospital, the doctor quickly rushed Janice into the emergency room, whereas Jared stood covered in blood outside the surgery room. His face was as cold as ice. After an unknown period of time, the surgery room’s door w
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