7. I want you

"So you do remember me?" the intruder asked.

I had no idea...

"Nope. I don't know who you are. How did you get inside the house?" I demanded to know.

"Wait, you really don't remember me?" the stranger asked again.

"No," I said.

He looked at me with shock as if he was a celebrity, and my lack of knowledge of his existence was offensive to him.

"Then why did you gasp?" he asked.

"Because there's a strange man entered my bedroom while I'm standing here wearing nothing but a towel. Now, care to tell me what the fuck do you want?" I glared at him.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at me like this was the first time he noticed me in a towel.

I shivered as I felt exposed and subconsciously gripped my towels tightly.

"Anya. I came to see you because I wanted to tell you how I feel about you. I've loved you since 9th grade," he said gruffly.

Huh? Ninth grade?

"I don't understand. Ninth grade was 11 years ago," I said.

"You never paid attention to me then, so I was satisfied with watching you from a distance. After graduation, I tried to move on, but I couldn't. Then I saw you at the restaurant the other night and followed you to see where you lived so I can finally confess to you," he said.

Okay...someone was clearly missing some screws in his brain. I tried to look around the room to find an opening for escape.


"Mike," he helped.

"Right...listen here, Mike. I don't even know you. You should've said something in high school," I said.

"I...I was too scared," Mike said.

"Scared of me? I was just a girl and not a super popular one. What was there to be scared about?" I looked at him questioningly.

Mike hesitated. "Eh...not scared of you...I am talking about that Connor guy. He was always around to ward off any guys that near you. I wasn't strong enough to fight him off."

For the first time in my life, I was grateful for Connor's overprotective behavior. He managed to keep this creep away from me. Who knows what this guy was capable of?

"What do you want from me?" I asked.

"I want you," he said and stepped closer to me. I took a few steps back.

"Why don't you go home and ask me out properly, week?" I said in an attempt to stall him.

"I'm not stupid. I know you'll never say yes to me. Besides, I saw you talking to Connor at the restaurant. You guys are clearly together now, so I have no chance," Mike almost sounded whiny.

"Well, okay...then you should leave. Connor won't be happy when he sees you here," I said quickly.

"I know he won't be here for a while, so that's why I'm here," Mike paused and looked at me intently. "Anya, I know I couldn't have you as my girlfriend, so I'd like to have sex with you. Just once," he declared.

What the fuck?

"Mike, you're out of your mind. I'd never have sex with some random guy. What the hell is wrong with you?" I glared at him.

"I thought you'd say that, but you know what? I don't care. I came here with a mission in mind, and I won't leave until I have you," Mike said. He suddenly moved quickly and grabbed my arms, and pushed me toward the bed.

"Let go of me!" I cried out and struggled to be free, but he had a death grip on me. I had to do something. I couldn't let this crazy guy overpower me!

He pushed me down the bed. "You are so beautiful. I always wanted to feel that soft skin of yours," he cooed and pawed at my towel.

"Feel this, bitch!" I hissed and kneed him at the first opportunity I got. He made a croaking sound and let go of me, then cupped his crotch where I hit him as hard as I could.

"What the hell is going on?"

I heard Connor's deep voice roaring across the room, and my heart leaped. I jumped up and shoved Mike aside, then ran toward Connor.

"I'm so glad you're here!" I said. The words I never thought I'd say in my life.

Connor's facial expression hardened as he looked at Mike and me. I guess he figured out what was going on.

"You motherfucker!" he roared and jumped Mike. Boy, Mike is screwed!

Connor grabbed Mike by his collar and punched him in the face. I heard a cracking noise. Mike's nose must've broken by the punch. Blood poured out of his nose and made me feel dizzy.

"Call 911," Connor looked at me and shouted, breaking me out of my trance. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed 911. I looked over at Connor, who was standing over Mike, who was now unconscious.

"What did you do to him?" I gasped.

"Don't worry. He isn't dead. I just put him to sleep until the police arrive," Connor shrugged.

"What do you mean you put him to sleep?" I looked at him quizzically.

"Just put him in a chokehold until he fell unconscious. A little trick I learned in my Jiu-jitsu class. No big deal. Are you okay?" he asked and looked at me with concern.

I nodded. In reality, I was still shaken up and scared out of my mind, but I didn't want to appear weak in front of Connor.

Connor moved closer to me. He cupped my face and grazed my cheek with his thumb. His eyes were gentle. " don't need to act like you're brave. It's okay to be scared. I am here for you, dimples."

I couldn't hold it anymore and burst into tears. I buried my face in his chest as he pulled me into a hug and held me tightly. "I hate that stupid nickname," I sobbed in his shirt.

"I know...I'm sorry," he kissed my hair. Warmth spread through my body as he stroked my back gently in an attempt to comfort me.

"Thank you," I whispered.

Suddenly, I heard a siren and saw the light through the window. The police have arrived. Connor cleared his throat. " should probably go get dressed," he said and let out a nervous laugh.

I jolted back and freed myself from his embrace. Oh shit... I was still wearing nothing but a towel!

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