6. Remember Me?


Why were there Angelfishes delivered to me? I bet it was Connor. It must be one of his pranks. But giving me gifts wasn't a very good prank. Maybe he thought it'd annoy me, which it kind of did, but it felt nice at the same time.

I found him standing in the garden later in the day.

"Why did you buy me fishes? What kind of prank is this?" I went straight to the point.

"It isn't a prank. I thought you liked the Angelfish at the restaurant?" he said.

"I like shiny new Lamborghinis. Are you going to buy me that too?" I bit back with sarcasm.

He shrugged. "Maybe? But only if you're a good girl," he smirked.

The nerve of this arrogant man! What was he implying?

"Excuse me?" I said and glared at him.

"I think you've been a very bad girl lately, so I'm offering you a reward for fixing your attitude. Or do you prefer to be punished instead? Should I spank you?" Connor asked and stepped closer. His lips twisted into a mischievous smile, and I wanted to smack it right off of his face.

" dare..." I stuttered. "UGH!" I let out a loud groan and turned back. I didn't want to waste any more of my time with this Neanderthal.

"I am just messing with you, Anya! Don't be angry!" Connor called after me as I ran back inside. I was so angry, I saw red. That insolent! How dare he talk to me like that?

I avoided him like the plague and didn't speak to him for the rest of the day.

I decided to visit Jessica. Less than a week left for the wedding, so she must've been stressed out of her mind. I needed to be there for her as much as possible. Also, I wanted to ask her about Connor. If she had any feelings left for him, she needs to come out and say it. I couldn't let her break my brother's heart.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Jessica smiled and opened the door.

"I wanted to see if you need any help with prepping? I could help you with anything you need," I said.

"You are too sweet. Actually, could you call the florist and the venue to make sure they are prepared for the decoration?" Jessica asked.

"Of course, I'll do that in a minute, but there's something important I need to talk to you about," I said.

Jessica looked at me with a worried expression, and I instantly feel bad. I wasn't trying to add extra stress on her, but this was important. I was worried about my brother. If she had a single doubt in her mind, she needs to come out now or forever hold her peace.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"Jessica, is there something going on between you and Connor? I mean, I know you guys used to date, and Connor is kind of a playboy. Is he trying to get you back?" I asked.

Jessica's face twisted into a frown. "No Anya, come on! I love your brother. I'm marrying him!"

"That's not what I was asking. I was asking if Connor had been coming on to you recently. As in, trying to change your mind about getting married," I said.

"No way, he isn't like that," Jessica insisted.

I looked at her suspiciously. I didn't know if I should believe her or not.

"Nothing is going on between Connor and me, I swear," she said.

I let out a long breath. I'll accept her answer for now, but that doesn't mean I should let my guard down. Connor could still be after her.

I spent the rest of the day making phone calls and helping her with other things, so eventually, I forgot about Connor.

I went home, completely exhausted. The house was eerily silent. Where was everyone? I looked at the fridge and found a note.

Your dad and I are going to have a date night and will come home late. There is some leftover pasta left if you are hungry___

love, Mom. The note said.

Great. Now I had to stay in this ginormous house all by myself. I wanted to move out of here when I turned 18, but mom insisted I stay and save money since New York apartments are crazy expensive. It made sense, but I still felt like I depended on my parents too much. I decided to try to move out again after this wedding thing was over.

I wondered where Ansel and Connor went, then instantly remembered. Tonight was Ansel's bachelor's party.

I quickly hopped in the shower so I can relax until it was bedtime. The warm water washed away all my stress for the day. I was feeling good.


I almost slipped in the shower as I heard a loud noise coming from somewhere in the house. What the fuck was that!

I turned off the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. There was no one else in the house other than me, and we didn't have any pets. If it was an intruder, I needed something to protect myself. I tiptoed out of the bathroom and searched my closet for a weapon but couldn't find anything. Dammit...why didn't I keep a random baseball bat like in movies? I froze as I saw the door handle turn slowly. He was coming inside my room!

The door opened, and we made eye contact. I stared at the person in front of me.

He looked me up and down. His lips twisted into a grin. I looked at his face closely. He was about 5 feet 9 with wide shoulders and a thickly bearded face.

"Hello, Anya. You look great," he commented. His pale blue eyes were dark. I felt uncomfortable as he stared at me with his lusty eyes. "Remember me?" he asked.

I looked at him for a moment longer, then gasped.

"So you do remember?" he asked, his grin turning wider.

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