Chapter 33: Chilling revelations!

Elena's heart seemed to stop as Charlotte's words hung heavily in the air. The revelation that her sister was Astrid, and her mother was Alice, struck her like a thunderclap, leaving her stunned and emotionally battered. It was as if the ground had shifted beneath her, and the world she thought she knew had crumbled into fragments of painful truth.

Shock coursed through her veins, and her green eyes mirrored the immense disbelief that washed over her. The realization was a dagger to her heart, a cruel twist of fate that had kept her family's true identity hidden for far too long.

Hurt, like a tidal wave, surged within her. It was a hurt born not only from the deception but also from the years of separation, the absence of a mother's love, and the betrayal by the evil woman she thought was her mother. Elena's gaze, once locked with Charlotte's, now wavered, her eyes clouded with tears that threatened to spill over.

The room felt suffocating as the weight of this revelation pressed down
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