Chapter 34: Who is Astrid?

"Do you honestly believe, in the depths of your twisted minds, that the Alpha would simply pardon you for causing harm to his beloved mate?" Elena's voice seeps with incredulity.

The wicked grin on both Tiffany and Charlotte's lips remained unwavering as Charlotte suggests, "Not if we orchestrate it to appear as though a rogue committed the act."

With an unsettling giggle, Tiffany continues, "First, we eliminate Astrid, and then Elena shall meet the same fate," her words carrying a sinister undertone.

But Elena's resolve remained unshaken as she retorts, "Do you truly think I would allow you to carry out such a heinous plan?" Her determination to protect her sister was unwavering.

Undeterred, Charlotte taunts, "Then try to stop us," and with synchronized malevolence, mother, and daughter proceeded towards Astrid's room, with Elena hot on their heels, committed to safeguard her sister.

Tiffany forcefully pushes open the door to Astrid's room, and their eyes fell on the peaceful figure o

What do you guys think about Astrid? I have tried my best to update daily lately. Please drop a comment! For those of you reading The Temptress: Tempting the Devil's son, I haven't given up on that book, but I'm in the process of reediting it, so when I'm done, I'll resume updating.

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