Twin Vampire Kings And Me

Twin Vampire Kings And Me

By:  rin  Ongoing
Language: English
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A promise of purity was made to her dying grandfather. Join Purity in her love journey to finding her true soulmate.

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Delinda Schumacher
12 chapters 4-5-23
2023-04-05 23:42:14
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Lisa Gollahon
I really like this so far hope for a update
2022-01-07 13:11:14
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Stephanie Moon-lily Johnston
still waiting for updates
2022-03-04 10:38:32
12 Chapters
 North dove Hospital The hospital was bustling with activity just like any other ordinary day with doctor, nurses, patients and visitors all minding their own business and fulfilling whatever purpose they were there for. But for one girl visitor this was the day she was made to make a life changing decision in her life. It had all started with her beloved grandpa now 85 years old, getting sick and being admitted into the hospital. Then came the tragic news of him having cancer and soon to die in the following weeks to come. To everyone in the family this was not unexpected news as after all he was too old now and could die any day. But for the girl named Purity, this was devastating news as her grandad George had always been an important person in her life. He was after all the only grandparent she had left as all the other ones had died and gone to be with the Lord. Who was going to tel
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Chapter One
George could not believe it so next day he pretended to leave her at the school and then followed her as she went to the boyfriend`s house. The house looked like one of a drug dealer. He had barged in there to find her quickly fixing her buttons showing that they had been sleeping with each other. He had shouted and shouted at her that day, and told her she would never see that guy ever again. He had then dragged her by the hair about to take her back home until she shouted that she was pregnant so she could not make her leave the father of her child. That had stopped him in his tracks, and he disowned her, told her he was no longer her father and never wanted to see her ever again. Then he left and as he arrived home, tears finally flowed out. All those sacrifices he had made for Martha only for her to slap it all back into his face. He also knew that this choice Martha had made was not going to end well for her and that is exactly what happened. That boyfriend of h
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Chapter Two
1 year later: High School Years It was now a year later after her grandpa died. She had cried at the funeral and said her last goodbye. Her family then moved to a new country from America to Netherlands as her dad Walter got a job there as CEO which paid more money. She clearly remembered her first day when she arrived at her new high school in her Dad`s car. It was a very huge school even bigger than the one she attended in America. The car park was filled with all these rich people cars she only saw on TV, shocking her that her schoolmates drove cars like that. She was definitely going to have to ask her dad for money to buy a car for herself. At first it was hard to adjust to the life there as she had to start first year high school in the middle of the term as they arrived in the country late with school year already started. The school she was at had less international students so most of her peers sp
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Chapter Three
Purity was surprised to see how easy it was for her now to make friends and how her peers even started making an effort of speaking English when with her during break times. Apparently it made her realize that it was not the language barrier that had made her friendless in first year, it was her. She was the one who had been unfriendly, unapproachable, full of negative thoughts always sad and maybe if she had tried smiling and saying hie to people as she did now, then she would have made friends then. She started no longer being insecure about herself and changed her dressing. She could now wear dresses, tight jeans and hairstyles which showed her whole face. She started being positive, no longer worrying about what people thought of her and only God`s opinion mattered. She started growing in confidence no longer being afraid to approach people, join school activities as she always told herself she could do anything through God who gave her strength. She no longer sa
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Chapter Four
“So remember that yesterday i told you i went on a date with Jack.” Lauren then said to Purity as she was putting blue nail polish on her feet. Purity nodded to indicate that she remembered. Jack was some guy that Luaren had been trying to get to notice her, he was handsome with green eyes and red hair. Lauren was also pretty with her brunette hair and greenish eyes. She was head over heels for him and had been so ecstatic when he had finally asked her out. They had been dating for a month now. “Well he broke up with me yesterday saying he needed a break. And to think he was my first and i lost my virginity to him.” Lauren then continued and Purity could see the sorrow on her face and how heartbroken she was. “Im truly sorry,” Purity then said hugging her as the tears started flowing freely on Lauren`s face. She then stopped and cleaned her face. “But you know what i will get over him quickly just as he did me.” Lauren then said back to being her happy self.
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Chapter Five
Right now She was now back in Netherlands and a new year began as Purity now told her mom the good news about getting into college. She prepared and arrived at the University and found out she was sharing a room with this girl named Susan. When she met her roommate for the first time, Purity was happy to see this friendly nice person and knew they would totally get along and they did becoming best friends. The dorm room they were sharing was large enough with enough space for both of them.   While studying the three year degree, she was so surprised by how much freedom she had in university from her class schedule to finally living without her family. She really liked college guys as they were more mature, headed somewhere and knew what they want but she still kept her word and remained single, friend zoning all those cute college guys who were interested in her. After all she only had 3 years left to graduate and she could date them. During those t
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Chapter Six
“So are we going to my place or yours? But i would prefer yours because im living with my ex-girlfriend right now. And don’t want make her kick me out from the noise we will be making, if you know what im talking about. I cant wait to kiss those lips of yours and explore that body of yours. Its been long since i have gotten laid.” he then said and gave Purity a wink. She looked at him shocked and angry by his audacity to say that after being such a horrible date and he was still expecting something from her. She wanted to slap him but decided to just make a quick exit and ditch him. She sent a quick text to her friends to meet her by the car as she was leaving. “I’m going to the ladies room.” Purity then told Trey and quickly stood up. Instead of the ladies room, she headed for the exit to her car by the car park. In the car she told Betty and Susan what had happened and felt fine as they had a good laugh. What a horrible first date it had bee
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Chapter Seven
Just as she was climbing the steps to enter into the building, she stopped as this shiny black and sleek looking Motorcycle with this strong roaring sound arrived and stopped in front of the entrance. But what made her keep standing still and looking  was the driver of that motorcycle as he took of his helmet to reveal this familiar gorgeous golden brown hair cut short, those intense blue eyes and handsome face. She could not believe it, was that actually him? After all those years which had passed leaving him to just be a ghost of her past but yet here he was and in the flesh. He was still good looking and looked like a supermodel dressed in that black leather jacket, muscle hugging shirt, dark blue jeans and black boots. He then got of his motorbike leaving his helmet and started coming in the same direction as her looking like he was looking for someone. As for Purity she was busy thinking about how she was going to pay attention to her blind date who
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Chapter Eight
After the Museum still wanting to spend more time together, Alex rode his motorbike while Purity drove to the nearby diner in her car, were they enjoyed delicious food while catching up.  Purity enjoyed that too as Alex was a perfect gentlemen, not letting her pay for anything, pulling out the chair for her as she sat and listening attentively to her as he wanted to learn more about her. He even ignored this supermodel looking waitress who was being rude, flirting and trying to get his number while getting their orders. Purity also got to learn more about him as they asked each other silly questions from what’s your favorite color to serious things like what they were doing right now with their lives. She learned that Alex graduated with an accounting degree in England, and came back to Netherland where he was now studying his MBA. He was also 4 years older than year now 27 years old. But Purity also felt like there were parts of his life he was withholding from her, li
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Chapter Nine
Marcus was tired of seeing his brother broken hearted from girls misleading him, cheating on him or only pursuing him for his money. Heck Marcus knew it would have been worse if they knew Alex`s true identity and title which he kept as a tightly hidden secret. Marcus was going to see what kind of woman Purity was and look for any warning signs so he could warn his brother this early in their relationship. Purity was surprised to finally actually meet someone related Alex and did not mind a bit that Marcus joined their date as he seemed friendly. Alex then started the car and as they drove to the mall Purity also enjoyed chatting to Marcus who was goofy and playful like his older brother. Marcus was impressed by how Purity also knew about video games and was into I.T like him so they had more in common to chat about. Alex was happy that Purity was getting along with his brother, he had though that she would be mad at him for bringing him along. They arrived at
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