Unspoken Love

Unspoken Love

By:  QMB  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sometimes our feelings cannot speak, but our actions did. We express it through actions, but what if that someone you love does not feel the same way? Are you still going to pursue your feelings? even though you didn't meet his/her standards? Do you ever experience this so-called unspoken love? Are you strong enough to say those three words even if that someone rejects you?

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2021-08-11 06:34:27
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omggg!!!! I love this kind of novel! I hope the author will update soon :> I love you, Harris.
2021-08-06 09:21:55
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Charlie Marcaida
The book was well written. I love it as a whole. Its awesome, will recommend to others ?
2020-08-20 19:17:29
17 Chapters
Have you thought about having everything when you have nothing? Have you ever been thought too about having someone who has everything even if you have nothing? I don't like rainy days at all, because it feels me sad but..., When I first saw her, I already saw my future with her. I already like rainy days because this was the reason why we've met. But my problem is, how can I pursue my feelings to her if she has the world but me? I do not. 15 years passed by, but I still love her. Will she love me too if I got the world too? I can't say those three words to her and this is what they called..., UNSPOKEN LOVE
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"Harris, you can go home now because your shift is over," Mr. Baker said to me while he was at the counter, counting the money. I looked at my watch and it was already 9:00 pm. I finished cleaning first before taking my things to the counter to go home. While arranging my things. Mr. Baker approached me. He handed me a small brown envelope. "That's your salary for today," he said with his sweetest smile. I accepted it and then smiled at him in response. I walked out of his bakery and then started counting the money I received today. "300 pesos for this long day. I hope the money I'm struggling with will help me finish school," I said to myself hopefully. I am alone in life. I have no family nor friends. I don’t know where my real Mom is. They said she was a pr*stitute and that she had just given birth to me while my father was the CEO of a famous company here in the Philippines. He knew me but he did not want to consider me his child. He also doesn't support me finan
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5:00 am in the morning. I went to the bakery shop and help Mr. Baker to open his shop and display his bread. "You know what, Mr. Baker? You need another apprentice that can work at you in full time," I suggested to him. He shook his head first before he speaks to me. "No, I don't need anyone. I'm contented with you. And, if I hire someone you don't have a job anymore," he replied and then smiled at me. "It is okay, I can find another job. I just want you to have an apprentice when I am not here. By the way, Mr. Baker thank you for the 2,500 pesos of my salary yesterday. I was about to give back the 2,200 pesos since my salary is just only 300 pesos," I said while looking at him. He looked back at me and gave me a bigger smile on his face. "Hahaha! Funny kiddo. Haven't you read the note I left inside the envelope? No need to bring it back to me. I already gave it to you," he said and he went to the counter. "And, I don't need someone who will accompany me when you
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Three days passed, I'm still busy finding another worker for the Bakery shop. I don't know-how. "Harris." Someone called me. "Winslet?" I said when I saw her walking towards me. "I thought you are sleeping here again." She said and sit beside me. I'm here on the rooftop again. Eating the lunch that Mr. Baker gave me and he continues giving me lunch and snacks everyday. "No, I'm just thinking about how to hire another worker," I said. "You think about your business again?" "It's not about my business." "Yes, it is. Just post on the website that your company is hiring. That's it very easy." She said. I just sighed. She thinks that I am rich and I have my own business. "I'm sorry for causing you trouble last night. I feel shy whenever I see you," she sincerely said. I looked at her but she refused to look at me."It is my fault, not yours." "Ahm yeah, by the way, my Nanny wants to thank you and. . ." "And, what?" I asked her wh
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 "So he is my new assistant?" Mr. Baker asked. "Yes Mr. Baker. I can do cooking and cleaning if you ask." Sam said then salute to Mr. Baker. Mr. Baker laughed and I. Sam is very energetic unlike me. "Okay you are hired since Harris brought you here." Mr. Baker said. "Oh thank you Mr." Sam said. "I have to go to school Mr. Baker." I interrupt to them. "Oh sure but wait. Here is your lunch and snacks." Mr. Baker said and gave me the small bag again. I smiled while accepting the small bag. "Thank you is not enough for those delicious foods that you gave to me." I said. "Haha you funny kid. Go to school now and don't be late." He said. "Wait? What about me Mr. Baker? Does my lunch and snacks here is free too?" Sam said thats why we laughed. "Yes I
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"What are you doing here?" I asked him. "This is my school brother." Nathan said. My eyes widened when I hear him. "We are schoolmates?" I asked. "Yes. I always search for you and here you are studying at the famous school here in the Philippines." He said. "You transferred?" I asked. "Ow yes. I'm already third year highschool just like you." He said. "Why do you want to see me?" I asked. "Because you are my brother." He said. I don't know what to say. We are really close since we are kids, but when I reached 13 years old I left their home because my father is always hurting me even his wife. They always made me feel jealous of what they give to Nathan, but thanks to Nathan, because he is a good brother to me. He always share his things with me and also our birthday is only one. But they only cele
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One week passed by, I'm still busy because we have a training in football. I didn't meet Nathan nor Winslet, maybe they are busy too. When I'm done packing my things and fixing myself I went to the bleachers and sat there. I saw a bunch of girls whos looking at me. I took my bottle and drink water. I was so shocked because I'm about to vomit the water when someone spoke behind me. "Harris, here you are." Winslet said and sat beside me. "Hey." I said. "Oh sorry I scare you." she said. "its okay." "You don't want to see me?" She asked. "No, its not that." I said. "Oh okay maybe I overreact." She said. "Why?" I asked, but before she could answer someone interrupt us. "Hey Harris---oh Slet?" Nathan suddenly appeared in front of us. "Wait y
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Saturday morning I went to the bakery shop with Sam. We saw Mr. Baker and help him to open his bakery shop, clean his shop and display his bread. "Hey Mr. Assistant do you want to learn how to make a dough?" Mr. Baker asked to Sam. "Yes sure, I would like to try my hands in making a dough." Sam said with full of excitement. "How about you Mr. Apprentice? Would you want to give it a try?" Mr. Baker asked me. "No, thats not my passion." I said while turning my head into right and left saying its a no. "Oh come on, how can you find a woman if you don't know how to cook?" Sam teased me. "Hahaha, yeah he's right, just try it and let us see the results." A moment later.., "Wow it taste delicious, very good Mr. Assistant. *munch*munch*" Mr. Baker said while eating the bread that made by Sam. 
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"What are you doing here?" Winslet asked me when she already feel okay. "I'm the one who will ask you, what are you doing to a place like this?" I asked her seriously. "I'm with Nathan and my friends how about you?" She said and asked me again. "And where are they?" I asked her without answering her question. "They are all inside." She said. "Then what are you doing here?" I said seriously. "I saw you thats why I followed you, but someone grabs my hand and pinned me to the wall and ask me to go out with him." She said and about to cry, but I pulled her closed to me and hugged her tight. "Sshhh don't cry." I said while caressing her back. "I'm so sorry." She said while crying. "Why?" I asked. "Because you are mad at me." She said that made me smiled. She lo
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I'm in the rooftop again, reading a book about business. We have no class at this hour because our professor is sick. "Harris." Someone called me. I looked at her and I saw her smiling while waving her hand at me. "Hi." I simply greeted her. "Hello." Winslet said. "Where are your friends?" I asked her. "Ahh they are busy." She answered. "How about you? Aren't you busy?" I asked her. "Ahm no I'm not. I just want to say thank you for saving my life last night." She said. "You already thanked me." I replied then she blushed. "Yes, but in terms of saving other lives one thank you isn't enough." She said. "Okay so you wanted to treat me because of that?" I said but I'm just kidding. "Ah yeah I was about to say that thats why I came here." S
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