Master's Maid

Master's Maid

By:  Sophia Bendel  Completed
Language: English
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He told me she was the little glimmer of light in his dark soul but he lost her and I was the replacement. "You shine like the fucking sun but I don't want you bright, I want you tainted". With that, he claimed me. ***** Tammy Jones was just a college student that returned home for the Christmas holiday. Little did she know the beginning of the holiday was going to be the start of her new life in a world where mayhem and danger lurked. At the time when she'd lost all hope of escaping the cruel world, an extremely good-looking stranger rescued her. But there was more to this stranger than just the good looks. What could go wrong with getting kidnapped and then rescued? You might want to read to know! WARNING: +18 and contains scenes of violence and sexual abuse!!!

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120 Chapters
  •Little friend• Laying in my bed, eyes trying to make out the ceiling in the darkness, I heard
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•Seeing him•
Tammy: I sipped from my milkshake as I told my roommate, Trinity, about the stud I ran into while rushing out of my sociology class in the morning. 
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•Stranger Danger•
Tammy: I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. 
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•The Kidnap•
Tammy: The strong stench of dried blood hit my nose the moment I opened my eyes. My environment was pitch black. I couldn't even make out parts of my body. Coupled with that, was the head-splitting headache that was threatening to rip my head apart. Thus, I was reminded of my predicament. 
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Tammy: Human skulls, scattered in different parts of the hallway. They were so much I couldn't take a step without leaping over one. Forcefully, he yanked my arm, pushing me forward but my erratic heart was already far gone. It pounded loudly in my chest. I couldn't let go of the thoughts of that being my fate if I wasn't rescued from this demon in th
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•Escape Plan•
Tammy:  Rays of sunlight flooding the room notified me that it was morning. I'd been in the room he left me for two days. All thanks to the single window in it that told me when it was dusk or dawn. My captor hasn't been back since he shared the information of me being his new year's gift but he kept passing food to me through space under the doo
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•New year's present•
Tammy: The mystery man was there, with a wide grin on his face like he was mocking my failed escape mission and my naiveness. I should have trusted my instincts when I felt it was too easy. I stared at him, crawling back a little on my ass. 
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•Meeting her•
Damon:  My eyes looked to the flight of stairs at the end of the living room, waiting for the man I wanted to see. Colton knew I detested the man but he'd always make me visit him personally just to invite him to
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Damon: "Come here". I said to her. Is
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•New home•
Tammy: The drive from the mystery man's place to our destination took thirty minutes. The car stopped in front of a huge black gate overlooking a beautiful mansion. Smith, as I heard the hot piece of art In the form of a stunning man call his driver, blared the horn and the gates opened in a few minutes, revealing the extravagantly luxurious property.
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