Unwanted Yet Desired

Unwanted Yet Desired

By:  Babz  Ongoing
Language: English
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One woman and three men battle it out for their futures. The alpha takes in a woman who helped him years before, the reason? He wants her to marry one of his sons and heirs. Whoever she marries will become the next alpha. But the woman holds secrets that no one knows, and the power at her fingertips over rules the alphas and his sons. Will the alpha get what he wants? Will his sons ruin their chances with her? Or will the wolf king be her mate? Follow Khanna on this journey of self discovery and her fight for survival and love.

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1- Stranger
Alpha Len POVI cannot believe I was so reckless; I am an alpha so I should have known better and not rushed in without back up or some form of a plan. But I could not help myself, no matter how silly I was being I knew that I would have regretted not stepping in and helping the child.I was heading home from visiting a neighbouring pack to get a treaty signed. I had decided to run back rather than go with the guards in the car because I wanted to stretch my legs and have a bit of time to myself. I know I am the leader of a pack so I should always have a warrior with me, but sometimes I just need to be alone. And the pack I visited is only two hours run away from mine so I thought I would be safe. I enjoy the feeling of grass and mud beneath my paws.I was running through some woodland when I heard growls and screams. At first, I thought nothing of it but then the screams got louder and higher pitched. It was then that I realised that the screams were those of a child and I was drawn
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Chapter 2- Help
Khanna POVI was out for a walk in the woods when all of a sudden I was surrounded by four wolves growling at me, they took it in turns to nibble me and hurt me a bit but then another wolf came. This wolf pushed me to the ground and stood protectively over me, he took on the other four wolves and saved me. But he was wounded in the process.Once he dragged me to the edge and I saw the rogue, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I ran, not looking back. I just hope that the wolf is still there when I return.I run to the nearest convenience store, thankfully one of those that I like is working today.“Mr. Ward, please may I have a first aid kit?” I ask nervously.“Why?” Mr. Ward asks me, looking me up and down with worry in his eyes. He notices the scratches on my arms and legs and the torn dress I am wearing.“Someone is hurt sir and I want to help them.” I reply.“Who?”“A wolf sir.”“A wolf?”“Yes sir, he saved me, but he is bleeding badly and I want to help him. Please Mr. Ward, I w
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Chapter 3- 10 Years Later
Alpha Len POVIt has been ten years since the event with the little girl and I have since been keeping an eye on her. For some reason I was drawn to her ten years ago, not in a weird way. More like in a protective older brother or father way. If I had a daughter, I probably would have felt like this towards her.The girl has been doing amazingly the last ten years, she has gone from strength to strength, but she has no one to lean on other than one rogue. It turned out that she was an orphan who was living on the edge of the woodlands boarding the town of Morinaga.The town knew that she was there, and they would give her essentials and treats, but she would refuse any offers to be taken in or to go to the local orphanage. When I dug into her background, I found out why- her father had given her the cabin for her eighth birthday, and it was her safe haven. She would go there and wait for him to return when he went away on business trips. That was why she would not leave, she thought h
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Chapter 4- The Proposition
Khanna POV“This had better be good.” I say before giving Len the floor.I have a rough idea of what he wants to talk to me about, last time he asked for a meeting like this it was to try to get me to move to his pack. While I respect him and I understand that the idea came from a place of caring, I did not and do not wish to reside there.I enjoy my life of freedom; the town has always been kind to me and allowed me to live there with no complaints. They even helped and supported me growing up and I was able to go to school and be free, the woodlands and the cabin were my home for many years and the town has always protected me. So, there was never an option of me leaving.But something about Lens’ body language has got me worried today, so I will hear him out. I just hope that it is nothing too serious.“I know how much you resisted last time but please reconsider my offer. I would like you to come and live in my pack, but this time the offer is only temporary as there is a reason f
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Chapter 5- The Truth About The Alpha
Kane POVI take a deep breath and mentally prepare myself for the oncoming conversation. I have been a rogue for years and a few years ago I met Khanna who was kind enough to help me when I had been attacked by other rogues, she helped me heal and so I decided to pay her back by protecting her.However, I never thought that it would mean that I would have to tell her about my past. Something that I had been hoping to keep buried for the rest of my life. It is not that I did anything wrong, or anything like that. It is just that once people realise my connection to a certain individual, they then become suspicious of me or hate me outright.I learnt very quickly to keep my mouth shut and not let anyone know about my past. But now it is all about to come to the light again, I just hope that Khanna does not see me in a different light. I think that would break me.I open the door to the boardroom and walk in, I see Alpha Len there with two of his pack members. I know Alpha Len through Kh
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