By:  Novi Palacios C.  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I would rather die than become his wife, Father," I said, followed by the startled noise of the crowd. "Amber, please don't. You know that I have always loved--," "Love, you said?" I cried out. I could feel that my skin tighten and my breath flared. Then again, the recollection of that night flashing before my eyes. What had happened that day didn't kill me, but something inside me died that day.Amber Durant was born a girl in the wrong place and time. By the ages of 16 years old Amber was forced into some sick twisted fate that shatters everything she knows. Love, hate, trauma, desire to be free, and longing for revenge have led her to other shades of life. Will she survive the monster within her?

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26 Chapters
DISCLAIMER: This book has been labeled with mature content, which might contain some inappropriate scenes for some readers. This is a work of fiction and purely written for entertainment purposes. Names, characters, business, events
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PART1: The Ghost and The Monster | Chapter 1
Mid Autumn, a year ago.Late afternoon, the sky was misty, the sunlight diffused but heavy and everywhere, like bronze dust, as I sat down with my legs hanging freely on the edge of the ledge from the top of the highest tower I could ever find in this little bubble; The Bell Tower of Th
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Chapter 2
"Are you okay, girl?" that voice asked, cautiously. Oh boy, it was a man, an adult man. My nerves trembled on my sweaty palms a
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Chapter 3
First Snow, 67 days later.Have you ever felt so alive doing something so wrong? 
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Chapter 4
My hatred of The nonsense Concept-of-Women's-Happiness-bullshit sister Elise taught me once, two years ago. I remember she said, "--at the end, a woman's ultimate happiness was to fulfill her destiny. To do so, thou shalt be modest but charming, full of smiles, calm in her nature, smooth in her speech, forgiving, loyal and devoted to thy husband, never rejects the will of thy husband and thy attitude towards his wives has no prejudice; sincere and full of understanding--,"
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Chapter 5
I could feel his gaze on my stomach, and that's not good. Not at all. I think I have a little panic attack. Especially when he cried out my name."Amber," he drew his eyebrow together as his dark brown eyes tracing my face. He pulls my fac
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Chapter 6
“You should learn to take care of yourself, sweetie.” Sam said, with  a sheepish smirk on her face while she put some melted butter all over my palm, then rubbing it slowly without taking her gelatine green eyes from mine. Made me smell like fresh baked bread. The kind of bread she liked, warm, soft, sweet and docile. And there when I began to hyperventilat
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Chapter 7
Midwinter.   I have always wished that life would be more of two-plus-two and less of the unpredictable mystery box it is. Because to be honest, I hate surprises, especially from the mighty BIG GUY. The last surprise I g
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Chapter 8
I needed to be alone for a while. So I could cry and scream at the top of my lung as much as my heart needs without anyone calling me crazy, or hysteric. I needed to scream. Too bad, I was not alone, someone has been following me. "C
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PART II: The Battered not Broken | Chapter 9
Before the hearing. 1 hour ago."Keep thee grounded and still, my dear," Sister Cecilia said with a sad smile on her wrinkled lips. Tucking my stray hair behind my black bonnet, away from my black and blue eyes and bruised lips. 
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