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I'm Amelia Hart. Straight A student, Daughter of the Year and all round good girl. My life is pretty quiet and peaceful until my mother falls in love again and finds her happily ever after for the second time with Emilio Reyes. He's a good man. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about his son, Miguel Angel Reyes, model cum photographer cum young celebrity cum all round bad boy. He is everything that is wanton and reckless in the world. Everything I should stay away from. But it's easier said than done.

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Katlyn Graciale
I'm wicked into this book, great writing and love the story so far, I hope you update a good amount cuz I loose interest in the ones who don't and never get to finish the books which stinks so please update....and again great job author I love the book and their personalities
2022-09-23 22:40:32
32 Chapters
Chapter 1
Amelia's POVWanton. Utterly and truly wanton. That's the word I'd used to describe Miguel Angel Sanchez the first time I met him. It had been the night of my mother's engagement to his father, Emilio Sanchez; millionaire real estate developer who lived in a mansion on the outskirts of Evergreen, beautiful little town in Colorado. My town. Emilio had moved back into town three years ago after leaving with his mother when he was a kid, when his parents divorced (I know this because people gossip a lot in Evergreen), and in no time had established himself as one of the affluential and influential voices in the town, unlike his father who'd left the town not long after the divorce and was never heard of again.I'd never met him personally, only seen glimpses of him as he drove past town (make that as his driver drove past town), so it came as a shock, albeit an unwelcome kind of shock when my mother, an elementary school teacher, who I'd have never thought crossed paths with that kind
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Chapter 2
Amelia's POV"Amy, you are not going to run away from the house, are you?" Bianca asks, shoving a fry into her mouth and throwing her bare legs up on the table nonchalantly, as if she wasn't wearing a micro mini black skirt.It's lunch time, two weeks after we resumed for second term, all but six months standing between us and college. It seems like a long time ago when I saw a certain someone's penile parts. A lot has happened since that night besides the wedding.First, I turned seventeen. Then, the first term of senior year happened, the only remarkable thing about it a relationship between my former best friend and my longtime crush. Jane Dulaney and Christian Grammer.Let's start with Jane. If anyone had told me when we were entering high school that Jane, my best friend since I was nine, wouldn't be with me forever, I'd have scoffed and thrown insults at them, in my mind, of course, because Mother taught me to never use swear words. But Jane and I were not meant to be, becau
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Chapter 3
Miguel's POV I expected a long speech from my dad the moment he came to pick me up from the airport. He hasn't said a word, just leads me to where his car is parked and instructs his driver to start driving. To Evergreen. My home for the next six months or less if I fucked up and landed myself in prison for good. I don't remember much of what happened that night in October, just that I'd assaulted one of my supposed friends for the garbage that had come out of his mouth and walked out of the party, getting into my car and driving off. It's not like I kept track of what happened when I attended all the banging parties in Los Angeles. My life since I was fifteen had been a blur of parties, drugs and sex and probably irresponsibility in the eyes of everyone because I'd dropped out of high school. I didn't take drugs, but nobody would've guessed that I didn't or why, until that fateful day in October when my mother, award winning actress and model, Faye Smith had publicly gone int
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Chapter 4
Amelia's POV I'd gotten home and holed up in my room, pacing and cooking up the nastiest scenarios in my head. Sure, even his father agreed that he was wanton.Sure, there was enough evidence that he was every bit the reckless, undisciplined playboy, his excessive personality mere icing on the cake. For God's sake, he slept with women who were old enough to be his mother and flashed his genitals at teenage girls. You looked, Amelia. And now I was going to be living with him in the same house. The house was big enough that if I played my cards well, I wouldn't have to see him at all, but we weren't talking three days, we were talking months. Plus, we ate meals together in this house. My mother had begged and begged until I'd accepted the tradition. As if summoning her, she knocks on the door and opens it, sticking her head in and then her entire petite frame. My mum was smaller than me, her head stopping at my shoulders. She's wearing a simple sundress, her red hair in a messy bu
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Chapter 5
Amelia's POV "Here are the rules of how this is going to work." I grit out, dragging the earpiece covering his left ear and throwing it on his legs as I drive us to school the next morning. Miguel is beside me with his legs on the dashboard, a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes, but most importantly and most annoyingly, his lips tilted in a smirk. Thankfully, the lip ring is on his right side so I can't see it, meaning unfortunately my eyes are stuck to his brow piercing, not shielded from my sight by the sunglasses, his curly dark brown hair falling everywhere on his forehead. It had been one bad turn after another when Emilio had called me into the study after dinner yesterday to inform me that Miguel was going to be finishing senior year with me. As if it wasn't enough that I'd see him at home and at school, since he wasn't allowed to have any money or drive, he was officially going to hitch a ride with me everyday to and fro, a means to ensure that he did go to school and come
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Chapter 6
Chapter Six Amelia I hated Miguel Angel Sanchez, better known by the female population of Evergreen High as 'Hot Angel.' Even Bianca couldn't stop drooling when he was around. Okay, hate is a really strong word, so let's just go with dislike. Strongly dislike. It's been two weeks since Miguel started going to school with me. Two weeks of hell. Two weeks of him stepping on my toes and trying to drive me to madness. Two weeks of unwanted attention. Two weeks of receiving glares from half of the female population because he was so openly affectionate; something I knew that he did on purpose because he liked seeing me squirm. Bianca thought it was the cutest sibling relationship she'd ever seen. I'd almost puked at that. At least he and I were on common ground with that one. We were definitely not siblings or related or step-anything. I can't be related to a demon. After that first day when he'd stolen my hair ribbon and I'd had to return to my car to get a new one, I hadn't
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Chapter 7
Chapter SevenAmelia"Hey, I said I was sorry, didn't I? He sounded genuinely interested in knowing more about you and you know he has that look where you can't say no to him." Bianca says as we walk down the hallway to the cafeteria for lunch. Of course I know the look. I've been played by the look already. On the bright side, there wasn't so much cash in my wallet and he couldn't access my credit card without my password, thank God he hadn't asked me yesterday when I was under him and he was on top of me and ...He's seated at our table, two girls perched beside him, taking pictures and giggling. I should've reported the bastard to Emilio so they'd take his internet access and he'd be left with nothing. Explaining how he'd taken the wallet in the first place is the only reason I hadn't done it. It's Emilio's fault for trusting me with Miguel's finances in the first place. I hate the smile on his face. I hate that girls are not impervious to it. I hate that I'm not impervious to i
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Chapter 8
Chapter EightAmeliaI hated parties. Still do. The one and only time I'd attended one was in Sophomore year, when Bianca had actually succeeded in guilt tripping me after one of the football games. There were only two reasons why I watched the football games religiously. Firstly, it was because I got to indulge myself with seeing Chris Grammer, my crush in action on the field. The second one was because the cheerleading squad performed before every game and before,I'd gone to support Jane and after our friendship scattered and Bianca joined the squad, I'd had to support her too even if it meant watching Jane glow and sensualize the crowd with her skills.Why do the bad guys have to be attractive? Speaking of the one and only time I'd been to a party, someone had puked all over my shirt and everyone had laughed. The laughing was the secondary pain. The primary pain was that I'd had to throw my beloved checkered shirt and jeans away. Since then, I've not stepped foot into any party.
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Chapter 9
Amelia's POVYou would think Miguel was the one who played and won the game by the cheers and whistles and back pats he receives as he walks through the crowd, my presence unnoticed as I walk behind him. I don't know how he deals with it. All of the attention, the people fawning over him, the hype. I guessed I never would. Miguel Angel was the son of a celebrity, a celebrity in his own right and was probably used to this kind of attention and fandom. He'd probably be receiving this kind of attention for the rest of his life. I couldn't imagine living like that. My eyes spot Bianca at the same time that she sights me and she whispers something in Adam's ear, standing from where she was perched on his lap and waltzing over to me in a stride that radiates confidence. Her smile is so bright as she shuffles past people to get to me that you would think she didn't just see me an hour ago. The sleeveless fitted blue mini gown she paired with thigh high brown boots, moves higher up her thig
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Chapter 10
Amelia's POV"I don't mind, actually, no." Bianca raises her eyebrows and when I nod, she shoots Jane a nasty glare, releasing my hand. "Do you want me to stay?" She whispers in my ear and we watch as some of the boys scramble to create space for me to sit. "I could go get Adam and his guys and —" I shake my head. "I can hold my own, don't worry. I'll text if I need you." She nods, concern still etching her features but the only thing she says is "I'll be with my phone" before walking away, disappearing into the crowd of people. Blake's smirk has returned but I ignore him and sit in the space that has been created between two boys, Ryan and Shawn, which places me on the opposite side of the circle facing Chris, Jane and Miguel. Shawn slings an arm over my seat and I try not to stiffen at the contact. However, he removes his hand almost immediately, placing it on his leg a moment later and when I look up to see why, I meet Miguel staring fiercely at him. When his gaze slides back to
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