When Fate Messed Up

When Fate Messed Up

By:  TheVeeWriter  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nina Hayes's life turned upside down when she's involved in a scandal, she has no memory of doing. One moment, she's got a life anyone would be jealous of, and the next thing she knew, her parents are kicking her out to live on her own. Vernon Delaney has it all. Looks, money, power, but he lacks what everyone around him has. When he nearly hit a troubled woman on his way home and see the beauty he's never seen before, Vernon did not waste anytime and claimed her as his. A story of a troubled woman who lost everything and a man who has everything but no one by his side. When Fate Messed Up will show you the reality and love between two people who went through so much.

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33 Chapters
PROLOGUE True to its words, you will never appreciate the importance of what you have now until it's gone and out of reach. You may have everything now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Perhaps you'll see yourself at the bottom looking at the top where you once were. And that... is precisely what happened to me. I was just a simple eighteen year old girl who has a loving parent, A typical rich brat who gets everything she desires. I had countless of dreams I wanted to achieve someday. But alas, you just can't be happy without something messing it up and that something is called 'Fate'. Everything I had slipped from my grasp without leaving a single trace of it is being there. My parents kicked me out, I have no roof over my head, no food to eat, not a single penny in my pocket, nowhere to go. All because of one mistake I didn't even do. Now, all I have left is myself. I became a bitch, a slut as most call it. A whore who sells herself for drugs to keep
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Chapter Two
My PossessionVernon Delaney "This meeting is adjourned." I announced it to my employees who attended the meeting. They all stood up, some of them nodded at me, some bowed a little while some just stared before leaving. I'm well aware that most of them feared me as the CEO of this company. At the age of twenty-one, my family has already taught me how to be the best CEO when my Father's about to retire. At that time I was supposed to be living the life of a young man, but instead, they've locked me inside a room and groomed me into the man that I am now. A cold, distant, aloof man. A robot-like human who only knows how to lead a company. I sighed and leaned back in my chair. I better get this deal or our effort would be worthless. Minutes later, I picked up the sound of heels clicking and I couldn't help but groan. Great, exactly what I needed. Scarlet Gregory, my previous toy. She's too clingy for my liking so I decided to get rid of her. She has a talented mouth, thou
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Chapter Three
     The Offer   Nina Hayes  An extravagant gathering is currently happening inside the Hayes Residence. It was the debut of their one and only girl, Nina Hayes---a simple yet gorgeous daughter they are so proud of.  My parents are so proud of me. But I had no idea that everything's about to change when a video suddenly played on the big screen indicated for my photos growing up. Every guests' eyes are on it includi
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Chapter Six
The PunishmentNina Hayes I looked up at the building in front of me. People who will see me will probably guess that it’s my first time seeing such a tall building but it’s not. More like entering a lion's den. I've seen and entered buildings like this before, but why am I anxious? Because this is the moment that I will finally agree to be his personal sex slave. I took a deep breath and looked down at myself. I am wearing the most decent pair of clothes I have, which is a red blouse and black slacks I bought for a cheap cost. I nodded to myself to calm my nerves and started walking inside. I walked straight to the reception desk. “Hello. I am here for Mr. Vernon Delaney, is he here?” The blonde receptionist raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at me and I automatically did the same. “Do you have an appointment?” She asked with a straight face not even bothering to even fake a smile. Oh, shit. I mentally groaned. How could I forget that I need an appointmen
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Chapter Eight
The First Kiss?Nina Hayes A few weeks ago, I was a paid prostitute lurking around the street waiting for some man to pick me up and a stripper who dances for money. A few weeks ago, I was living in a sorry excuse of an apartment. A few weeks ago, I prepared myself to live alone 'till God knows when. That was a few weeks ago. Now, I'm no longer a filthy whore who sells her body for some money, but a whore for a one and only millionaire and that is Vernon Delaney. My apartment isn't so small anymore and I'm not afraid that any minute from now, my landlord will come and throw my ass away. I can now say that after just a few weeks, I am slowly getting back on my feet and I am slowly living the life I am used to. Being Vernon's secretary isn't that hard, but really stressful. All I have to do is to set his schedule perfectly, make sure his appointments are smooth because Vernon is a perfectionist. Answer his calls for him, receive documents and fix him some coffee. Vernon
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Chapter Nine
Vacation in ParadiseNina Hayes I am seriously out of my mind. For some reason, I like that he is possessive of me. I like the feeling that I am his but I do not like the fact that it sounds like I'm just an object for him. A week after the incident, Vernon's friend Liam visited and apologized to me and Vernon saying he was too drunk and he wasn't aware of what he's doing back then. Vernon forgave him right away and I, too, understand that he's not in his right mind and forgave him. A few weeks working in the company, I am well aware that some of my coworkers don't like me. But just like before, I chose to not pay them my attention. I do understand them, however. An unidentified woman who did not go through the process of becoming an employee suddenly becomes the CEO's secretary. I would be mad and suspicious, too. That afternoon in the comfort room, I am currently staring at the credit card Vernon gave me. A 'sky is the limit' kind of card and I should be happy, but n
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