When Lust Last Forever

When Lust Last Forever

By:  Aurora Hiya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lillian's world turned upside down when she caught her longtime boyfriend cheating. Fueled by anger, she sought revenge in a drunken one-night stand with a stranger, only to discover he was Ryan Sinclair, her new boss! Her real nightmare began when Ryan, who seemed more like a Greek god than a possessive devil, unwilling to let her go and started luring her into his twisted game. Now, she was struggling to keep her distance from her charismatic but dominating boss. Little did she know, there was a hidden secret behind his every move, and Lillian was in for a rollercoaster ride of intrigue and deception.

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1: Her Nightmares Began
Lillian's nightmares began with a single reckless night, fueled by alcohol and a one-night stand with a stranger. And guess who the mystery man turned out to be? None other than her boss, Ryan Sinclair!In a dimly lit pub,Lillian winced, clutching her drink and knocking it back in one go. "How could he do this to me?" she groaned.Vivian, her bestie, leaned in, looking worried. "Hey, Lily, ease up. You're hitting the hard stuff too fast," she said, trying to take the glass from Lillian's hand.Tears streaked down Lillian's face as she spilled her guts. "He cheated on me, Viv. With that... that chick from his office," she spat out. "Caught them in his place, all over each other."Vivian's face softened. "Oh, Lily, that's rough," she murmured, giving her friend a hug.Feeling utterly crushed, Lillian just wanted to forget it all, to numb the pain somehow. "I just... I can't deal with this, Viv," she muttered through her tears.Vivian leaned in, gritting her teeth. "You know what, Lily?
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Chapter 2: Her New Boss
Lillian’s POV“Where the hell are you?” My colleague Emilia Winston practically screamed through the phone as I picked up. It was already past nine.I quickened my pace, rushing to leave the fancy five-star hotel. "How the heck did he afford a room in this posh place? He must be used to rubbing elbows with rich sugar mommas for cash," I grumbled to myself, thinking about the stranger."Lillian Sterling, are you even listening to me?" Emilia's voice snapped me back to reality."Yeah, yeah, I'm here," I said, trying to focus."You were supposed to update the event management about ditching the roses. Remember, our new boss is allergic?""Aw, crap," I groaned."Lily, what's up with you? Sort out your mess and get your butt to the office pronto. You sound awful on the phone." Emilia hung up before I could even respond.I rushed home, gobbled down a sandwich, and got ready in a flash. By 10 am, I made it to the reception area of Luxor Corporation, the big shot company owned by the famous Si
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Chapter 3: We Met Again
Lillian’s POVWhy, oh why was luck so against me? How did he end up becoming my new boss?Ahh... Would he even consider firing me?Surely no respectable boss would want to be labeled a womanizer on his very first day in the office. No, being fired was simply not an option. I'd poured too much effort into securing this job. It couldn't slip away now.Taking a few deep breaths, I attempted to calm my racing thoughts. I was praying like crazy that he wouldn't even notice me, but I'm sweating like I just ran a marathon. Every second felt like an eternity, and the minutes were pure torture.Throughout the event, I tried my best to evade him, moving stealthily like a thief, desperate to avoid catching his attention. As the banquet drew to a close, I made a mad dash for the exit, hiding behind my long hair."Lily, there you are. I've been searching for you," Brandon's voice called out from behind me, causing me to freeze in my tracks.Crap! Not now! I did not want my boss spotting me!I coul
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Chapter 4: In Lion's Den
Lillian’s POVClosing the door behind me, I caught Ryan cursing me under his breath. I hurriedly left the place, quickly packing my stuff from my desk to move to my new office.Of course, it was in the VIP section where all the CEO’s assistants sat.Saying goodbye to my old department was bittersweet, especially seeing Emilia almost in tears. We'd definitely miss our office gossip sessions.As I stepped onto the new floor, Ryan's personal assistant Caleb Lane approached me."Ms. Sterling, my boss instructed me to help you settle into your new position. Feel free to ask anything," he said, guiding me to my office.Stepping into the room, my mind went blank. It was a well-decorated, spacious room with a glass window partition that faced Ryan's office. I could see my new boss clearly through the glass."Um... do I really have to keep the curtains open on this window, Mr. Lane?" I mumbled, stealing a quick glance at Ryan through the glass."My boss likes to keep an eye on his assistants, a
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Chapter 5: My Greek God
"Asshole!"“You..you slapped me? How dare you?” Max became furious, clutching his red cheek.“A cheater like you deserves it,” Lillian blurted out.“Mind your language, bitch. You can’t say bad things about my boyfriend,” Tessa, Max’s girlfriend, pushed me hard, almost making me stumble.Lisa quickly grabbed me to support my balance. "Hey, calm down, Tessa. Let's not make things worse."Tessa sneered, "Stay out of this, Lisa. This is between Lily and me."Lillian, still seething with anger, shot back, "You can defend him all you want, but the truth won't change. Max is scum, and you're just as bad for being with him."Max's face turned even redder with rage. "That's it, I've had enough of your mouth!"Before anyone could react, Max lunged forward, his hand raised as if to strike back.Lisa’s boyfriend intervened, grabbing Max's hand from behind to prevent him from attacking Lillian. Angrily, Lisa stepped forward, saying, “What a coward, trying to raise your hand against a woman. You'r
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Be A Good Girl
"Greek God, huh?" Ryan smirked as he carried Lilian in his arms, striding confidently toward the exit."Yeah, I'm really glad you came for me," Lilian giggled like a spoiled kid, resting her head on his muscular chest. Just as they were about to leave, someone suddenly blocked their way. It was Max, Lilian's ex-boyfriend."Hey, who are you? Where are you taking Lily?" Max shouted, letting go of Tessa's hand and rushing forward. Tessa's face twisted with jealousy, seeing Lilian in the arms of this insanely handsome guy. "How does she end up with someone this hot and probably rich?" Tessa thought to herself.Ryan turned to face Max, unfazed by his outburst, and stared him down with a look that could kill. Intimidated, Max instinctively took a few steps back, feeling like he was Ryan's servant. But he managed to gather his courage and charged again. "You can't just take any drunk girl from the party. It's not some kind of hookup event."Tessa couldn't resist pinching Lilian this time as
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Mark You As Mine
Lilian was all slurred and drunk. "Nooo, not the car... I don't wanna go home yet..." She mumbled, trying to wriggle out of Ryan's grip. Ryan held her tight, not giving in to her restless squirming."Come on, don't be stubborn. You're drunk, and you're going home now.""No... no way..." Lilian shook her head and kicked her legs, trying to wriggle free from his arms. Ryan almost choked on his laughter at her tipsy, childlike behavior. "Why? What's so bad about going home?" he asked, still carrying her as they got closer to his car. "I'll feel alone if I go home now!" Lilian sighed, her voice full of sadness.Stunned, Ryan stopped in his tracks. The pain in her voice cut through him, leaving his heart aching with a deep, unexpected agony.Glancing at her innocent face, Ryan saw Lilian puffing her swollen lips and sighing softly, her cheeks flushed a rosy red.A few loose strands of hair brushed against her tired face, making her look utterly adorable. Ryan's heart almost skipped a b
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