When Tease Love

When Tease Love

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After a failed marriage, Rose no longer wants to know Love. She couldn't let her heart continue to hurt. He wanted to be selfish, but Unforgettable, never could. She was unable to divorce Dias because of an agreement. But, it feels like the man died a long time ago, after knowing that it was not him who was Dias' priority. Rose met Abe accident, their actions were not justified. But Rose felt safe around Abe, not knowing that the man might just be playing games with her. Then, what if they end up continuing to commit forbidden deeds and end up making everyone hurt. And, at last, Rose sacrificed herself again to be the preparation, to be the center of everyone's attention, but not to be praise, just to be reproached.

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Biru Langit
2023-08-24 15:56:29
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next, I want to know, what Dias do that?
2023-05-11 22:42:22
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Rose exhaled a long breath. You don't understand why those high school kids fall in love so easily. Ah, remembering the past, the marriage was also because of love. She is the one who is obsessed, even though Dias is ordinary. Just because Dias helped her, she thought everyone liked her when they didn't. Dias just didn't deliberately help her, and she already liked that man; she had never seen as good a man as Dias before. She once fell in love but always broke up unkindly. Either because of cheating or because the man becomes more realistic. Ah, remembering that, Rose became sad herself. Dias also used to be kind, before he suggested to his father that he propose to Dias for him. After that, Dias changed. Apparently, all this time, Dias had a lover, and he only found out about it after marriage. However, Dias's mother was realistic. Even though her son didn't like Rose, she still tried to get Dias to marry her. Remembering that night, how Rose heard everythingFlashback on. Dias lef
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Rose wakes up after hearing a rooster crowing; she always wakes up early, whether in a good mood or not, and she always hopes for a nice morning, even though she knows that sometimes there are times when she has to curse and also curse at her life. The rich man's son has everything but turns out to be unlucky in love. He was about to give up, but thinking about the many things he had to consider turned out to be difficult. She had to live pretending, and it was uncomfortable.“Good morning, Dias,” she smiled at her husband, even though she knew he was only responding with a casual sigh.“Morning,” he replied. Rose was stuck for a moment; usually, Dias answered, even if it was just a short answer like "yes" or "no." Rarely would the man talk to her. After two years of marriage, they only talk when necessary or there is a family event, whether it is Rose or Dias. And Dias never spoke first, so Rose knew how the man's character was. Although Dias did not see and love him, she once loved
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Rose entered his boutique and greeted his employees, who responded with a bow of the head. Rose actually didn't intend to go back to work—she would have gone crazy if it weren't for Dias making her insane. After two years of marriage, she tried to survive, always relenting. After three years, she intended to divorce Dias, but unfortunately the man's mother fell ill, had begun to look striped, and asked Rose not to divorce Dias. In fact, if she intends to pay the slightest attention, she will know what happened to her child's household. The fourth year, everything began to fall apart; his parents questioned their grandchildren, and Dias's parents did too. In fact, sometimes people openly call Rose barren, although not directly and definitively in front of her.“Morning, Madam, there is a client of Madam who wants to look at the dresses for the party," she said. Rose's trusted employee came to provide information.“Oh, yes, I said that I have work for a while. "You just tell him to wait
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At this time, Rose pondered again alone, in a café; in fact, she wanted to go to the bookstore, just not in this state; cooling her head and improving her heart condition a little bit would be better. Rose sighed; she stopped attaching GPS to Dias so as not to be too heartbroken, and now it is true, her feelings have had enough, no longer heartbroken. It's just that, seeing the woman wear all the things given to her by her husband, it feels very annoying, proving that Rose is only a form of exchange and display and also a tool to resurrect the Dias company and her family, who collapsed. Once again, he took a breath, then let it out slowly. Not far away, it turned out that someone was watching him. And all that did not go unnoticed by his piercing eyes, watching how Rose took a breath, let it out, took a sip of warm coffee, and smelled its aroma as if he were getting peace from there.Meanwhile, Dias, who was busy at work, received a phone call from a number he was very familiar with.
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Dias glanced at the watch in his hand; it was already half past five, which meant he was going home because the time to go home from work was almost half an hour, not to mention that he had to prepare. Dan told Rose that they had to do a play. Although they have not taught each other anymore because it is normal, they haven't been to an event for almost six months, whether it is an official party or indeed an ordinary family party, so they have to match each other. But I don't know what role Dias sometimes plays; he seems comfortable around Rose with all the skits they do. Half an hour passed, and Dias had arrived home. He saw an empty house, looking unoccupied. Not seeing Rose, he rushed into the kitchen and saw their housekeeper.“Auntie, where is Rose?” asked Dias.“Ah, it's not that Miss Rose is gone, sir? "Miss Rose was out, rich from going to the boutique, but yes, after that, she hasn't gone home yet,” explained the aunt, and Dias looked speechless. His mind has started to drif
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Rose came back with snacks, not caring that her husband was no longer there; all she had left was Dias. She shrugged her shoulders, not really caring. He pretended to enjoy the drinks and food he brought and occasionally greeted the guests who greeted him too. This is not the first time Rose has been abandoned at someone else's party by Dias for his mistress. "Rose, where is your husband?" asked one of the guests, who was also Dias' co-worker. "Maybe go out and meet a friend," Rose answered politely. Don't look for trouble. Maybe some people even know about Dias' behaviour,and think that Rose is very stupid or a very pitiful woman. But she didn't care—not yet, she thought. "Rose, I saw your husband earlier," said a woman who is also Dias's colleague's husband. "Oh yeah? Where?""Earlier with a woman, it seems the secretary of Dias's co-worker too," he said. Rose nodded in understanding. "Thanks for telling me," Rose said sincerely. Rose pulled up the corners of her lips mockin
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In the morning, Dias called again by his mother, making Dias hesitate to answer or not because Rose saw everything because her cell phone was already on the dining table. Dias didn't say much. Immediately answered his mother's call. “Yes mom?” he said“Where's Rose? Mom wants to talk,”“Rose is gone,” Dias replied, glancing at Rose who was spooning fried rice onto a plate. The woman was also surprised, why did Dias eat at home, in nearly five years of marriage the man had never had breakfast at home, except for dinner. Even if you have to. “Why do you always defend your wife anyway? Mom knows that Rose is still at home, or you need to call Rose's parents to talk to Rose and to tell her child that you are neglected by your daughter-in-law?”“Mom, that's enough. I would rather not hear anything more,” he said. Dias immediately cut the call and sighed. Meanwhile, his wife Rose, looked normal. “You don't have anything to ask?” Dias suddenly asked her. Rose, who was confused, raised
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Today, without being told, Dias's mother came to her daughter and daughter-in-law's house. Dias did let his mother go into their house because they no longer lived at his in-laws' house, which meant Rose's parents. Farah, Dias' mother, is very different from Hera, Rose's mother, who is very kind and gentle. Hera never interfered in her daughter's household affairs. Unlike Farah, only so far Rose has never told her mother that her mother-in-law is very conservative. “Good afternoon madam,” said housekeeper Dias and Rose. “Hmm, yes, good afternoon. Where are my son and in-laws?” She asked. “Oh, they're at work Madam, isn't Mr. Dias going to the office and Miss Rose to her boutique?” She said with a confused face. “You still call Rose Miss?” asked Farah in disbelief. “Indeed, Miss Rose told me to call her Miss,” she said again without wanting to budge. Aunt already knew her employer's mother-in-law too well. So, there is no need to be afraid, he thought. “It seems Rose is too good
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After Rose passed, Farah gaped, in disbelief at what the middle-aged woman had heard from her daughter-in-law. Farah did like Rose as a daughter. Not as a son-in-law, but because Rose liked Dias in the end, Farah couldn't help but agree to it, anyway, Rose was kind and would obey him, although Farah was not sure that Dias liked Rose too. But, in fact, it is true. Farah only needs to convince Dias that Rose is his only child. But seeing Rose's attitude like that, it made Farah feel something was wrong.Farah sat on the sofa massaging her forehead, suddenly dizzy because of the yelling of her daughter-in-law whom she had never listened to. Usually, always be submissive, but the last few months have been dissident. And, for some reason, there have been family events lately, Rose has often been absent or even late. Farah raised her head as soon as she heard the front door open. It must be Dias, he thought. “Mom, what are you doing here?” asked Dias.“Do you want you to never go to your h
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Dias vented all his anger in his study. Fortunately, it was soundproofed, and it didn't make a noise outside. Dias began to weaken. So far, Dias has never pretended against Rose. It's just that Dias can't give his heart completely. It was a mistake. For Dias, loving is only once in a lifetime. No matter the mistakes of the women they love, as long as they can build loyalty and trust, they can solve every problem. Unfortunately, Dias forgot, that actually some things that have been damaged and worn out cannot be repaired. Such is the relationship. Dias forgets that Vania will make a big mistake, and Dias forgets that in the end Rose will never be able to hold back again. All will be destroyed, and they cannot live under one roof with hearts that have fallen to pieces. The problem is that the heart has moved and no longer knows where it is.In the morning everyone woke up, but it was not like the previous days. The people in the house were very calm. Likewise, Rose doesn't care whether
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