Who owns my heart?

Who owns my heart?

By:  Katherine Petrova  Completed
Language: English
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Who owns my heart? Jason or Ryder? Rich boy or bad boyEmily Collins is a years old girl who came back to her native country Florida for her studies in Edgewood High. She didn't know that this is her life-changing decision. She met a bad boy next door. Girls fall head over heels for Ryder. He's so good in skipping classes and getting himself into trouble without giving damn care about it. On the other side, there's another boy in Edgewood high who's equal to Ryder's range. Jason's son of a famous actress Emma Byrne. He's rich and a smoking hot model in his years. He always gets whatever he wants.Emily's life turned upside down when both boys entered her life at the same time. This was how it supposed to happen. She's no longer an ordinary girl with a normal life anymore.

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66 Chapters
The beginning
Chapter-01"Who owns my heart?Is it love?Or is it art?Cause the way you got your body movin'sGot me confusedI can't tell if it's the beat or sparksWho owns my heart?Is it love?Or is it art?Y-Y-Y-You know I wanna believeThat we're a masterpieceBut sometimes it's hard to tell in the darkWho owns my heart?"I sang my favourite Miley Cyrus song with my earphones. Iam Emily Collins. All these years, I lived in Paris even though it's not my native place. Now Iam back to where I belong. Iam in Florida. My dad still works in a software company in Paris. I really miss the times I spent with him. Now, it's only me and my mom. I don't really have many friends in my life. What's the use in having many friends when not everyone is true? I can rather have one. When it comes to a relationship, I have nothing to say. I never had a boyfriend and never been friends with boys too. When it comes to romance movies, I w
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Edgewood High
    Oh my god! He's talking to me. He has a charming and sexy voice, just like this body. Oh, Emily, stop thinking like this. I don't even know this name." Nope. Iam here to give this. I just want..want to greet the neighbours," I stammered. But then I gathered some courage and said something which I didn't prepared to say.  " Put on a shirt before opening the door. Take this cake. I need to go," " Really! You should stop staring at me if you want me to put on a shirt," he said, observing me.Suddenly someone walked to the entrance. I wished it could be his parents. But it's a guy in his twenties. " Who's at the door, Ryder? How many time did I tell you not to allow a girl who's tryna seduce you?" What the heck? " Iam just a neighbour. I regret coming here. Now, take this damn cake and shut the door." I shouted." She's our new neighbour, bro. What's your name, Darling? Hazel?" Ryder spoke. His name is Ryder. Oka
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Popular Boy
Chapter-03" Iam sorry. It was an accident. Sorry." I apologized politely. But that guys seem extremely angry. He acts like I have ruined his life. But I just ruined his life. It's just a coffee." This is bullshit. Already my day isn't good enough. Now you ruined my shirt. No one can easily walk away after spoiling my mood." he shouts at me loudly. Everyone's attention is on me. I walked back slowly when he stepped forward, yelling at me. I didn't want to talk any words he's cursing at me for a silly reason. Suddenly, my heels slipped and fell on the ground. It's embarrassing. My first day in Edgewood high turns out to be the worst." Step away, you idiot. Iam gonna fucking beat you if you didn't apologize to her."  I heard a new voice who is trying to help me. It's me. I was the one who caught up in an embarrassing situation." Why...why should I apologize? she did this to me." that guy shows his ruined shirt. He's scared and shocked at the same ti
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Bad Boy
" You are not going to change, Ryder. Just take your book for god's sake," she shouted with irritation. But still, Ryder was calm to the core. He's looking like 'I don't give a damn care about anything'. I turned behind to see him. I wish I could say 'Hi'. Can I say it? Will he notice or ignore me? Getting embarrassed is not what I wanted. The teacher was busy writing the sum on the board. My hands took the minute as an advantage and waved at him. Ryder noticed me. He little shakes his hand and smiled at me. Oh god, he does remember me. Of course, he can remember. I only met him yesterday." Sorry mam, I won't come late like this. Forgive me. Can I come inside?"  I heard my best friend, Pearl's voice at the class entrance. She's back." You have never been late to class, Ms.Brown. Try not to make this mistake again," she said and let her inside. Pearl came panting." Iam sorry, Em. I caught up in a situation. I had a fight with my boyfriend. He's pissing me
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Not so good afternoon
He left just like that. Who's back to the city? What are they talking about? Iam still upset about his opinion in relationships. I absent-mindedly stood up from my table. I stopped myself before I bump into someone. " Hey, Milly. Do you want to have lunch with me?" Jason's voice rings in my ears. Of course, I can. " Yeah, sure. But I think my friend will be joining us too. Is it okay? She really wants to meet you." I told him, looking for Pearl in the class. She's sitting looking at the ceiling, lost in thoughts." I'm okay with that. I guess." He said with hesitation. I guess he's not comfortable with that. I can't leave my friend alone." I will get her now. Wait here," I walked towards Pearl. " Hey, I know how to get your mind out of Andrian thoughts. Do you want to meet Jason?" I patted her shoulders. Her eyes brightened up." Oh,really. Where is Jason?" she stood up fastly as her eyes wandered over the whole class. When she got a g
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Ride home with Ryder
" Don't go, Pearl," I called her but she already ran away. She doesn't need to bear her pain all alone. She should have let me stay with her. I can make her feel better. A relationship always comes with trouble. I'm glad I never been in a relationship in my life. I attended the rest of the class without my best friend. I felt a little alone but I practised with that in my life. I always stay alone with myself. Half of my life has been like that. Anyways, the rest of the day goes faster than I could imagine. All the students are walking in groups, laughing with their friends. I was walking absent-mindedly on the road. How am I going to pass the rest of the day in my home? This thought ran in my mind before someone grabbed my waist and pulled me back from crossing the road.Before I could scream, I saw a car passed the way on the road. I would have taken a step without realizing it. Thank god." What are you thinking, Emily? Can't you be careful?" that famil
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Sneaking in
Jason: It's not a difficult job to get a girl's number...lol Before I could text back, my phone rang with the same number. Jason is calling me. I stumbled to hold the phone steady and attended the call." Hey, Jason," I spoke." Hey, Milly. What are you doing?" " Nothing. Just going to binge-watch any series on Netflix. What are you doing? " I told the same thing I said to Ryder. That's what I'm going to do. Somethings never changes." I'm standing in my balcony and talking with you." I listened and remembered a moment from the morning. He said he will teach me swimming." Hey, you told, you're going to teach me swimming. When are you going to do that?' I asked out of curiosity." Oh, yeah, I will teach you, if you come to my mansion."" Won't I learn it in school?"" Nope. I have a swimming pool in my mansion. I will teach you here. I don't want any disturbances. We can get some privacy in m
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First Kiss
Oh, god. Can you transport me to any somewhere else? I never watched this scene with a boy sitting next to me. I'm having a different sensation between our thighs while watching this sex scene with Ryder. I could have skipped the part. But I didn't. Instead, I choose to watch it till the next scene comes. Unfortunately, the scene continues for more than five minutes. " Are you enjoying this scene, Emily? I thought you are a bookworm who doesn't like these things." Ryder asked, trying to make eye contact with me. I choose not to look at him." I'm a bookworm but I like these things. Can't I watch a sex scene?" I said. But I think I sounded more like ' Can't I watch this scene even though I never kissed a boy or had sex.'" Yeah, you can watch it. But it's all a theoretical knowledge. Don't you want to experience it? " He said. At last, he made me look at me. Why am I getting nervous over this silly thing? Maybe, somethings going to happen." I...I..d
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" What the fuck? Who is she?" I shouted." Who the hell knows? I don't know. I don't want to know. I stormed off the moment I came to know the truth. Now all the memories I had with him is going in my mind. Even if it's three months, it hurts like a bitch." Pearl complained, still sobbing." Don't worry, Pearl. You should move one. But one thing is bothering me. You should found out and confronted him." I told her." I know. But I'm stupid. I didn't even suspect. I want to take my mind off this issue. I don't know how Iam going to do it." she frowned. " You should have told me earlier. I will do anything to get your mind off that asshole. But first, let's get out off here." I told and make her wash her face and guided her outside of the restroom. " What are we going to do now? I already missed too many class in these two days." she rubbed her eyes and followed me in the crowdy hall." I will make sure you won't miss any class and
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Jason's Mansion
" Yes, I am. Are you one of his fans?" she questioned me. I'm not a fangirl for anyone." Nope. He's my friend. We are classmates." I told her." Oh, I didn't know that. You are studying Edgewood High too," her eyes widened when she realized I'm not a crazy fangirl but the one who really knows her brother. Wait a minute. What's her name?" Yeah. Don't take it wrong. What's your name? Jason only told he has a sister." " You don't even know me. It feels like an insult. Anyways, I'm Eve Byrne," she's saying everything in a friendly way. Even that warning comes in a friendly way. " So, what's your name again?" she added." I didn't say it in the first place. I'm Emily Collins." she smiled and shook my hands. We talked for some minutes till the class gets over. Like I guessed, she's a 9th-grade girl studying in a private institution. I told her that I would come to her mansion today. She looked like she's little excited about it.
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