Unintentionally chased

Unintentionally chased

By:  Lockhart  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Call me sir." He demanded."What?" I heard it correct yet asked again to make sure did I hear correct? "Don't your thick head get things at once?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows without moving his gaze from mine. No way I am going to call him sir. Thick head! It's the second time he told that. What does he think of himself?I cleared my throat and spoke. "Firstly, I'm not going to call you sir. I'm not your slave to do so. And secondly, I don't have a thick head." I protested. "Slave? Seeing a word by its abbreviation." He quirked a brow. "Your thick head has a little knowledge in it." This time he inched more close while the corner of his perfect shifted to a smirk. Move back, Mister!"Yes, I do see a word by its meaning," I said, trying not to fall in his gaze. (S.I.R = Slave - I - Remain) He got closer and closer and stooped near my ear while keeping his hands on the table, either side of me. I could feel his brushing against my earlobe when he spoke in a low deep voice. "If you don't, I'll cancel this deal." 'No! I can't let this happen.'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I am either drown into the deep green sea or flew up into the bright blue sky, for sure I was lost in his blue-green eyes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time marched by days into months and months into a year. Everything in my life has changed but one thing remains the same. Years ago I would've never pictured my life the way it is now.

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36 Chapters
I tried to keep my concentration in the book, to know what happens when these chemicals interact with each other. Some alphabets with a number as their base. We call it as chemical formulas were being added to similar kinds of other."Bang!!!" I messed up again. I could never score well in chemistry. I sighed and rested my forehead on the book. As soon as I did that a hand hit on the back of
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2. Mr. Black
A hand hit my left cheek which woke me up from my sleep. I didn't even bother to look who it was as it's Adam for sure. He cuddles while sleeping and end up hitting me. Unlike me, a single touch or sound awakes me."He slapped me." I murmured while stroking my cheek and searched my phone to see the time, was awake five minutes earlier than the alarm. I tickled Adam and whispered in his ear. "Wake up."
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3. New lecturer
The same routine continued the following day. Dropping Adam school and then me going to college. Today, I was too early in the class, could hardly see 4-5 classmates. After 20 minutes Jacob entered and sat beside me."Hey." I waved at him."Hi." He
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4. Brother's task
When I got home, I was welcomed by Lady Anna."Lady Anna! you are back." I was surprised at her presence or rather happy more than surprised.She's a short lady with silver hair tied in a neat bun. She has gray eyes with a small nose, where wrinkle
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5. A race
I woke up, yawning. As I straightened myself, a coat slid off my shoulders. "Huh?" I removed the coat. Who put this?Oh! It's Loren's. Was I cold? How long did I sleep?
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6. The deal
"Levy?" The word came out of his mouth in astonishment."How did you know that? I hid my face." I asked stamping the book on my laps whilst gesticulating my face."By your hair." He abruptly said without any thought.
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7. Existence
I went home, had my lunch and was trying to study chemistry, unsuccessfully might I add. This part of chemistry is different than the equalization one. We have lab practical tomorrow and I don't know a single thing about it."Ahh!" I sighed and rested my head back on the chair. Swinging on the chair with my hands resting on the study table for the support, I was wondering what to do.
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8. Chemistry practicle
Note: This chapter is the continuation of the previous one.Enjoy.
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9. Jacob my Knight
Our chemistry practical lasts half a day and it's lunch break now. I was so damn hungry as didn't eat anything since last night, neither dinner nor breakfast. Taking a deep breath, I and moved my heels towards the cafeteria. I stood in the doorway looking at the big hall with lots of tables and people sitting on their chairs around it. Surveying my eyes to find food counter, I saw people who were laughing and gossiping while others were just eating quietly. Each sight was giving me a new view. Woah! Those were throwing food on each other.
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10. Mustache
I got home at 4. There was time left for the office. So, I laid back on the couch, hanging my knees down by its hand. I asked Lady Anna where's Adam. He's in his room. Putting a cushion under my head and closed my eyes."Aren't you going to have lunch?" She asked.
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