Chapter 50

I was really astonished upon hearing that. Their leader was a female Aryan being? Well, that was interesting. Indeed!

Wait, was it her that I saw in the mind of the Furezo who got imprisoned in Uzob?

I signaled Kalith to come to us. He did so in an instant, leaving Bullox and the others to gather the captives, while some injured elite warriors did their best to revitalize their energy. They still had to hear what order I would give them after this. Belatedly, I decided to call on Jegosh as well.

“You deliver this message to the King. Tell him that I will meet the leader of the Furezos and I will negotiate for him,” I spoke with the playful Jegosh. I believed that something would happen if I were to send him, judging by his personality. “If I cannot get back to the palace, I’ll have Kalith deliver a message as soon as possible. For now, don’t make the King do anything against the Furezo tribe for an entire day.”

Jegosh nodded although his forehead formed some

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