All Chapters of Rebirth of the Scheming Wife: Chapter 421 - Chapter 430
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Chapter 422 Meeting Each Other
Gu Xi was stunned, and then she quickly said, "I am not the woman who came in with you. She is a fake!"She didn't know what that fake woman did to provoke Yang Fan and others, but Gu Xi felt uneasy when she didn't see Xing Beiyan."What?" Yang Fan was stunned, and then he realized that Gu Xi was dressed differently from when they came in. When they met a group of spider monsters, the woman pushed him to save her life and took the opportunity to run away.If his master hadn't saved him, he would have been bitten to death by those things, just like other brothers.When he saw Gu Xi just now, he was so angry that he didn't notice her appearance.But now, facing this face, he felt extremely uncomfortable.After all, that woman had used this face to almost kill him!"Where is my husband?" Gu Xi couldn't help asking again. The expressions of these people made her feel a little uneasy.She just wanted to see Xing Beiyansafe and sound, and she was eager to see him.Yang Fan frowned a
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Chapter 423 Clearing the Poison
Nan Sheng and the others also came in. When they saw Gu Xi's action, they all opened their mouths wide in surprise.Was that man her so-called husband?Even though his face was pale, it couldn't hide his imposing manner. He had a demonic appearance. It was obvious that he was not an ordinary person.Then they glanced at the bodyguards next to him. They were all imposing as if they had been trained professionally. With so many bodyguards, what kind of identity was this man?They originally thought that Gu Xi's husband was just a man who would risk his life for money, but they didn't expect it to be like this.However, since Gu Xi was so powerful, how could her man be so simple?Although Gu Xi lowered her head, they could see her perfect and exquisite side-face from their angle. This was the first time that everyone had seen her face clearly. Usually, she would wear a hat, and half of her face was hidden under the hat. This was the first time that she revealed her true appearance.
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Chapter 424 You Scared Me to Death
Fortunately, she was fake. If it was true, how could the master bear the betrayal this time?Since she found Xing Beiyan, Gu Xi was not in a hurry to go on the journey and everyone could take a rest.While there were more people, all of whom looked extraordinary. Nan Sheng and the others felt much more relieved.Xing Beiyan slowly opened his eyes.The first thing he saw was a slender figure with her back to him, with a head of shiny and soft black hair, and white and tender skin...His heart skipped a beat.Was it an illusion?She seemed to be his XixiHis body moved, and Gu Xi, who was eating bread next to him, suddenly turned around and saw the man looking at her with a pair of long and narrow eyes. The bread in her hand fell to the ground, and then she rushed over. She exclaimed excitedly, "You scared me to death!"Unfortunately, the man tilted his body and did not seem to want to get in touch with her.Gu Xi's hand, which wanted to hug him, froze in the air, and there was
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Chapter 425 I Miss You
He lied to himself and allowed that woman to do whatever she wanted. Even though he already knew that she was not the real Xixi in his heart, he could treat face the missed for two years cruelly.Xing Beiyan's heartbeat sped up again.This was the special feeling that he had only for Gu Xi.But now, looking at that face, he was not sure. He was afraid that it was an illusion, and he was afraid that it was another spy sent by someone to plot against him.But...He was also hypnotizing the fact that Gu Xi was still alive after what happened that year.But in his heart, he knew better than anyone else how she could survive in such a situation?He opened his mouth but did not know what to say.However, the coldness in his eyes gradually softened with Gu Xi's increasingly gloomy expression."It's really me!" Gu Xi felt it and directly rushed over. Her eyes were full of tears, but it stubbornly refused to fall.What did that fake woman do to my man? He looked at her, but he did not
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Chapter 426 Call Me Dad
Seeing that he looked at Tongtong, Gu Xi quickly waved to Tongtongand introduced, "Honey, this is my son, Tongtong." She was full of evil smiles.She wanted to see what expression Xing Beiyan would have when he knew that she had such a big son.She blinked playfully at him.Unfortunately, the other party was very calm, and his expression didn't change at all. He just looked at Tongtong and nodded.Just like that?"That's not right. Seeing that she brought a son back for him, and that reaction was all he had?Gu Xi frowned and looked at Tongtong. Seeing that Tongtong was unhappy, she felt a little embarrassed.Could it be that Tongtong didn't like Xing Beiyan?This was not good. She had decided to raise Tongtong as her own son. If he had a bad relationship with Xing Beiyan and both sides hated each other, wouldn't she stuck in the middle?"Tongtong, don't you like, uncle?" Gu Xi looked at Tongtong expectantly.Tongtong had a complicated expression on his face.He really wante
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Chapter 427 The Entrance
Her fingers were covered with green and cracked liquid.The rest of the journey was much easier.After crossing the forest, they came to a stone forest. Here, they finally saw the long-lost sky. The sun was setting in the west, and the orange-red light shone on everyone, making them feel warm and comfortable.No one had ever felt that the sunlight was so beautiful.The things that they had avoided in the past now made them comfortable and happy when they saw it.Everyone thought that they would die in that horrible forest.Not far from their front was a large stone tablet.The words Dark Domain was engraved on it.The handwriting was like grass. At first glance, the person who carved this stone tablet was not educated. Even the writing of primary school students was neater than his.Gu Xi finally felt relieved.She thought that her handwriting was already very ugly.She didn't expect that there was writing more ugly than hers.Her focus was on words, but everyone was thinki
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Chapter 428 I'm An Emotionless killer
The main reason was that how could they know what the command was.Everyone looked at each other.Their eyes were full of confusion."Who did you buy the map from? Did he mention anything to you?" Gu Xi turned to look at Mo Fan."A beggar sold it to me, and I spent $100 on it!" Mo Fan touched his head and said, "I just give it a try. I heard that other people bought it from him. I didn't expect it to be true."Old man?Everyone looked at each other in surprise.Even Xing Beiyan narrowed his eyes slightly.It took them half a month to find a rough route to get here.He didn't expect that the other party spend $100 and got the route?Yang Fan, who was in charge of finding the way, was embarrassed at this time.God knew how many drones he had used to search for the route, but the other party bought it at cabbage price.If he had known earlier, he would have been willing to pay a million for it!However, after thinking about it, he was terrified.Why did a beggar-like old man h
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Chapter 429 A Man Well-dressed in Ladies'
"Let's go, everyone, be careful."Xing Beiyan pulled Gu Xi to the front.Gu Xi turned back and reminded others.Everyone nodded and followed closely behind.The secret passage was extremely cold, carrying a stale smell.In this way, they followed one by one and walked forward slowly step by step!Just like that, they walked for an hour. It was probably dark outside before they reached the end of the stairs.The entrance was made of high technology, but it was very primitive inside. The surrounding walls were naturally formed, and some of them were still dripping with water. The sound of bats flapping their wings could be heard from time to time. If there were not so many people, such a scene would be no different from a horror movie.Fortunately, they were all adults, so they were not so afraid at this time.They were just tensed up, fearing that something would suddenly jump out of a dark place."There seems to be someone up ahead!" Yang Fan suddenly said.Everyone looked up
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Chapter 430 The Laboratory
After that, he introduced, "He is Hua Yu, and my name is Yun Fei. Our head called and said that you will come today and asked us to treat you well." The masked man smiled."Nice to meet you, Yun Fei. My name is Nan Sheng. I heard that the Dark Domain has planted Soul Revival Grass. I came here to find it to save my father's life. Can you sell one to me?" Nan Sheng couldn't wait to ask."You don't have to buy it. Our Dark Domain has not fallen to the point of selling herbs for a living. If you want it, go and get it yourself," Yun Fei said indifferently.Xing Beiyan glanced at Nan Sheng and asked, "Are you Nan Sheng, the second son of the Nan family in Capital City?""Hmm? Do you know me?" Nan Sheng looked at him in surprise.Xing Beiyan shook his head. "I don't know you, but I know your father and I came for him. I heard that he was poisoned and had been in a coma for more than a month. The Soul Revival Grass is the key to the detoxification. Your father once saved my life.""I s
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Chapter 431 No Worry for A Wolf-like Opponent
This was the lab that had exploded more than 20 years ago!But hadn't it exploded?There was no sign of an explosion around. Everything was fine.The explosion in the past was just an explanation given to the public, and thus truth was covered up.What on earth had happened here?Gu Xi became more curious.She suddenly remembered those monsters who were neither human nor ghost.Were those people from this place?Her eyelids twitched wildly twice."Shh!" In front of him, Yun Fei suddenly stopped and raised his hand.Everyone stood still in a hurry.Yun Fei pointed to several figures swaying in the glass door and whispered, "Those are the things."Everyone looked up and saw several swaying figures clearly.Were those still humans?It was only a dried skeleton, and it was covered with a dirty and messy yellow, white coat. It kept walking back and forth, and its scarlet eyes seemed to be glowing, which were particularly scary in the dim light.But they seemed to be blind.Gu
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