All Chapters of Rebirth of the Scheming Wife: Chapter 441 - Chapter 443
443 Chapters
Chapter 442 Who Can Resist It?
Uncle Li shook his head helplessly when he thought of Nan Sheng and Nan Kui, who had ventured into the dark forest to save their father."This must be Young Master Xing's wife. Congratulations on your reunion." He shifted his gaze to Gu Xi.Gu Xi smiled politely."This is the room prepared for you. Call me if you have any problems. You may feel wronged to live here. After all, the situation in the Nan family is not very good, so..." Uncle Li said apologetically as he took the two people to the reception room of the building."It doesn't matter. We've thought about staying here for a while. It's naturally the best place to live here." Xing Beiyan nodded.After saying a few more words, Uncle Li left.The family of four entered the room.The room was very big. According to Xing Beiyan's request, they specially prepared an extra room. Gu Xi knew what he meant and did not say anything about it.The furniture in the living room was well-arranged and very beautiful. She opened the cur
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Chapter 443 Foodie
After getting out of the elevator, Gu Xi took Tongtong out of the building.There were not many pedestrians outside. Maybe it was too hot at this time, so no one went out. Most of them stayed indoors.With only a few people, the street was quiet. However, Gu Xi's appearance disturbed the peace.The combination of the adult and kid was too eye-catching.The little fox was very cute. Coupled with its silver hair and sky-blue eyes, it was obviously a rare species. Everyone looked at it curiously.Gu Xi was also a top beauty. No matter where she went, she had a 100% attention.Although tTongtong was a little thin, his facial features were very prominent. Due to malnutrition, his yellow and slightly curly hair did not have any effect on him. He was more like a foreign noble. His skin was very white and tender, and under the sunlight, it was almost transparent. Besides, his slightly narrowed big eyes with thick brows, and the temperament which did not belong to his age, attracted peopl
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Chapter 444 No One Is Going to Fight You, Be Graceful
The two of them and the fox sat down at the table. As soon as the food came up, they began to eat happily. Tongtong was thinking that he should be graceful, but when the little fox jumped onto the table and started to grab the food, he couldn't help it.Gu Xi looked at them, looked like they were fighting, and then looked up at the people staring at them in shock. She coughed awkwardly and patted the little fox who looked like a starving ghost. "Be graceful. No one will fight with you."The little fox looked up at her and then lowered its head. Although it was still fast, it didn't look as horrible as before.Sure enough, it could understand what she said.Gu Xi nodded with satisfaction. She thought that if she had time, she would teach the little fox to be more sensible in case there would be such a miserable scene when she would be watched when she went out for a meal next time.She ordered a lot but didn't overeat. Tongtong was still young anddidn't eat much either.All the food
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