All Chapters of Infinite Love from Flash Marriage Husband: Chapter 541 - Chapter 550
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Chapter 541
This matter puzzled him. With their connections with Yuhai and a group of people sent to search, how could there be no clue at all? Did Mengyu hide in the deep mountains and old forests?Lu Zhengnan was also confused. It was much easier to find a person in such a developed data market than before, but it was really unreasonable that there was no result after such a long time.In this case, he had to work hard on the Duan family. Since they knew the whereabouts of Mengyu, they had to use various means to force the Duan family to tell them where she was hiding.When he thought of this, Lu Zhengnan's handsome brows rose evilly, and there was a hint of determination in his dark eyes."Brother Zhengqing, I've taken action from the Duan family. Let's..."Speaking of this, he suddenly remembered that Mengyu had installed a listening device on the Duan family. No matter how cautious the Duan family was, it was impossible for them to keep mentioning Mengyu in front of their family.As lon
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Chapter 542
Jiang Mochuan pursed his lips tightly and looked at her with a complicated expression in his deep eyes.After a moment of silence, he stood up, turned off the lights in her room, and walked out of the room quietly.Although she tried her best to hypnotize herself and wanted to fall asleep quickly, her brain did not listen to her. Memories of Lu Zhengnan kept appearing in her mind.The sweet and painful images intertwined with each other, making her feel very uncomfortable. She was so depressed that she could hardly breathe.In the end, she decided to give up competing with her brain and tried to combine the fragments of the dream. She did not expect that many images would turn into a complete story, which made her feel that the dream was becoming more and more real.When she fell asleep again, a strange man appeared in her dream.While she was thinking about who the man was, he tore off the mask on his face and revealed his original appearance."Zhengnan!" She widened her eyes a
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Chapter 543
In the end, Tang Ruochu did not buy the revealing gown.Even if she had wanted to buy it, Shijin would not have agreed.How could he possibly allow her to be in public with that revealing gown? Her beauty belonged to him alone.Yes, this was his overbearing possessiveness.When she came out of the studio, Ying Xiaoxiao came up to her and whispered in Tang Ruochu's ear, "Chuchu, good luck tonight!"Tang Ruochu looked confused and did not understand what she meant.She only realized what she had meant when she returned home.She and Shijin walked into their room one after the other."Shijin, I want to... "Before the words "take a bath" could come out of her mouth, a hand tightened around her wrist and suddenly she was spinning. By the time she realized what had happened, she was pressed against the door.His long, slender body was pressed against her tightly, leaving not a single gap between them."I haven't showered yet," she muttered in a low voice. Then, she lifted her han
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Chapter 544
Her mind was in a mess until the doctor held the child in front of her and said softly, "Congratulations, it's a boy."Looking at the baby in front of her, whose face was scrunched up, she didn't know what to do. She asked blankly, "Is this my child?"The doctor laughed and said with certainty, "He is your child. Miss Duan, you are great!"Upon hearing this, she shifted her gaze to the child's face again and found that Lu Zhengnan's shadow was all over his face.Thinking of those memories, the woman burst into tears in an instant, and her mood was extremely complicated.The doctor thought that she was crying because of the success of the delivery, so he just said something to her and took the child out.After the operation was completed, the doctor pushed her out of the delivery room and went straight to the VIP ward that she had already booked.During the whole process, she closed her eyes and did not say a word. She did not tell anyone what she had thought of.At the same tim
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Chapter 545
Lu Zhengnan walked out of the airport and looked at this familiar and strange city. His eyes were a little blurred, as if he had fallen into a beautiful memory of the past.After returning to the ward, Duan Mengyu fell asleep. The Duan family and Jiang Mochuan took turns to stay by her side and went to visit her son in the baby room when they were free.Duan Tianhua and Xu Youqin stood outside the window and looked at their grandson with a smile.Xu Youqin pointed at the baby lying on the small bed and lowered her voice, afraid that she would wake him up. She said excitedly, "Old Duan, look, does he look like Mengyu?"Duan Tianhua leaned against the window with his eyes wide open, carefully observing the little monster.After a short pause, Duan Tianhua nodded repeatedly and said with a smile, "Like, his nose and mouth are particularly similar to Mengyu's, but the other parts are quite similar to mine."Xu Youqin couldn't help laughing when she heard that. She teased, "I haven't
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Chapter 546
Xu Youqin sighed sadly, walked to her daughter, and said gently, "Mengyu, drink this bowl of soup. If you don't want to eat it, just drink the soup."After that, Xu Youqin handed the bowl to her and opened her other hand to touch the child.Unexpectedly, Duan Mengyu suddenly stood up to distance herself from them. She frowned and seemed not to want her to get close to her.Seeing this, Xu Youqin's heart was as bitter as being soaked in salt water. She unconsciously bit her lower lip.Why did his daughter even have to be wary of her own mother after giving birth to the child?Xu Youqin pulled back her hand, gently put the bowl on the cabinet next to her, and whispered, "Remember to eat while it's hot."After saying that, she shook her head helplessly and went straight to the living room.Duan Tianhua and Duan Qiang were sitting in the living room chatting. Seeing her walking downstairs with a worried look on her face, Duan Tianhua asked worriedly, "Does Mengyu still refuse to spe
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Chapter 547
One minute after waiting for his reply, she felt as if she was living a happy life.Recently, her family and Jiang Mochuan had been keeping a close eye on her. It was not easy for her to wait for this opportunity without anyone present. She had to contact Zhengnan.At this time, Lu Zhengnan had just sent a WeChat message to Lu Zhengbei. Before he could exit the interface, he saw someone request to add him as a friend.He curiously clicked on the "new friend" and found that the person who wanted to add him was actually Mengyu.The excitement in Lu Zhengnan's heart was beyond words. When he clicked the "Accept" button, his hands trembled uncontrollably.Then, a window popped up on WeChat, indicating that they had become good friends.Seeing that they had successfully contacted each other, Duan Mengyu immediately sent him her location, but she did not dare to say anything more to him.After receiving the location she had sent, Lu Zhengnan hurriedly took a screenshot and kept it. He
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Chapter 548
When he saw this, Jiang Mochuan was stunned for a few seconds. He had already taken out the card from Mengyu's phone in order to avoid her contact with the outside world. Then, where did this card come from?Before he could continue to analyze, he saw her turn on her phone and click on an icon.Then, the familiar WeChat showed up. He could see Mengyu typing on the operation interface of the WeChat. Although he could not see what she had written, he was sure that she was trying to contact someone.A minute later, she opened the communication window and closed it after sending something like address.Seeing this, the muscles on Jiang Mochuan's cheeks twitched a few times, and his clear facial features were slightly gloomy.He could no longer lie to himself. Just now, Mengyu was indeed secretly delivering a message to someone else.At this moment, his mood was extremely complicated, and a voice sounded in his mind."Stop her! Jiang Mochuan, stop her! Otherwise, all your previous ef
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Chapter 549
At this time, the Chinese police took another plainclothes policeman into the living room and told Jiang Mochuan the same thing. Then they handcuffed him on his wrist.Jiang Mochuan had long been mentally prepared, and he was very calm throughout the whole process. He looked at the police with a gloomy look, and there was no light in his eyes.The disturbance downstairs woke Xu Youqin and Duan Qiang up. They didn't even have time to change their pajamas. They just put on a coat and rushed out of the room.Seeing the two foreign men holding her husband's arms tightly, Xu Youqin was so scared that her face changed color. She was as confused as a piece of wood and did not know how to react.Seeing this scene, Duan Qiang thought that someone was going to kidnap his father. When he was about to rush up and fight with them, Jiang Mochuan shouted, "Duan Qiang, they are policemen. Don't be impulsive! If you attack them, the American police will shoot."Duan Qiang looked at Jiang Mochuan.
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Chapter 550
"I'm sorry!" Jiang Mochuan squeezed out this clear sentence from between his lips and teeth. "Mengyu, I was really wrong this time. I'm really sorry!"Somehow, hearing the words "sorry" made her feel a little ironic.She twitched the corner of her mouth and said with an embarrassed smile, "It's no use apologizing. Leave everything to the law."The woman's words were heavy. When they hit Jiang Mochuan's heart, it hurt.Jiang Mochuan felt as if his heart had been torn apart. It was hard for him to even breathe.He looked at the expressionless woman with disappointment. The only trace of light in his eyes was like a flame that had been extinguished, and there was only a faint depression.The Chinese police walked up to Duan Mengyu and confirmed that she was not willing to be taken to America by Duan Tianhua and Jiang Mochuan.She told him everything she knew in detail. Lu Zhengnan added a few words in time to explain why his wife had lost her memory because the memory in her mind h
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