All Chapters of Marking Territory : Chapter 21 - Chapter 30
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+CHAPTER 20+ Jimmy Aka Victor
Life has thrown Darach on his ass. Fate was laughing at him. He was even more fucked up than before. Darach was back in the tunnel, surrounded by darkness and heartache. Heartache stronger than before, stronger than it has ever been. Darach was sitting on a rock. He didn't know what had happened to his life. He was living in a haze after losing his mate and then one day he came to know that his mate was alive, he found her after centuries of a lonely existence and than BOOM!!! He was mateless again and why? Just because he got ticked by an evil bitch who made him believe that she was his mate.His beast was still under her influence. The fool still thought that the vile witch was their mate. The bastard even took control from Darach and went back to that bitch. Darach had no idea wh
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+CHAPTER 21+ Behind The Closed Doors
Darach looked at his brother. Who was laying on the same bed in the healing center where Darach had left him last time but this time he had a fresh wound and from the looks of it Darach was sure that someone has shot an arrow at him."What happened to your chest?" Darach asked, inspecting his wound."Nothing it will heal. Seems like my beast has finally started showing mercy towards me." Connor responded with a breathy exhale."What's that supposed to mean?" Confusion laced in Darach's voice."That means that after 20 years the bastard's finally helping me to heal. Something on this land has sparked his interest. Enough about me! Tell me did you get any information on the whereabouts of Lucia and others?" Connor changed the subject, clearly not wanting to talk about his wound."Nothing! But a witch crossed my way and my bea
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+CHAPTER 22+ The Broken Queen
Darach's words were like a slap on Amber's soul.Amber's heart shattered. . .It was like some invisible fist was punching her in the gut.Darach regretted marking her. Her own mate regretted claiming her, he detested Amber.She was standing there listening to her mate's every word. She didn't know what to believe anymore. Everything was in front of her but a small part of her still has faith in her mate who had looked into her eyes with sincerity while telling her that he wanted to be her save place. A place where she can hide from all her worries. But he forgot to tell her where she needed to hide if he turned his back on her.Darach's words of affection, his empty promises of never leaving her side, his false claim of never hurting Amber, his sweet talks about a happily ever after
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+CHAPTER 23+ The Crone And The Beast
****There is madness in her bloodline****Sometimes someone you have known for only a few days could have stronger power on you than someone you have known for centuries.The same happened to Amber when she had told Rebecca to leave her alone.Rebecca, her very first companion~Rebecca has left her alone without a fuss maybe because she has gone through this phase in which Amber was currently trapped.Broken, mourning the loss of her happily ever after.Amber was so disappointed in Darach but still, A small part of her wanted to forgive him, to not utter a single word to him, to act like she didn't know that he hated her while the other part of her just wanted to detach herself from him completely.Her lycan instinct has gone completely silent as if it was n
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+CHAPTER 24+ Going Numb
****He wore his hatred like a cruel second skin****Amber gazed at the king of beasts. He looked confused as fuck.He assessed his surroundings before setting his eyes on Amber."What's the problem?" Darach asked."What's the problem?" Amber echoed in a questioning tone."I did something working?" Darach asked while scratching the back of his head, looking anywhere but at her.He clearly didn't have any idea about what happen between Amber and his beast.Maybe that was a way of the beast to show her how much control he can have on Darach. He can clearly dominate Darach but Amber didn't want a divided man. If Darach messed this up she will have to forsake them both.Amber had often heard that the lycans were
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+CHAPTER 25+ The Rise Of The Cold Queen
                                                    "Black Hearts Are Not Born Black, They Are Burned."Amber glanced up, clouds were moving in, just as they had yesterday afternoon. They reminded her of the idyllic time spent with Darach. Which made bitterness churn inside her.She doesn't want to ask him why was he treating her like this anymore. Because Amber knew his reasonings already.Amber knew his intentions. . .The King of beasts wanted to bound her but he didn't know that Amber can't be bound, not even by the Goddess.Today she has to make a choice, the same choice that every lycan in her Queendom had made. She had to choose between love and respect ju
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+CHAPTER 26+ The One With The Goodbyes
                  "The Cold Queen Was Hiding A little Girl Inside Her Who Was Afraid Of People Hurting Her."Darach's gaze was locked on the woman in front of him. The woman who had transformed into a lycan, not a regular lycan she had transformed into the beast that even Darach's own fear.She was three times bigger than her 5.2 height, her nails had transformed into lethal claws and an image of her beast was flickering on her face.There she was standing, the Rightful Heiress to The Lycan Throne.Darach was staring at the beast cut from the Rightful King of Lycan's soul. His Mighty Uncle's soul. Amber was Aric's daughter.She was Darach's cousin, a part of family~There was no way in hell that he will make a mistake in identify
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+CHAPTER 27+ The Return Of King Aric
Present TimeThe Kingdom Of Lycans Aric King~He didn't sleep very well in a long while, he didn't sleep very well since the last time he spoke to his mate.His mind has a scary capability of being dark and deemed whenever he tried to sleep.He was afraid of his own dreams. He was afraid of dreaming about her again only to wake up alone with no trace of her around him, Again.It has been centuries since he has been awake, awake and tired.After centuries of roaming foreign lands in search of Emmeline, the Rightful King was back where he truly belonged.Aric, the king of all beasts looked around his birthplace, the same place he had abandoned in search of his mate.He had forsaken his kind, his kingdom, and his duties. . . 
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+CHAPTER 28+ The King's Betrayal
Flashback Emmeline woke from her slumber with her heart beating as if she had run a mile.She clawed at her own neck, trying to lose the invisible noose that was constricting her neck, making it impossible for her to breathe.Something was not right~Emmeline looked at the empty space on the bed where Aric was sleeping before.The faint traces of his scent were indicating that it has been a while since he left.He never left without telling her.'Something was not right~' These words were playing in her mind like a broken record.Emmeline's Fey has the ability to sense doom, currently, her heart was constricting as if someone was stabbing her heart with a knife.Her heart had never known pain like this...'Maybe something i
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+CHAPTER 29+ Silver Dagger
Emmeline didn't let her love for Aric overpower her judgment.She was his mate but before that, she was a Fey, a Fey who was next in line to lead her kind.Aric was the King of Beasts, one of the most dangerous being alive but Emmeline was a Fey Princess, walking and breathing lethal weapon.The king of beasts has provoked her Fey and Fey weren't very merciful when provoked, not even to their own blood.Aric had lost all his chances when he had chosen that witch over Emmeline.Emmeline gripped the ancient silver dagger that was holding her hair in place, a gift from her ancestors that was given to her by her father. The locks of her hairs that were pinned above her neck with the help of the dagger fell all over her back.It was finally time to use the dagger~Aric turned his back on Emmelin
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