All Chapters of Billionaire's Fake Wife With Benefits: Chapter 51 - Chapter 60
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51. The party
51. The party Dressed into the most expensive dresses women walked gloriously through the red carpet inside the biggest ceremony hall of Washington, The palace.   The name was enough to describe what kind of place it was. White marbles cemented together into a big astounding building with four pillars supporting the massive entrance door on either side gave the paparazzi a good location for their camera.   While the famous celebrities along with the popular business persons were making their way inside the plush entrance door one after another. There was no stopping to the back to back arriving of cars as there stepped outside the invited guests to the third anniversary of the Marshals jewellery.   "Three successful years passed by, and we didn't notice it! I would dedicate this success to our Hard working team of employees and emp
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52. I need him
52. I need himKiara's point of view...   He was really dancing with that woman who killed his daughter. Not even did he look disgusted for a second. Her dress was backless, looked like Shania purposely wore a dress like that knowing that she would get to dance with her ex husband.   My heart broke shattered laying my eyes on their bodies. They were pressed together and oh— she kissed him on the lips. Whispers erupted in the entire hall, people were talking about them.   The ex couple was kissing each other on the dance floor. Cherry on top, a spot light fell on them hence highlighting their kiss scene in the party. Flickering lights of cameras filled my ears as there were camera men standing in the corners taking good snaps of couple kissing.   Enough!  
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53. So this was Girard's secret
53. So this was Girard's secret A month later,   Raven's point of view...   "Spilling out the secret won't spoil you plan, Jerry!" My mind was irritated, so I exclaimed with a little rudeness.   None can blame me here since my elder brother was being a pain in my ass. This guy announced regarding a secret the other night at the supper. He told us to be ready in the early morning by 7.30 am as he would be taking us to somewhere!   "Why so impatient, bud? Have some faith on your brother, you will know when i reach the venue." Alright, I swear I will not utter a word after that.   Mom and dad sat in the back seat in Girard's car once I was done clasping the buckle of my seat belt. I wonder what was so that secret! He was currently sta
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54. Back to mommy Kiara
54. Back to mommy Kiara The blood in my veins seemingly felt draining out. She was standing right in front of my eyes after so many months. Not only my blood was feeling affected but also my throat.   However, She was standing there with her new lover.   Infinite thorn of ache pricked my pipe as I swigged my saliva struggling to keep calm. Her face was in front of me once again. The face, that got me sobbing on the next day of her leave. The face, that got me yearning it while my son was being snatched away from my arms.   "And you Shania, enough of your drama, today we will show you what it means to be hurt!" I was too dumbstruck by her occurrence that when Girard pulled me by my arm I kind of tripped with my steps.   I was not able to get out of the shock, her face and that traumatiz
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55. You don't see my pain
55. You don't see my pain After that leave Raven never visited his parents' house to see Billy. That Night Kiara cried to herself hugging her son to her chest as she did manage to get him back to herself but his father, she could not get him at all.   He was damn angry on her.   It was justified though.   Kiara can comprehend as to what was holding him back. Firstly, she left them in the hardships and when her guilt was eating her for the blunder she made, she came back.   Although the entire Carter family forgave her there was her husband who was still maintaining distance from her. "Morning uh, m-mom!" Her eyes were red and puffy, Mrs. Carter forced a smile recognizing them.   She must have cried the whole night! 
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56. How can I not believe that nothing happened!
56. How can I not believe that nothing happened! He halted on the door looking at the scene before him. There was nothing he could say as his son was actually crying because her uncle Girard has held him within his arms not letting him go to his mamma. She was on the bed looking extremely sick with red eyes and yellowish pale skin. There was a bottle of glucose hanging on the bedside while the pipe kept attached to the back of her wrist. Who would tell his stubborn son what was up with her.   He cried kicked and bit Girard on the shoulder agitated by his action of preventing him from his mamma.   But when little Billy caught the sigh of his startled father at the door step, "Pappa... Pappa" he faked a cry pushing Girard away from himself and got down of the bed carefully.   Just as his little body pushed itself down the bed
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57. When I talk to you— look at me
57. When I talk to you— look at meKiara's point of view...   The life was giving me a second chance. It was not yet clear but I have seen it... It was my chance— chance to ask for my husband's forgiveness.   He was mad at me for staying at another man's house. But how to make him believe we stayed in two different rooms in the same house. Payton is not that bad which he was in the college. He is a changed man now.   But for raven, he was still the old guy who was just trying to woo his girlfriend turned into wife.   Any ways, I have seen it in his eyes he was not angry... He was just jealous. And if what I have deciphered true, than tonight will the night of our togetherness. I will make him mine again.   I have changed to take reve
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58. He's turned you into a sex addict
58. He's turned you into a sex addict Third person's point of view...   She was waiting for him without keeping her attention occupied by any other stuff. It was 12.15 am in the night, billy was sleeping soundly in his baby cradle located beside the bed on a distance. The room was illuminating with dim lights while Kiara walked to and fro around the balcony waiting for his car to catch her glimpse.   They were supposed to talk. She was prepared doing what she has planned. Alas, there was no sign of him anywhere. Ste was ready to take the bull by the horns but her badass husband was seeing to it that she suffered.   Not only had he blocked her phone number but also warned anyone to give her his location. Kiara tried talking to Girard and his answer was as expectedly— useless.   Bu
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59. Their love won!
59. Their love won! It came as a shock to Kiara. She stiffened her body under his pressure while emotions built within her. She was speechless running dry with words and empty with courage. Her fingers around his shoulder s loosened and came across her chest. She suddenly felt like a fish drawn out of the water and thrown of muddy ground to suffer.   She was still in daze that her eyes several times blinked. Had she imagined him saying that! She asked herself while her lung blew and such long breaths. Raven though was not in any mood of pretending it was her imagination. The way he got back on his legs and faced the open windows of their room, his tongue spoke again, "I just proved your swears wrong, Kiara. You said you were pure, didn't you? If you were pure why would you yearn to my sexual advances like that" he raised his eye brow giving her thought looks.   Kiara wh
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60. Unexpected crash
60. Unexpected crash While the living beings were sleeping soundly in their beds Payton sat in the empty lounge of Seattle Airport alone. He was waiting for his private jet to occur that was about to come. On the other hand, his mind yearned to message Raven and Kiara and wish them a good luck before leaving.   He was going back to Serbia, this time forever. Although her love was incomplete, yet he was happily going back with some of the good memories stoked up in his brain. He was happy for uniting the couple he grew up seeing since the college began. The two of them were college darlings and meant to be together.   But the life played according to its game and after some separation and drama it finally brought the two of them together. Together a happy family they seemed awesome. He can't admire their love for a limit, it was limitless.  &nbs
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