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Chapter twenty one
"The devil once said to the damsel,'You look ravishing' ""Are you alright?" Ema asked the dumbstruck man."I think we've met before. Have we?"Who was this man? Was he trying to flirt or something? Ema wondered."I don't think we've met before. I spent all of my life In the village.""Oh," Rodriguez uttered, still displaced."Pardon me, I have to go."The man then walked off. Ema thought it was quite odd."Did I do anything wrong?""No." Mr Contreras replied," just drop that there."Ema Dropped the heavy merchandise she was carrying and proceeded outside.The man had really messed with her and the name Adriana was stuck inside her head.Did she have a lookalike?Her Dad joined her soon after to get more wood. He saw how disturbed Ema was and asked,"Are you alright?""Yes, Dad. Just a bit unsettled. Your boss was all over be like he
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Chapter twenty two
"They met in their other life, Only this time they might live."Ema gaped at the subtle dressed man. He was clad in a white shirt and black jeans also sporting a timberland. Of the Jean was a pencil, it would have suited him better.He ran towards her with the glee of a child, his eyes bright like a child that just saw his best friend after a long night."Adriana." He said again.Ema studied him. He had the joy only a child could have. He also acted immature.He was literally playing with her hands and his voice—it was just oddly childish."Do I know you?"Someone ran towards Ema breathless."I'm so sorry." The woman apologized and grabbed Nathan by the arm."Let's go." She spat in between her teeth.She seemed irritated with the man."But if I leave her, The bad man will kill her again."He refused to let Ema's hands go."Leave me!" He snapped at the woman.Ema saw it as a
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Chapter twenty three
"When Snow-White was reincarnated, She killed her enemy. It wasn't the Queen, It was her bastard father."Ema woke up trying to get a hold of where she might be. The beeping monitor close to her and the mask to her face told her where.An image flashed in her mind again, giving her the worst headache she could ever imagine.That man in the car!Ema couldn't just take her mims off the man's face. It kept on replaying in her head.She got up from the bed getting a sharp pain from her foolish move.She was on drip medication.What happened?The ward door opened and her father's gloomy face peeped inside."I see you are awake.""What happened?" Ema asked her father, resting back to the hard bed now that she knew it wasn't an accident."You fainted seeing that man.""Why?"I wish I knew Ema."The doctor said your memories after the accident might be returning. Do you remember an
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Chapter twenty four
 Ema spun around like a drunk lad. Her head being bombarded with the erased files her rusty SD-Card forgot.The shooting, The man, he had to be here to finish the job.Ema landed on the dining crashing the cheap vase that adorned the plain table.It obviously caught the attention of her parents. They rushed in to see their daughter unconscious."Ema! Are you alright?" Her mother laid a palm over her head, yet no reply.The men at the door knocked again, this time, the edges almost rooted out, if they continued this way, the house might even collapse."Open this door!" The men outside commanded.
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Chapter twenty five
"Who's Adriana?" Mrs Contreras asked."I'm sorry. Your daughter looks like someone I know." Miranda said, getting a hold of herself.She led them in and Ema was dropped on the sofa."So Ema looks exactly like this girl you are talking about?" Mrs Contreras quizzed further."Yes." Miranda answered, "If I didn't know better. I'd say they are identical twins.""So do you happen to know where this girl is?"Miranda choked on what she was about to say. It brought too many unpleasant memories but she just had to spill,"She's dead.""Oh... How did she die?""Now the questions we're getting strange. Why did she want to know so much?" Miranda thought."She fell off a cliff.""That's very sad. I'm sorry for asking but I just feel intrigued that someone could look exactly like my daughter, who was she to you?"Mr Contreras came for his wife and dragged her away from Miranda."What
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Chapter twenty six
"You again," Ema said to Rodriguez.The latter made sure he had another sip of his orange juice before speaking."I'm sorry, Have we met?"Ema became a bit confused. He had to be the one from Tower, the one who called her Adriana. She couldn't be losing it so quickly."You from the company where my father works. Are you the one that helped know from the goons?""Actually..." Miranda cut in seeing Ema wasn't even taking notice od the others on the table, "I did. How do you feel now?""Better I guess," Ema answered.Ema stole another look at Rodriguez as she walked sluggishly to the table."Adriana!" Nathan joyously exclaimed, his usual bubbly self.Ema did not miss it. He called her Adriana so she had to be in the right house since the man in front of her called her that last time.Miranda could smell the tension in the room, especially between Rodriguez and Adriana's lookalike.What could be wrong?
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Chapter twenty seven
 Rodriguez exited the house before he could hear more of what Ema or Adriana had to say.She's playing a game.Rodriguez knew it and he had the proper way to deal with it.She would wish she remained dead.His driver opened the front door of the car to let him in before shutting it."Where are we going?""To meet someone."Chale failed him horribly and he and his family was surely going to suffer the consequences of the inconvenience.Now he had to make new schemes. Ema finally made it to the Tocci house, he needed a new plan and surely one that was fail-proof.Ema's family especially her mother was reluctant and had this distrust about Miranda. He could surely use that to his advantage.But Nathan...Yes! Even if Ema was just a lookalike there was a possibility she could help Nathan remember. He had to remind the maid to fulfill her tasks.He picked up his phone and called."Hello,
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Chapter twenty eight
"Are you ok?" Nathan asked, catching Ema before she could fall."Yes," Ema assured, getting back on her feet.Was that a memory?If it was, who was that man? The photo that had triggered that memory was a wedding photo, Was she..."No!.." Ema cut that thought off almost immediately.Why in the world would she be married? It was just so absurd."It could be a wedding she attended in the past." Ema finally concluded and let go of the awful thought. She took the picture from Nathan and examined it, her focus mostly on Adriana.How could two people have such a striking resemblance?"What was she like?" Ema asked Nathan.She was certain he wouldn't be able to answer her due to his condition but at least, he would be able to say something nice or something he remembered about her."She was very stubborn but she had a good heart." He replied in his infant voice."That'
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Chapter twenty nine
Mrs. Contreras didn't answer and the awkward silence was getting disturbing.She could say no and he, could not let that happen."Are you having second thoughts, Mrs. Contreras?" Rodriguez said to the phone."I—just don't want her to hate me, I feel bad enough hiding the truth from her."She was indeed having second thoughts.Rodriguez then instantly knew he had to step up his game if he was going yo stand a chance in pushing her to his side of the battle line."I know Mrs. Contreras but you don't know what family she comes from. If you have the internet, just search on the Romero's. She comes from a wealthy and influential family herself and I'm sure even if she remembers nothing, She still has her flaws."Rodriguez then went on to mention some of the flaws."But if I manage to stop her from seeing the Tocci, How do I stop her from remembering?""Hypnotism," Rodriguez answered. "I have done research on the best
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Chapter thirty
"She called Miranda." Rodriguez read the text again.It had taken him from his wife's warmth at 10 in the night.It didn't take him to guess who Camille was referring to.He stretched his aching joints in the small space the closet had.What to do now?, He muttered to himself as he searched for Mr Contreras' contact."Hello Mr Contreras." He acknowledged when the call went through."It's me." A hushed voice whispered back.Rodriguez could not believe she still held on to the phone. She must really want Adriana badly. All in favor of him though."Adriana reached out to the Tocci's. How?""How am I supposed to know? The phone was in my hands all day." She snapped."We'll fix it." Rodriguez retorted and cut the phone.Immature, He mumbled before the closet's door creaked open."Rod, Why are you here?""I was just checking—what to wear tomorrow, I'll be leaving quite early.
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