All Chapters of The wife: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter one
 "When will you give me a grandson Nathan?" Nathan listened while his mother brought that subject again. What could he do to satisfy this woman?His mother was a tall woman in her early fifties and with a mouth of a teenager. She could never just stop babbling. Nathan could hardly believe he was spawned by the woman. Her hair was dirty blonde with faint streaks of grey bit she did a good job hiding them with hair treatments. Her skin was porcelain white almost making her as white as a corpse and it had fine lines to adorn her transition into old age. She was not welcoming it well, however.She masked her face in Mary Kay in hopes to defy nature and it was a failing battle.He, on the other hand, had picked most of his features from hi
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Chapter two
 The Boulderfist company was one of the most influential ones in the city of Mexico started six years ago by Nathan and three other equally wealthy individuals.The company produced wine. Wine that made people drunk and drained them of their expenses but adding to Nathan and his shareholders' pockets.The elegant building was a 20 story building adorned with glass-like mirrors and a very busy one at that.A red Ferrari pulled up at the enormous parking lot with Mr Nathan Tocci getting out from it.A young woman in her early twenties and dressed in a red suit. immediately rushed to aid him with his briefcase which he could be handled individually."Sir! Mr Rodriguez is waiting."
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Chapter three
"Manna doesn't fall if you don't ask.""So what do I have to do?" Bianca asked, angsty to finally start working."You...pretend to be my girlfriend," Nathan said firmly but gently."Why?"Bianca seemed confused as to why he would want her to make her pretend she was in a relationship with him."Because I have a demanding mom and I want her out as soon as possible. "Bianca nodded solemnly to his reply."So now that I'm idle. Let get to know each other. My mother will kill you with her question so best be prepared."Bianca nodded in response and began talking."Well, I'm Mexican. Twenty-one. I guess that's all."Nathan raised an eyebrow."No family?"He watched Bianca slowly grasp to the Hem of her garment and he immediately knew he had made the wrong move."I'm so sorry. I didn't know they were dead." He apologized, out of necessity than from his heart.Tears escaped Bi
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Chapter four
"Everyone has problems so don't you envy."The maid had the look on pure surprise when she saw Nathan with a visitor. It was more than a rare occasion to see one visit and it was a girl. She knew Nathan had his fair share of women but he was not a player. This woman, however, looked kind of different. His league of ex usually had three distinct features which was long hair, an exaggerated accent and a bad attitude to the lower class. The beautiful woman her eyes beheld was humble. The way she had a face to the ground suggested so and could hardly hide her dislike for the heels she wore. Her short hair told a lot about how much she was willing to spend on her looks."Can we come in?"
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Chapter five
Three months later"Time tells all things"The wedding preparation was far too hectic for even Nathan. His mother indeed had her way and now he was getting married to a girl he barely knew. Who is was he to complain?Bianca as taking this really well. She was a good little girl or maybe she was just doing it for the huge paycheck he was going to offer her.Nathan had no male friends so his room was filled with his co-workers who hardly cared if he was dressed or not. They were all too busy either chatting or on their phones.Nathan spoke to the only person who would listen to him, himself."Just do it Nathan. In a year you'll file for a divorce and everyone goes home happy."He put on a black tie adorning his spotless and ironed white shirt. His favorite color."Are you ready?" Rodriguez asked.Apparently, he was quite good at fashion designing and his brand, Rori ha
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Chapter six
"After God, fear women"Claire was dumbstruck. It could not be. Nathan had just married his competitor and she had nothing to say about it.The dinner was about to commence so she had plenty of time to prove Bianca was a fraud.Wrong!She had very little time and she remaining glued to her seat was not going to change anything. Claire stood up and joined the new wife, her suspicion making her unable to keep a smile."Bianca..." There was nothing to say. Claire did not want to throw the bombshell just like that, people could still make out what she was about to spit put and moreover, Bianca might just be a lookalike. A thousand thought was scrambling her mind and she was about to utter a word that ruin Nathan's marriage."Bianca! You look beautiful."Luckily, Nathan's mother came to her rescue along with her bubbly nature."Thanks!" Bianca coyly replied."Now let's go get dressed for the party
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Chapter seven
" Evil lurks in the walls you conceal."  Damn! Fear gripped Adriana. Had her cover been blown?Her father would be so disappointed with her. She needed to act quickly but first she needed to get dressed. She had made up her mind not to go out of the room until she had gotten her answer.Adriana went to Nathan's room hoping to find what she needed to hold on to if indeed she was revealed or even if she had to flee. She was really regretting he decision now.She slipped into a pair of new undies that Nathan had made sure he bought for her.That man just disgusted her!She reached for her luggage which was stuffed inside Nathan's wardrobe and brought out a phone she had concealed inside the bag.She dialed a number and placed the phone to her ear."Hello, My princess."Her father's voice calmed a bit."There's a problem
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Chapter eight
"The tree never forgets what the ax did"  The heavy breathing on Nathan's neck awakened him. His eyes opened to see a very exposed Bianca.He himself was naked. Her black lingerie was trapped in his hands and his boxer In a far corner."No!" He silently whispered.She didn't seem a bit dazed nor where her eye glazed as proof that he has forced himself on her.He felt drained, another sign that something stupid had happened last night.His alarm rang as if on cue and Nathan rushed to put the damn thing off.How would she look at him now?Nathan had no time to dwell on such. He was late for work, since it was almost seven in the morning and he was an early riser.He picked up his undies and strapped them on.His head was pulsing heavily. He had to leave before Bianca woke up and began to question what happened yesterday. He was without the answers himself a
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Chapter nine
"Fear a woman with a purpose or just an intent."  Claire roughly snatched the paper from the man's hand."Yes! Yes! He has to see this."Claire mumbled to herself. She needed to give this to Nathan as soon as possible.The paper-man stopped her right where she was.His eyes were somewhat bloodshot and his eyeballs preyed on her."What!?" Claire asked, puzzled."The papers Miss Adriana wanted you to get signed?"Claire was speechless. This was also part of that Bi*ch's plan.How could she be so dumb?"You know of this too?" It was more of a surprise than a shock.The man nodded, not interested in the conversation one bit as his eyes searched the table for the papers."Where are they?!" The man demanded, now in an angry tone.Claire was just dumb. Every piece of puzzle was slowly coming together, or least how she could see it.The old paper
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Chapter ten
Tower, that name sounded too familiar to be forgotten. In fact, it had been his secret shame, something he had done in the past and regretted.***Six years agoNathan sat all by himself, recluse and with hate. He stroked his bruised hand just to feel something. His mother had bandaged the hurt fists before he was sent to the academy for healing, a subtle term for the mental hospital. He was believed to be suicidal and not in the average way.He had taken it upon himself to get into fights and visit dark alleys to get hurt or maybe die.It was not working well."Howdy." It was the other patient. The small box could only contain that or less. His roommate was a man in his forties, the golden age. He had a full beard, fairly unkempt and had grown his hair to achieve the rockstar look. He looked a bit skinny too. Other than those, he was alright. Nathan ignored the man's
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