All Chapters of Give Me Your Smile : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Beginnings have always been something I loved. The beginning of a new year, new season, a new chapter in your life and all of that crap but ever since my pathetic incident everything in my life became cold. I mean I pretty much lack any form of emotion right now. Yeah, that's how bad it was but I'm not really going to delve into that right away.  Let me tell you a little bit, just a tiny bit about myself. So, my name is Alexa Whittier and I'm seventeen years old. I like dissecting animals, mostly insects and small creatures I find in my backyard and I'm homeschooled. I mean that's what I'll tell someone my age but I haven't spoken to anyone my age or around it.  Also, I don't really like socializing, I hardly even talk to my parents, I don't think many teens do. On many occasions, I can be found in my room reading a book or researching advanced technology.
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Riiiiiiiing, riiiiiiiiiing,... my alarm set for 5:15am keeps blaring in my ear.  "Ugh," I exclaim as I try to rub the sleep away from my eyes with my hands all to no avail.  "What time did I go to bed again?" I say to myself.  "Oh well, it's better I try not to remember," I say again as I get up from my huge bed and stretch my long arms and legs stifling a yawn.  Sometimes I make myself laugh, sigh.  After my parents left my room I cried after spending several hours thinking about what they had just told me. I cried for three good hours. Hmmm, that explains my fatigue. I can't afford to be weak. In my miserable
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Already seated in the beyond massive principal's office, I can't help but gape.  "Close your mouth darling," my mother says to me as she giggles.  Rolling my eyes I frown but do as I'm told. I hadn't even been listening to what the principal was saying instead my eyes were darting around the place. It was freaking amazing.  Regaining my composure I turn to look at the man in front of me smiling. He was clearly amused by my reaction. Can't blame me, right. I quickly return the smile and give him my full attention.  "Miss Alexa, as your parents and I have already discussed, this will be your new school from now on. Don't worry, this place is basically heaven on earth and I'm sure you would be able to make friends," he says as he smil
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"Ughhhh weekdays do come by pretty fast," I groan as I get up from my bed. Finally, it's Monday and I get to go to a real school, yay. I roll my eyes as I do a few stretches. So, all my activities for the day and the rest of the week are cancelled because of school. I make a mental note to redo my schedule so that I can fit in all my regular activities with my school activities.  I got up earlier than usual because my house is an hour away from school and being late on my first day doesn't sound too good. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not excited or maybe I am, well, just a little bit.  I shorten my exercise time and instead of going outside, I stay indoors for it. I quickly rush into my bathroom and do the needful. Strolling out of the bathroom I go to my closet and take out my uniform from on
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 "Let's begin this chapter shall we?"  ......... Grasping the straps of my backpack, I walked into the building oozing as much confidence as I could. Since I always kept a straight face and never really showed any emotion no one could tell how nervous I was. On the inside, I was a wreck. For the first time in my life, I felt...intimidated. Taking a deep breath I keep on walking until I reach the hallway where all the students had their lockers.  I had about five minutes left before my first class would start. My eyes moved from one locker to the next as I searched for the one that had my alphanumeric ID.  I looked at my laminated schedule. It had my locker ID on it. 
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"What?" I say with my mouth hanging open.  "I know right, calculus BC is insane," Geneva says with a sad look on her face.  We both walk into the classroom but none of the other students pays any attention to us.  "This is insane," I say to myself but Geneva hears me. "I know right," she says with a pout.  Apparently, there are three other boys all huddled up around a desk. They're very focused on whatever it is they're doing that they don't notice Geneva walk up to them.  "So, have you guys found a solution to this shitty assignment," she says as she plops down in a chair and looks at a textbook. 
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After unfolding our papers, we each arrange a seat for ourselves and our students in different parts of the classroom.  I chose a seat at the farthest end of the classroom and sat with my back facing the class. Some of the students had already started coming in and were about to begin their session. I looked at my watch. Twenty minutes had gone by and still, my student hadn't arrived. Already agitated I decide to leave. I'm about to grab my things on the floor beside me when I hear a voice  "I'm so sorry I'm late it's just that I had basketball practice," he says rather out of breath. He must have hurried to get here.  I sat up straight and looked at the student seating in front of me. It was him, the boy I met at the library earlier to
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Three months had passed since I started attending Wheaton S.T.E.M Academy and I still hate it. I hate talking to the people here, I hate it when they stare and ask stupid questions. I just hate people and I don't think I'll ever get used to being around them.  I also haven't been going for my classes though and I've been sleeping in the trees more often than not but not the one Geneva found me in. I still have tutoring sessions with Cameron but I always leave before he can thank me or do something foolish.  My end of semester exams are approaching but that is the least of my problems. "So what is your problem?" I ask myself. "Well, there's a school dance coming up and I don't want to go for it?" &n
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"No," this time I looked Cameron in the eye.  He stared at me for a while, probably contemplating the rejection. A look of hurt flashed across his face but went as soon as it came.  "Okay," he looked at me a slight tick in his jaw. I could tell he wasn't happy but what can I do, say yes? He clenched and unclenched his fist beneath the table. Well, I can't say yes cause I don't want to go with anyone and I definitely don't want to go with him out of pity.  "I'll see you during our tutoring session," he said giving me a curt nod as he stood up from our table and left.  "What did I miss?" Blythe says as she takes a seat between Katana and Geneva handing them their trays of food.  
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        I was now in flight or fight mode. I waited nervously for the person to show himself. There was a halt. Everywhere was silent now. The person had stopped singing.  A moment later the voice continued to sing but it wasn't heading in my direction anymore. It was retreating. I let out a relieved sigh. It was as though my silent prayers had been answered.  I walked to the place I had kept my crox on the ground. I quickly slipped it on putting my flashlight in my deep pocket. I began to walk around letting the bright moonlight up my path. I checked my wristwatch only to see that it was a quarter past one. Wow, I still had a long night ahead. 
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