Already seated in the beyond massive principal's office, I can't help but gape. 

"Close your mouth darling," my mother says to me as she giggles. 

Rolling my eyes I frown but do as I'm told. I hadn't even been listening to what the principal was saying instead my eyes were darting around the place. It was freaking amazing. 

Regaining my composure I turn to look at the man in front of me smiling. He was clearly amused by my reaction. Can't blame me, right. I quickly return the smile and give him my full attention. 

"Miss Alexa, as your parents and I have already discussed, this will be your new school from now on. Don't worry, this place is basically heaven on earth and I'm sure you would be able to make friends," he says as he smiles at me. 

I'm sure my parents have told him everything about me.

"So, your parents filled out your application and I must say that I'm very very impressed. In fact, beyond impressed". I rolled my eyes at the man speaking in front of me. 

"He just wants me to feel better about myself, praising me like I'm some extraordinary being. I'm sure the kids my age are way smarter than I am," I say to myself in my head. 

Noticing my spaced outlook the principal calls my name. 

"Alexa Whittier," he says and I look him in the eye. 

"You are going to be in the very advanced classes. Apparently, there are only about five students in the whole school in that category". I frown at him as he continues.

"I mean you're not even meant to be there because looking at your application, you're more advanced than very advanced in this school," he finally says. 

"So why am I here?" My face already in a scowl I turn to look at my parents seating on both sides of me and finally at the principal. Clearing his throat he says,

"You are here because your parents want you to be here. Also looking at your application you're meant to be in PhD classes no doubt about that but your parents want you to experience life with people within your age range, you know to take it slow", he says smiling at me. I nod my head and return a little smile. 

After a brief moment, the principal gets up from his seat and says, 

"Let's have a tour around the school, shall we?".


"Mother, father, this place is amazing," I say to them in a boring tone. My parents look at me in surprise clearly not expecting to hear that from me. 

"Don't worry angel, you'll love it here," my dad says taking my hand and giving it a little squeeze. For a brief moment, I let my hand stay in his grasp but then I remove it and mutter,

"I hope so". I quicken my pace to meet up with the principal. 

"So", I begin to say, "this school also has a student's residence?".

"Yes, but that's for students that live very far away or are coming from another country. You can stay there if you want to but I know your parents won't let you because you're still new to all this".

"Mhmm," I say with a tight-lipped smile.

Right now we're in the classroom area for the senior students. They're so big. I almost can't wait to start coming here, but whatever. 

"Sir, if you don't mind me asking, why are the students grouped in this school?. I mean why can't everyone be in the same class category?". 

"You see," he begins "this is actually a school for very gifted students, geniuses to be exact. But the grouping was as a result of the elite who wanted their average and above-average children to have a different learning environment. They wanted their children to be challenged. Because of this, one can say that even the dullest child here would be able to compete with smart kids in some other schools," he finally said. 

"Wow, so everyone in this school is smart," I managed to say. 

"Indeed," he turned to look at me smiling. 

"So according to your standards here I'm very smart?" I stopped walking and turned to face him. 

He smirked at me and said, "Insanely smart..."


After our very long tour of the school, we finally settle down in the cafeteria where we've decided to have lunch. I noticed some students all dressed in the same outfit.

"Must be some of the student residents," I say to myself. 

They all line up each with trays in their hands waiting to be served. Some have a light chatter with themselves, some laugh together... They all seemed so happy. Must be nice. Sigh.

I avert my eyes and look around the cafeteria. Gosh, this place looks so debonair. 

"What would you like to eat Alexa?" My dad says snapping me out of my reverie.

"Whatever you guys are having," I say to him. 


We head out of the cafeteria and towards the uniform room. To be honest I was excited but obviously didn't show it. My measurement was taken and soon enough I got my set. It had a shirt, blazer, skirt and trousers and a pair of socks. I also got another set but they were like a sort of sportswear. It was a sweatshirt, hoodie and joggers that had the school's logo on it. 

"Very nice right," I turn on my heels to face the principal. 

"Yeah, it is," I say with a tight-lipped smile.

"So the formal uniform is to be worn on Mondays while the casual uniform is to be worn on Fridays with any shoes of your choice. On the other days you can wear any other clothing of your choice but nothing revealing obviously".

"Cool," I say to him. 

"Thank you so much, Mr Carillion, it's been a pleasure," my parents both say to him as we walk out of the school premises.

"It's been my pleasure. I hope to see you on Monday, Alexa". 

"Yeah sure," I say as I roll my eyes and slam the door of the car. 

My parents chat with him for a little while before they finally enter the car. The ride home was silent as usual. It was getting really late and I was already tired. 

"What a waste today was," I say in my head. 

"All my plans for today were ruined," I frown as I remember how my day started. 

"But the rest of your day wasn't so bad was it?" I say in my head.

"Nah," I smirked as I reminisced my day's experience "it wasn't so bad".

Before I knew it we were already on our driveway. I lazily jumped out of the car and started heading to my wing of the mansion but before that, I stopped in my tracks and turned on my heels to face my dad and asked him;

"Dad is Mr Carillion a friend of yours?".

He smiled at me and said "yes, he is. In fact, we were friends in high school".

"Nice," I turned around and walk into my wing of the mansion. I was beyond exhausted. I ran to my bed as I slid against the soft, smooth and silky bed sheets. I lay on my back as I looked up at my plain wooden ceiling. A small smile splayed on my lips but left as quickly as it came. 

"I really like that school, I mean it's not so bad is it?" Sigh. I closed my eyes as I silently counted the hours until when I would be going to my new school. This truly was the beginning of the end of my isolation. 

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