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TRISTAN'S POV:-I was occupied with my thoughts when Nickon came and sat beside me. I sat straight and prepared myself for another episode of cursing from Nickon. But what he said, totally left me in shock.Read more
SEBASTIAN'S POV:-After promising me, Tristan stood up and left. For the first time I had seen this side of him. He could be caring for anyone, it was something impossible for me to digest. But I could not help when he actually apologized to me for his mistake and that too with a puppy face. Then he also applied ointment on my wounds. To be hon
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SEBASTIAN'S POV:-The limo reached an unknown place. The driver hopped out of the limo then held open the door for me. I stepped out and gasped loudly. The whole place was decorated with lanterns, of different colors. It was a very breathtaking view. And there he was standing in the middle of the ground. Looking absolutely gorgeous in his
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 TRISTAN'S POV:-I parked my car into my garage and stepped out of the car. I went to the passenger side and pulled the door open. I undid his seat belt. He was sleeping peacefully. It was like I was looking at a baby who had slept for the first time after his birth. I scooped him up in my arms and carried him back into the house. Everyone was already asleep. And that was just what I wanted. I wanted some alone
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SEBASTIAN'S POV:-I stepped out of the room and everyone screamed loudly. My heart stopped for a moment and I hid behind Tristan's huge figure. He chuckled softly and grabbed my hand. "It's okay, Sebastian. They are wishing you, your birthday. It's just they are habitual of steaming their lungs out." He said and pulled me. I stood beside him an
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 SEBASTIAN'S POV:-"Hold on Tristan." I said while speeding up the car. I could see a few cars following us. Tristan was short on his shoulder. He was bleeding and I was worried about him. Soon his phone started ringing. He picked up the call and put it on speaker.Read more
THIRD PERSON'S POV:- Hector was walking back and forth. Thinking about whoever could have kidnapped him. The situation was difficult for a person like Hector to understand or even think about the possibilities. He was waiting for his cop friend to get back. Everyone was questioning him about Sebastian. He was lying to everyone saying that he is on his vacati
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 Warning! This chapter contains some scenes that some of the readers might not like.  THIRD PERSON'S POV:-Tim was regretting his decision to stay with the devil. Tim had made a mistake once in his life. Hector had covered up for him and pulled him out of the time when he was in trouble. But for that, Tim never knew he would have to pay until he is breathing. Tim had three sister
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Warning! This chapter contains some scenes that some of the readers might not like.   THIRD PERSON'S POV:-But her luck was not really by her side that day. He caught her before she could reach the door and slapped her hard on her face. She fell on the ground with a loud thud. She felt something wet flowing out from her mouth
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THIRD PERSON'S POV:-Dylan Adams, the owner of the BDSM club was sitting on one of the chairs in the precinct. He was trying very hard to keep his tears under his control. He was waiting for the forensics to hand him her dead body so he could take her back to her home. Where her family was waiting for her. To see her face one last time until sh
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