107 Chapters
Chapter 10
Eleven hours forty-three minutes….. "Wake up!" A loud commanding voice came with a solid kick to my stomach. I grunted, opening my eyes. What the fuck? Read more
Chapter 11
Just, fucking die!...... One. Two. Three. Go!I run as the man in front of me copied the same act I did. I ducked low to his punch, then swayed to
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Chapter 12
Don't bother....... The discovery of my natural vent talent for killing did not necessarily make me pursue it blindingly. For all who knew, I despised it as much as I despised eating broccoli. It always left me with that weird bitter taste behind my tongue that no amount of water could be doused. Though, I always managed to swa
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Chapter 13
Aren't we all puppets in this world?……The whiteness of the wall suddenly turned into a mesmerizing shade of cyan blue. The scenery before me changed and I was transported inside a distant memory.A mop of the brown head was caug
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Chapter 14
Just another one, the last one, and it would be all done....... Three fights. Three fucking fights. It’s just three fucking fights.Looking
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Chapter 15
You can't kill me! I won't allow it! NEVER!..... In the eyes of hungry predators, everything they see is a meal.I ru
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Chapter 16
I know your secrets man....... "Now, I was just joking but I may not be if you do something stupid," I said, dragging each word; motion my sponsor to move out my sight. "Shoo off, let me have some privacy to change clothes." I pushed him aside then I snatched away the orange jumpsuit from the hands of the nurse, standing over t
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Chapter 17
Don’t call me that name! That coward is not here!...... If you know how and where to look, you would see the truth behind every hidden surface.

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Chapter 18
There are no crumbs to spill dude, might as well give up....... Waiting is a stupid curse. Patience was never a great attribute of mine.Read more
Chapter 19
Why would I consider something that could kill me a playtime?...... A second stretched to eternity, the door opened again. It was a guard, an officer of the law but I was smart enough to know that it was a wolf behind the uniform. "Up now kid. You're going back to your cell," he commanded with authority.Read more Protection Status