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Chapter 1
Prologue After losing her both parents Venessa Clay is left alone on her own. Despite her parents' death Venessa learned to be happy and content with her normal life, and normal job as a waitress in a diner.But will her life remain normal after the most dangerous Italian mafia leader Vincent De Costello laid his eyes upon her? After all, he always gets whatever he wants.She is simple, sweet, and innocent. Everything he never thought he would fall for but yet he did. Venessa's P.O.VThe bell at the door rang indicating a new customer. And as soon as the new customer stepped a foot inside the door, the whole diner fell silent. I looked up and saw the most handsome man I have ever seen in my entire life. He is around 6'3 and had the most alluring grey eyes that almost looked black and a midnight colored hair which is neatly sleek back making him a
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Chapter 2
Venessa's P.O.VAs soon as the grey-eyed monster and his friends left, I released a breath I didn't know I was holding. I was able to breathe more peacefully, and as much as I'm happy that he left, there's a small part in me dreading that I didn't even get a chance to know his name.It's true that he's a dangerous man but there's something that attracts me towards him and at the same time scares the living day out of me.After their departure, it looks like I'm not the only one who's relieved that they were gone, the whole diner went back to normal noisy place as if the burden on their shoulders were lifted off, but Tina, however, is dejected that they went away so quickly, ''I'm enjoying the view'' she said as she was looked at them or should I say stare.The time flew so fast that I didn't even realize that it was now time the diner closes.I went to th
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Chapter 3
Venessa's P.O.V After Andrew left, I was once again left with my own thoughts. My conversation with Andrew kept on circling inside of my head, making me feel like my brain is going to burst out of my head anytime soon by not being able to keep up with my billions of thoughts.I opened the door to my bathroom to take a shower in order to clear my mind.After taking a shower, I got dressed and laid on my bed, and once again thinking about the grey-eyed monster.  A tired sigh escaped from my lips as I closed my eyes trying hard not to think about those beautiful grey eyes as I let sleep finally took over my body.*******An irritating sound blasted from my phone indicating it's time to wake up and go to work. A groan escaped from my lips as I opened my eyes to turn off my alarm.I lazily dragged myself to the bath
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Chapter 4
Vincent's P.O.V I ran my hand through my hair, gripping it, clearly pissed thinking who has dared to mess with me, with Vincent De Costello.During the last few weeks, someone in the family dared to give out information about the things we plan to do and definitely I'm no fool to think that it's just a coincidence that the rivals happened to do the things we, beforehand planned.Just a while ago, Alexander, one of my best friend, confirmed that there is definitely a rat in the house and it's not long before we catch it and since that moment, I can not stop thinking of ways I would make that person suffer from messing with me when every single man in my mafia know all too well that above everything, what I hate the most is betrayal.I  openly admit that I am no saint, yes, I kill people but it's my job. I never wanted to be a part of any of this but I had to sin
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Chapter 5
Vincent's P.O.VEver since that day, I could not stop thinking of my little rose, yes, you read it right she's mine, since the moment I laid my eyes on her.I never felt this way before, no other girls but she can make me feel things I've never experienced.It has been exactly two days. I appointed my most trusted men to keep a watch on her, just to make sure she stays safe and also to reassure myself that she's safe and I can work in peace without worrying.The day that I came home from the diner, I immediately told Marco to do a background check on her and from the look that Marco and Alex gave me, I knew that were shocked as it was the first time I ever told Marco to do a background check on a girl.I don't normally do relationships as I think that they're just a waste of time but that girl is completely changing me and she doesn't even know, b
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Chapter 6
Venessa's povIt has been exactly one week since I received that strange phone call, and ever since that night, in the back of my mind there's something that keeps telling me that I'm being followed and watched but I can't pinpoint who and why would someone do such a thing, I mean why me?Also, I started having nightmares every night and as always it would be the same. I kept having that same nightmare, where I'm being chased by someone and I keep on running towards a dark alley until I reach a valley and as always I would wake up instantly, sweating and shaking violently.The constant nightmares deprived me from sleep that I started getting bags and dark circles on my eyes.On top of that, Mario and Andrew are really worried about me, they kept on asking me whether I'm okay or not and I keep on saying that I'm fine as I don't really want them to worry about me, they already had enough on their pl
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Chapter 7
 Previously,I was so caught up with my thoughts when I heard the door creak opened, but I didn't bother to look up as I thought it could be any of my co workers finally coming. But boy, I was so wrong.Venessa's P.O.V"Ehi, ecco la mia rosa", (hey, there my little rose) said a deep voice at the door making me shot my head up so fast that I thought I would break my neck.I didn't quite understand what he said, but I didn't bother much as I was too busy gaping at him.There he stood at the door, wearing a fine fitted Armani suit. At that moment, my brain completely shut down.I sat at the chair hypnotized by the Greek god standing in front of me and I would be absolutely lying, if I say that I am not enjoying the sight in front of me.I stood up from my chair almost stumbling
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Chapter 8
Venessa's P.O.VHe dragged me out of the changing room and strode towards the front door of the diner.As we reached the parking lot, I noticed that we were walking to the expensive-looking car that I saw earlier in the morning,of course, I should've known, I thought to myself, mentally rolling my eyes.All of a sudden, he stopped walking making me bump at his stone-like back."Ouchh" I whispered rubbing my forehead.He turned to look at me and muttered a small sorry.I glanced up to him seeing his face laced with concern. I didn't know mafia leaders say sorrys." What is it that you really want?," I asked him, slightly annoyed.He sighed, as he rubbed his forehead. "Get in" he stated gesturing towards the car."Excuse me? kindly tell me one good reason, why on e
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Chapter 9
Vincent's P.O.VA week after my phone call with my little rose, I came to find out from Marco that rose's parents' accident was actually planned, meaning that someone wanted to kill them so they decided to temper the car they used that day in order to kill them without making anyone suspicious, and after a few days of investigating, we found out that the rival mafia in Russia was responsible for it as the Clays owed them a large sum of money which they failed to return and at that time they didn't know that the Clays have a daughter but unfortunately just a few days ago they found out about her and now they're hell-bent on finding who the girl is and as far as I know the Russians mafia, they are ruthless, they rape girls and kill them once they get bored.But I promised myself that I'll die before I let something happen to my little rose. I will do anything in my power to protect her even if it me
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Chapter 10
Vincent's P.O.VI stood up from my chair, ready to follow her, too excited to be near her." You must remember your promise, Vince" Mario reminded me, looking at me which I nodded my head to him in response and proceeded to finally meet rose.As I strode towards the changing room, my heart started to beat hard against my ribcage, which is actually so surprising as it has never happened before.Never in my life, I felt nervous just because of a girl. So, there's one thing for sure, that rose is changing me.Pulling the door opened, the first thing that greeted my eyes was rose sitting at the corner of the room with her head in her arms, she looks fragile and innocent which makes me want to protect her from every danger, but despite of the door creaking she didn't even bother to look up to see who's now with her in the room, it seems like she's too caught up with her own tho
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