Chapter 2

Venessa's P.O.V

As soon as the grey-eyed monster and his friends left, I released a breath I didn't know I was holding. I was able to breathe more peacefully, and as much as I'm happy that he left, there's a small part in me dreading that I didn't even get a chance to know his name.

It's true that he's a dangerous man but there's something that attracts me towards him and at the same time scares the living day out of me.

After their departure, it looks like I'm not the only one who's relieved that they were gone, the whole diner went back to normal noisy place as if the burden on their shoulders were lifted off, but Tina, however, is dejected that they went away so quickly, ''I'm enjoying the view'' she said as she was looked at them or should I say stare.

The time flew so fast that I didn't even realize that it was now time the diner closes.

I went to the changing room to change into my normal clothes as I was wearing a uniform when I saw that Andrew, my co-worker sitting on one of the chairs as if he's waiting for someone

" Hey!" I greeted him.

He shot his head up to look at me and smiled.

" Aren't you going home?" I questioned him, making him smile sheepishly.

" Um, yeah, I was waiting for you" he mumbled, slightly stammering and anyone looking at him right now can clearly tell that he was nervous.

I smiled encouragingly at him, in order to make him feel a little bit better and comfortable.

" Oh okay, do want to say something?" I inquired him once again, which made him shook his head no.

"No, no " He quickly replied "I just wanna spend some time with you as the diner is always so packed that we don't even get time to talk anymore" he explained, making me nod my head yes, agreeing with him.

Changing, me and Andrew exited the diner, continuously conversing with each other as if we hadn't met each other for years.

Andrew is a good friend of mine, I knew him since the first day Mario, the diner's owner offered me a job and after talking and working with each other, Andrew confessed that he likes me but, I told him that we're just friends and should stay friends which he agreed and I was thankful for it as I didn't want to ruin our friendship or make things awkward between us.

Andrew decided to walk me to my apartment tonight, which I, of course, agreed, wanting some company because I know too well that I will definitely think about that grey-eyed man and also because I missed talking to my friend.

Or maybe just because you're dying to ask about the grey-eyed monster, my inner conscience taunted.

As we walked through the night, I was debating with myself whether I should ask Andrew about him or not.

I gave up finally when I realized I got nothing to lose. "Can I ask you something?" I asked him.

"You already did, flower" he replied, smiling.

I stopped on my track and turned to look at him " Who was that guy ..." I didn't even get to finish my question, but by looking at Andrew's expression, it looked like he already knew who I was talking about.

"You stay away from him and his friends, you get me? He stated with a serious expression on his face that clearly shows he's not messing with me.

"But why?" I questioned him, giving him my full attention.

" You don't wanna mess with those guys, they won't even think twice putting a bullet between your eyes." He responded, with his voice full of emotions that I could not seem to point down.

Goosebumps appeared on my arms as I thought about Andrew's words.

"And they get away by doing that? How?" I asked him, desperate to get some answers.

There were a lot of questions swarming inside my head that were dying to be asked but I could not find any words to put it.

Andrew sighed "They're really powerful and influential. Their leader De Costello has a strong connection with the police which helps him a lot getting away with their deeds" he said finally giving up, and by the time he finished talking about him, I was left dumbfounded that I didn't even realize we already reached my apartment.

So, behind that handsome face hides a monster, but why do I still feel that there's something more about him?

But whatever it is, it would be better if I stay out of it.


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