Chapter 9

Vincent's P.O.V

A week after my phone call with my little rose, I came to find out from Marco that rose's parents' accident was actually planned, meaning that someone wanted to kill them so they decided to temper the car they used that day in order to kill them without making anyone suspicious, and after a few days of investigating, we found out that the rival mafia in Russia was responsible for it as the Clays owed them a large sum of money which they failed to return and at that time they didn't know that the Clays have a daughter but unfortunately just a few days ago they found out about her and now they're hell-bent on finding who the girl is and as far as I know the Russians mafia, they are ruthless, they rape girls and kill them once they get bored.

But I promised myself that I'll die before I let something happen to my little rose. I will do anything in my power to protect her even if it means her, hating me.

I now plan to marry Rose so in that way she will be my wife and no one will ever hurt her as no one messes with Vincent De Costello's wife.

I had this whole thing planned, but the problem is that I don't think rose will agree to marry me, I mean from looking at the way she behaved that day in the diner, she no doubt is scared of me and it will definitely take her some time to realize that she can trust me but by the time she realizes that I guess it will be too late.

The Russians are already too close, finding out about her, it's just a matter of time before they find out about her identity.

I have to act fast if I want to save her but I can't exactly do that without her hating me.

Finally coming up with a plan, I and the boys head to Mario's diner early in the morning to meet rose, last night while we're planning on how to make my rose agree on marrying me, I called Mario to tell rose to come early in the morning so that there will be fewer people which will make it easier for us.


Waking up, I took a shower and wore one of my nicest suits and tried to make myself look presentable for her.

Reaching the diner, I and the boys got seated, and not long after Mario came in and sat with us.

"What's going on inside that head of yours, Vince?" Mario questioned going straight to the point, with a wave of slight anger in his voice.

I sat back and appreciated silently that he really cares for my rose even though she is not even related to him by blood.

Realizing that he's not in the mood, I went straight to the topic. I explained everything to him, without missing a single detail.

After hearing me, Mario rubbed his forehead with his hand contemplating his decision.

"You better take care of Venessa, she's a sweetheart and she's been through a lot already and she doesn't deserve any of this, and also you must promise that you will let her go whenever she decides she wants to leave you," Says Mario, looking at us with a tired expression on his face that reminds us that he's really getting old.

" I know, I promise to you that I won't let anything happen to her and I will let her go whenever she wants me to..." I replied looking very sincere but can I really leave her? Can I ever let her go just like that? That I don't know.

"You must not tell her you're involved in this plan, Mario," I added.

Mario nods his head agreeing and as I was about to open my mouth to say something when I saw the front door opened revealing my sweet little rose, and upon seeing us she stopped and looked at us with her mouth hanging open and her hazel eyes wide open. I smirked knowing she didn't expect us this early.

Just as I was about to get up from my seat to talk to her, she hastily turned around and went in another direction, probably wanting to hide herself from me but little did she know, she will be seeing me more than she wants.


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